11 Awesome 10X12 Office Layout Ideas

Home offices are more important than ever in these days of working from home. Many homes have a standard small bedroom or office that is roughly 10 feet by 12 feet in size. What are some great ways to layout an office when you have these dimensions? It's not large, and you need space for a desk, filing, cabinets, and more. Is there a good way to have all of these things?

We've gathered 11 awesome 10 x 12 office layout designs for you to peruse. Hopefully, one of them will give you the right idea for your own home office space. Let's take a look.

comfortable executive chair and desk on a carpeted office setting. 11 Awesome 10X12 Office Layout Ideas

1. Place Your Desk In The Center Of The Room And Line The Walls With Built-Ins

One way to work with such a small space is to place your desk in the center of the room rather than against the wall. This frees up your walls from efficient storage in the form of built-ins. This luxury office even has a fireplace.

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Home office with fireplace

2D layout of a home office with fireplace

You can see in the floor plan above to incorporate the central desk, walls of shelving units, and the fireplace. Don't forget a gorgeous area rug to center the desk on.

2. Build Your Desk Space Into The Cabinetry

Bright home office with white cabinets and black office chairs2D layout of a bright home office with white cabinets and black office chairs

In this office plan, clever use has been made of the space. Windows take away from storage space but add needed natural light. So how do you make the best use of them? Run your desktop area below the window and build it into the overall office units for the most efficient use of your space.

3. Add A Comfortable Chair For A Change In Seating

Home office with wooden cabinets and hardwood floor2D layout of a home office with wooden cabinets and hardwood floor

When we work, it's good to get up and move and let our body relax into different positions. A desk runs along one wall in this home office, a bookshelf on the opposite, and a cozy armchair is tucked below the window. If you need to read a document or do some research, the chair gives you a different place to sit for different work. And if you need a ten-minute power nap, then the chair has you covered for that, as well.

4. One Large Built-In Wall, Desk Included

Home office with white shelves and wood floor

In this light and bright office, things are kept clean and simple. One gorgeous wall is built-in with a floor-to-ceiling desk and storage combination. This leaves the rest of the room open and spacious for moving around and just feeling less cluttered. If you can get away with the less is more motto, this design may be perfect for your small home office space.

5. Create A Peninsula With Your Desk

Blue modern home office interior design with dark brown furniture

Here's another clever solution, especially if you have someone you occasionally work with or enjoy having two desk surfaces. Install an L-shaped unit along the wall, then add another desk to create a peninsula. With your chair between them, you can easily turn back and forth. Or, if you have a co-worker, they can sit on the opposite side, and you can work together. Pretty handy if we do say so.

6. Choose Your Pieces To Maximize Needed Storage

Home office interior with tiled floor, white desk and cabinets2D layout of a blue modern home office interior design with dark brown furniture

In this cute office, the user has chosen their storage wisely. The corner unit places the desk space in the corner, which helps with any waste of space that can sometimes occur with corner cabinets. Here, your legs go in the corner. A file cabinet that is styled like the rest of the furniture provides space for paperwork. On the opposite wall, a storage rack provides ample space for books and pamphlets. Bringing it all together is a large size area rug.

A three-piece set like this one on Amazon provides similar storage.

7. Coffered Ceilings And Floor To Ceiling Elegance In Wood

Luxury home office interior with fireplace, wooden furniture and leather chairs2D layout of a luxury home office interior with fireplace, wooden furniture and leather chairs

Just because you have a small office space doesn't mean you have to forego luxury. This fantastic small office has been designed to the hilt. Floor to ceiling luxurious wood paneling and built-ins in rich mahogany is the epitome of high-end. Add to that the coffered ceilings in the same finish, and this is a home office you'll never want to leave.

8. Make Your Small Office Work For Groups Of Three With Clever Desk Arrangements

Luxury home office with a hardwood desk2D layout of a luxury home office with a hardwood desk

This tidy office utilizes an L-shaped desk and an additional rectangular desk to create a small space that can hold three workers. If you need to co-work, home-school, or need more surface area, this clever arrangement might work for your needs. There's not much room left over for storage, but you could add floating shelves or a high shelf near the ceiling to hold items you don't need daily.

9. Small Furniture Pieces And Plants For An Airy Feeling In Your Small Office

Nature lover workspace with computer2D layout of a nature lover workspace with computer

One trick to not overloading a small office space is to choose smaller furniture pieces. Here a dainty desk and chair, a small chest of drawers, and a comfortable chair fill the room. Dozens of house plants also share the office space, which is an excellent thing for your mental health when working from home. We love adding the nesting sofa tables and the sisal rug for more of the natural feel.

A small computer desk similar to the one above can be found here on Amazon.

10. Curtains And Books For A Homey Feel

Home office interior with green walls and wood2D layout of a home office interior with green walls and wood

If part of your job is to sit and read, then this light office is perfect. Large windows are framed with homey curtains, and a couple of bookshelves are stacked to the brim with reading material. An oversized chair does take up a lot of space, but if that seating is important to you, then it's worth it. A simple wooden L-shaped desk provides plenty of drawers and cabinet space for office supplies and filing.

11.  Run A Narrow Desk Along Just One Wall For A Modern And Bright Feel

Office room with desk and sideboard against blue wall2D layout of a home office room with desk and sideboard against blue wall

If you have a long and narrow room, consider running a slender, low-profile desk along the entire wall. Framed whiteboards hang above the desk for brainstorming, and there is plenty of storage on the lower shelves and drawers. An upholstered pouf on a small area rug provides some alternative seating for visitors or yourself.

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In Closing

A small office doesn't have to equate with a lack of style. Figure out what works best for your needs and go from there.

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