11 Above-The-Bed Wall Decor Ideas

The space above the bed can oftentimes be neglected when it comes to decorating. However, this wall space is the perfect spot for some additional room decor. From statement art to shelving units, this area can truly transform a room and give it the perfect finishing decorative touches. 

It can often be difficult to envision how to decorate a blank canvas. In order to help you create the best decor above the bed, we put together 11 ideas to help inspire you and get you going on your project. So, without further ado, let's get into it.

Gallery of black and white poster on green wall behind king-size bed with pillows and blanket, 11 Above-The-Bed Wall Decor Ideas

1. Incognito Shelf

Incognito shelf on the wall above a king-sized bed with pillows and a painting above in a simple bedroom interior

This block shelving unit is rather inconspicuous in the design. Since it's the same color as the wall, it blends right into the design. Except it has the added bonus of room for above the bed decor. This area is perfect for creating your personal curation of decorative items. 

Lamps, vases, and artwork fill in the space wonderfully. The bedding and display items share similar color hues, ensuring that the design looks intentional and put together. 

2. Framing Curtains

Small bedroom interior with king-sized bed, mirror, black and white photos on the wall, and framing curtains on windows

Whenever your bed is positioned in front of a window, it doesn't mean your decorating options are at zero. Take advantage of the natural light that pours into the room. Dress up the natural light by installing window treatments across the windows.

Sheer curtain panels gently filter the light as it streams into the room. While white is a classic color choice, your options are truly limitless. Whichever color you select for your sheer curtains, be sure it complements your room's overall decorating scheme. It should add value and not distract.

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3. Accent Wall

Accent wall above a king-sized bed with pillows and blanket

Accent walls bring in a ton of color and texture to a room. There's truly no limit as to what you can use for your accent wall either. As seen in this photo, vertical wooden slats run the length of the wall behind the bed. Wood is a wonderful way to infuse organic design into any room.

You can install wooden pieces in any design that you wish or you could even utilize a foldable wooden room divider. You'll still enjoy the natural look without much installation effort on your end of things. And if you don't want to create a wooden accent wall, you could also paint the wall a solid color, a unique pattern, or even a mural. 

4. Classy, Classic Mirror

Bedroom interior with wooden bed, gray window curtains and mirror

Never underestimate the power that a mirror possesses in a room design. It bounces around natural light and helps the room appear larger than it is. There are so many mirror designs from which you can choose, too. Whether you want round, rectangular, or something more unique, there's a mirror shape to fit your vision. You could even display multiple mirrors above the bed for added depth and intrigue in the room. 

Mirror frames are also available in a wide range of materials and finishes. Pick from metallics, woods, or anything in between. 

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5. Wanderlust World Map

child's room with single bed and a wooden relief world map on the wall

A world map sparks wanderlust. The map helps you remember the adventures you've been on and dream about your future ones. You can find these maps in a plethora of materials. Pick from wood, canvas, and more to find the right look for your room. To keep track of your travels, you could stick a pin in all the locations that you have visited. 

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6. Artsy Canvas Wall Hanging

Green plants on shelves beside a bed dressed in white cotton bedding and teal blue blanket, artsy canvas hanging on the wall

An artsy canvas wall hanging provides whimsy to a room. As in this photo, the hanging canvas includes many of the accent colors seen around the room. By selecting a piece like this, you can tie the whole room together seamlessly. A piece above the bed can easily become the focal point of the room. This aspect makes it important to ensure that it does a marvelous job of adding the design scheme rather than distract from it. 

7. Flowy Canopy

Plant in bucket next to bed covered by flowy canopy in simple white bedroom interior

A flowy canopy is whimsical and dreamy. It's a great way to soften the look of your bed and bring more texture into the room. Its vertical expanse fills in the empty space above your bed flawlessly. While a canopy's original purpose may have been to keep bugs away, it doubles as an excellent decorative piece. White is a classic color choice, but you can really pick any color that you want.

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8. Gallery Wall

Gallery wall on top of a king-sized bed with navy blue pillows and bedsheet

A gallery wall is a collection of items, including framed artwork, photos, and other personal items, that are all hung in a grouping. You can have as many or as few items as you want in the design, giving you lots of freedom with it. Hang the pieces with symmetry or go for an asymmetrical design, letting the size of the art dictate how you display it.

9. Boho Macrame Wall Hanging

Scandi-boho style hanging decors in the bedroom

Macrame textiles have definitely made their comeback. And who can complain about that? These texture-rich pieces come in a plethora of design options. From simple hangings to intricate patterns, these hangings have it all. Pick a large piece to serve as a focal point or go for a collection of smaller hangings. If you're creatively inclined, you could even create your very own macrame wall hanging. 

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10. Eclectic Utility

Loft room with cozy and eclectic utility design

Get spunky with your above the bed decorations. Who knew a bicycle could serve as such a fascinating piece of decor? And if you have limited space in your home or apartment, this could be an excellent way to store the bike. You get a two-in-one deal: interesting decor and a clever storage solution. 

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11. Statement Art

Abstract black oil painting in frame on empty beige wall of cozy bedroom

Statement art is a valuable design approach. It's rather simple yet simultaneously eye-catching. There's no need to bring in lots of decorative items, as you can let one standalone piece serve as the focal point above the bed. Pick from abstract art, photos, landscapes, and more to serve as the art subject.

In Closing

We hope that you feel inspired and now have a good idea of how to decorate the wall space above your bed. Let your personal style shine through and don't be afraid to try something new. You can even experiment with multiple options if you need to. Above all else, have fun!

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