10 Best Colors For Metal Roofing

Dubbed the most selected metal roofing system, it is made from different types of metal. The most common metals used in residential houses are aluminum, galvalume steel, galvanized steel, and copper. Meanwhile, architects customize rare metals for roofing. These include zinc, titanium, and stainless steel, among others.

We prefer metal roofing over shingles or other materials because of its advantages.

It is a lightweight and versatile material. Thus, it is easy to manipulate and fit into certain roofs. Most types can withstand long-term exposure to any weather. They keep your house protected from fire, water, strong winds, and extreme temperatures.

Since they last for more than 50 years, their high price tag is reasonable. In the long run, they are less costly given their durability, low maintenance, and high property value. After their lifespan, a great percentage of metal roofing components are graded as recyclable, making them eco-friendly. 

Moreover, they are available in different pre-coatings. If you want an overhaul, painting a metal roof is recommended.

Gray colored metal roofing of a huge house with boot vents, 10 Best Colors For Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Color

Color enhances a metal roof's non-aesthetic qualities, specifically the inherent high-glare, waviness, and industrial look of metals. With this, you can also resolve any color inconsistency from other houses' roofing in your neighborhood.

Determining the best paint color is crucial to improve the overall look of your home. You should take into account your desired outcome, the climate where you live, the varying undertones depending on what time of the day, and the exterior elements such as brick, wall siding, trim, and surroundings.

Remember, there are hundreds of colors to choose from. So, search and ask at least three roofing companies first for color samples or brochures whether you prefer standard or matte colors. This will save you time and money.

Different colors of metal roofing stacked

The most common problem with coated metal roofing is that it fades and chalks over time, regardless of the color. This is because of the constant exposure to damaging UV rays and changing weather. 

Hence, two painting systems can extend color retention up to 30 years: silicone-modified polyester (SMP) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).

The benefits of using the affordable SMP are the wide selection of textured finishes and scratch resistance. A mild environment and earth tones (gray or beige) are suitable for SMP.

In contrast, if you have a large budget and want a more flexible coating, opt for PVDF. This is also ideal for bright pigments (green, red, and blue) and roofing with high sun exposure.

Now, let's dive into the best colors for metal roofing.

Cool Roofs

Among the colors available, vibrant shades of metal roof fade the least. Compared to darker shades, they are also more energy-efficient. According to roof experts, these will help lower your electric bill by 20 to 30%, especially during the summer.

Similarly, cool or reflective shades will make your home appear taller. For this reason, they are recommended for a large and shallow roof.

1. White

With the highest energy star rating, a white roof reflects the heat from sun rays more efficiently, reducing heat buildup in your house whether you are in the city or the countryside. Likewise, this pigment is compatible with any color.

In this image, the pristine roof with its white trims complements the dark gray siding, creating a sharp contrast. This balanced look gives softness and boldness at the same time.

A white roof is not new in Greece. Despite that, a homeowner in a forum shared that white roofing is limited in some places. Because this roof is prone to accumulating dirt, especially if there are trees nearby, aesthetics might be compromised.

We found a solution for this. Use a biodegradable roof wash to clean a dirty white roof. It acts as a power washing, yet it has no harsh chemicals like bleach.

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2. Gray

Whether you are hesitant or halfhearted with white, gray is the best alternative. You will enjoy the best of black and white. This versatile hue pairs well with any shade and style.

Light gray is a favorite roof shade that complements the subtleness of yellow siding, honey-colored chimneys, and white framings.

3. Blue

A blue roof blends well with a pastel pink, light charcoal, or cream home exterior. As this shade imitates lakes or ponds, it will create harmony with your lush green lawn or backyard.

In this cozy cottage, a denim blue roof is paired with a white trim and door, muted yellow siding, and a few black elements on the windows. 

In addition, different shades of blue aluminum roofing are prevalent in South Korea.

4. Tan 

The tan-colored roof, in a leather-like shade, is a pale brown with a hint of orange. This earthy color emits warmth and stability. Along with the off-white exterior and terracotta brick flooring, the faded tan roof gives a refreshing and cozy feeling.

5. Copper

Another popular but expensive alternative is the copper roof. Aside from its long lifespan, this premium material complements any home design. This type of metal roof appears reddish-brown.

When copper oxidizes either on purpose or not, a blue-green layer called a patina will form. A good example of this is the Statue of Liberty in New York. Even so, patination usually happens after 20 years in dry areas.

Either for the entire roof or accent dormer, a visually striking copper is perfect for the wood and stone elements and brown cladding. It stands out in this modern medieval house.

With a copper cream, you can bring back the original shine of your copper roof without causing scratches.

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Dark-colored Roofs

Instead of radiating heat outwards, dark colors absorb the warm temperature, increasing the temperature within the roof cavity. So, if your house location is in a cooler region, select a darker color roof because it has no significant effect on your electric bill.  

Nonetheless, this is beneficial for your heating system's efficiency to keep the house warmer.

6. Brown

Compared to blue or gray houses, a brown roof looks best with beige, cream, and lighter shades of brown. Likewise, the integration of brick homes and brown roofs is also noteworthy. In this home, the wood and black accent elevate the simple yet luxurious design.

Even though it will inevitably fade, manufacturers offer a paint warranty to a certain fading level.

7. Black

Although black is considered the hottest roofing, you can still opt for this. Whether neutral or bright colors, you are free to have a black roof.

When you have a multi-level house, a black roof and white walls both widen and reduce the visual height of your house.

We found a solution for this. Install high-quality insulation beneath your roof. Proper roof insulation will bring comfort to your living space and allow you to enjoy a modern style of roof.

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8. Red

Consider red if you have a neutral or earth-tone exterior. Avoid mixing red with red and other bold tones as it will become an eye-sore. This dramatic hue is a great way to pop and accentuate your roof.

This crimson red roof with white exterior walls attracts attention, presenting a classic yet energetic vibe. This striking combination is traditional in Spanish style, barns, and farmhouse architecture. 

Unlike the matte type, the vibrancy of glossy red degrades more rapidly and is more visible. Thus, spray a nano-coating on your painted roof in a criss-cross pattern to maintain its gloss. After curing and buffing, it will protect the surface from UV and water spots for a year. 

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9. Green

Relaxing to the eyes, green resembles nature. Lighter shades of green go well with white and cool pigments, while dark ones are a good choice for a gray or black-colored house.

In this house, the emerald green roof with a charcoal gray exterior and white window frames has a calming and neutral appeal. Add natural wood features to provide a rustic atmosphere. This is perfect for cold and mountainous areas.

Well-known in Germany, a green or eco-roof is a sustainable covering with plants. Its multiple layers can be placed over a corrugated metal roof. Explore this type of roofing to conceal your A-frame house in the woods.

Two-Tone Roof

The combination of dark colors is one of the noticeable characteristics of modern architecture, providing a minimalist yet elegant look. These are popular options for homeowners.

10. Gray Plus Black or Brown

According to a designer, black or brown with a gray roof matches well with white or cooler shades of trim, siding, and stonework. 

If you are planning to resell your house, consider neutral shades because they have good resale prices.

When painting your metal roof with darker hues, elastomeric acrylic paint is the best option available. It can be water-based or oil-based. If competent contractors apply it properly, the pigment will endure 12 years before you need to repaint it.

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Roof installer riviting the metal roofing

Final Thoughts

Gray colored metal roofing of a huge house with boot vents

Always consult with experienced metal roofing contractors and be an informed customer. Along with the best roof color ideas that we shared, choosing the right quality and knowing the procedure and warranty is key to long-lasting metal roofing.

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