Planning a 10x10 bedroom with a queen bed may be challenging, but it’s not impossible! The best layouts for these tiny rooms with large beds emphasize convenience, storage, and decor. Furthermore, placing your bed on the wall opposite the door will open the space and create beautiful design options.

You may think that a queen bed in a 10x10 room will have no character and be cramped, but with a few simple tricks, like hanging curtains high, strategically placed mirrors, and the right furniture, your room will be fantastic!

Typically, in a 10x10 room with a queen bed, you will have 30 inches to each side and 44 inches between the foot of the bed and the wall. Choose furniture to fit your space and needs, but keep them scaled to the room.

Plan for needed storage, and use decor to highlight the bed and create a comfortable and beautiful space. This post will look at some design challenges and the corresponding solutions.

Gentle girls bedroom design with white tent and linen bed with aqua elements of decor, 17 10X10 Room Layouts With A Queen Bed

Before we dive into the various bedroom floorplans and layouts, keep in mind that we have more articles about how to arrange the furniture in a 10X10 bedroom. We'll add the links for you at the bottom of the articles, so make sure to click through when you get there!

1. Casual Layout

A footboard in this small room would block your view and close off the space. Instead, your eye is drawn to the back of the room, which feels large and welcoming.

Double bed with colorful overlay in small bedroom

A patchwork quilt in tones of teal and red complements the sienna-wood nightstands and the bright walls, bringing casual continuity to the space.

2. Cozy And Warm

Small bedroom interior

This cozy bed with no footboard captivates visitors to enter and relax. Wall cabinets over the bed-lighted alcoves and an integrated wall-to-wall table for the headboard make this a light yet cozy retreat.

Tip: Use Legged Nightstands

Generally, big furniture covering the floor can make a room feel small. Additionally, nightstands with legs add visual square footage and make the room seem more expansive.

3. Modern Elegance

Beige and emerald bedroom design with modern lamp on wooden nightstand table

This nightstand does not cover the limited floor space in a 10x10 room with a queen bed. It creates spaciousness without sacrificing needed storage.

Furthermore, neutral decor and jewel-toned pillows add an elegant touch.

Tip: Include Tall Headboards

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a tall headboard defines the space in a 10x10 room with a queen bed. They draw the eye up, creating a feeling of depth and height in a small room.

4. Delicate Ambiance

Warm cozy bedroom with a soft blanket and air cushions

This tall headboard enlarges the room by visually defining the space. Without it, the room would feel short and close. It ties in the large chandelier that otherwise could be overwhelming.

The pastel pillows and throws complement the ivory headboard and bring out the chandeliers’ refraction.

5. Hotel-Like Neutrals

Double bed room in luxury suite

You may want to put a queen bed in your 10x10 room for guests. The tall headboard brackets the bed cleanly in this photo, making the space feel grand.

The warm steel color of the headboard and the neutral creams and whites welcome guests into making the room their own.

6. Simple Luxury

Minimalistic elegant bedroom interior with red bed

Here, you can see how the tall headboard distracts you from the lack of ceiling space in this 10x10 room. Instead, it accentuates the rich furnishings.

The deep ruby headboard and charcoal coverings emphasize luxury and elegance. Furthermore, the delicate night table reflects the style of the banded headboard and provides continuity of style.

Tip: Install High Curtains

Generally, windows behind a bed or small room can make it feel chopped up and compartmentalized. Unify the wall and window by installing curtains to the ceiling.

7. Sheer Elegance

Small bedroom interior with king size, mirror, and black and white photos on the wall

Typically, sheer curtains soften and blur the windows behind the bed but allow natural light. These curtains go to the ceiling, giving this packed room a spacious feel.

Tiny lights from the headboard and small tables at each side of the queen bed keep the room functional, elegant, and uncluttered.

8. Starry Light

White bed and double pillow covered by messy wool with little orange LED decoration

Even in this windowless room, the combination of ceiling-high LED curtains and tones of bright white make this room seem airy and cheery instead of dark and cramped.

A soft, wooly bedspread adds to the appeal of this starlit room.

9. Borrowed Room

Small bedroom with simple bed with bedspread and flowered walls and curtains balcony or loggia

Even in this challenging space where the bed is along the sidewall, the combination of printed and sheer curtains hung to the ceiling soften the glass door and window.

Instead, the focus wall in a subtle floral print is set off by the dark, bold furniture to make this a welcome sleeping place.

Tip: Use Free-Standing Wardrobes

Your lifestyle may include a greater variety of clothing or shoes than a 10x10 room is meant to entail. Generally, you can easily fit something like a tall wardrobe, large dresser, or a nightstand.

For your 10x10 queen bedroom, always choose tall items rather than deep.

This Chifferobe offers tons of storage and a much-needed mirror, yet at only 20 inches deep, it fits easily on the wall across from the queen bed in a 10x10 room.

Check out this Chifferobe on Amazon.

10. Big And Bold

Interior image of a bedroom with furniture and decor

This large and beautiful dresser takes center stage in this room. Because it’s tall but not deep, it leaves plenty of space to walk and open the drawers.

It adds tons of storage and surface space, and the large mirror reflects the room, adding visual depth. The square lines of the room are accentuated with a striped bed covering to create—bold and beautiful lines.

Tip: Use Full-Size Nightstands

Although a full nightstand next to the bed may take up some visual square footage, you will gain maximum storage at minimal space loss.

11. Color-Complementing

Stylish and modern bedroom

These 30-inch wide nightstands on either side of the queen bed have a full set of drawers for max storage. Although they are large, they don’t feel overwhelming.

The chocolate and orange furnishings highlight and complement the wood. Additionally, the touches of gold and cream bring the walls and window together for a clean and uncluttered look.

12. Stunning Storage

Small white bedroom with double bed and wardrobe on the both sides

This floor-to-ceiling cabinetry blends seamlessly with the lily-white walls. The clean lines provide maximum storage and look stunning, but they don’t dominate the room.

Neutral-toned bed furnishings and a mirror combine with the white to make this a place of light and rest.

13. Garden Elegance

Bedroom in a private house in a country house

You may not realize it, but the headboard and the bed frame of this bed include storage drawers! The design principles for this room are perfect for a 10x10 queen bedroom.

They include ceiling-high curtains and a warm wooden headboard that continues across the ceiling. A green feature wall and leafy accents transform this room into an elegant Eden.

Tip: Utilize The Under-Bed Space

If you don’t like the look of drawers under the bed, maximize the space in a 10x10 queen bedroom by using a clean look such as lifting storage beds instead.

14. Floral Simplicity

Slats under the mattress for the bed

This queen bed lifts on counter-weighted hinges to give you easy access to hidden storage. Adding a delicate night table and lamp and soft pink bed furnishings will complement the floral wallpaper and bring a soft floral flair to this room.

15. Mirror, Mirror

Modern luxury room interior

A floor-to-ceiling mirror makes this bedroom feel twice the size. It reflects light and draws attention to the tasteful biscuit and cream decor.

A chocolate-striped throw and burnt-apricot bedframe and pillows accent without overwhelming.

16. Palatial Illusion

Small cozy bedroom with comfortable bed

This wood partitioned wall mirror gives the illusion that the room extends behind the bed. Integrated wooden night tables and delicate, grouped mirror reflects pendant lighting to continue the illusion and give the room an airy, palatial feeling.

17. Classic Style

Wooden bed in room

This room combines many of the elements needed to maximize a 10x10 queen bedroom layout. Ceiling height curtains, mirrored walls, and storage that is tall and shallow.

They all combine with the slate blue and white furnishings to create an open space that is still comfortable and classic for anyone.

10x10 And Fit For A Queen!

Now you have all of the best tricks and tips for designing a 10x10 queen bedroom! You can have fun with mirrors, wall hangings, textures, and colors. Don’t forget to plan for lots of storage if you need it.

Additionally, keep the footboards for the big rooms, and you’ll do just fine. Just keep in mind the basic principles to follow, and you’ll have a beautiful space in no time.

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