11 Colors That Go With Blush Pink For Your Home Décor

When you think about pink, what comes to mind? Because of its nature, blush pink is often associated with cuteness and sweetness or romance. But have you considered using a shade of pink in your home décor? If you have but don’t know how to, we have researched blush pink design ideas and matching colors for you.

Blush pink looks great with colors on the opposite side of the color wheel.  In this case, you can pair it with shades of blue and green. It also works with dark colors, neutrals, and pastels. Having said that, here are 11 colors that go with blush pink to help you with your home decorating:

  1. White
  2. Grey
  3. Black
  4. Blue
  5. Teal
  6. Green
  7. Red
  8. Purple
  9. Yellow
  10. Gold
  11. Silver

Although pink is often considered a female-gendered color, designing your home with this color does not have to seem feminine. In this article, we will talk about how blush pink, when mixed with other colors, makes decorating your home a success. Keep reading to get more details on this topic.

Elegant living room interior with trendy grey sofa with pastel pink pillow and burgundy blanket, wooden coffee tables next to it. - 11 Colors That Go With Blush Pink For Your Home Décor

How Blush Pink Is Made

Livingroom interior with grey velvet sofa on pink wall background

Before we talk about matching colors, let's get to know the color first. Pink is a combination of red and white, which creates a lighter red.  Moreover, different shades of pink are made by adding other colors.

For example, a dusky rose is a mix of pink and violet. Another example is adding orange to pink, which will create coral pink.

Blush pink is a grown-up hue made by mixing pink with a splash of purple. It is not so princess-y. In fact, it’s bordering on neutral. For this reason, blush is a shade of pink that can be used for both masculine and feminine designs.

Colors To Match With Blush Pink

Stylish interior of room with cozy sofa

When you think of blush pink, you may imagine wedding decor or a teenage girl’s room. However, this color is versatile enough to be used to decorate different parts of your home, along with other matching colors.

Blush pink is a happy color—a shade that bring this happiness into your home. Combining blush pink with matching colors will definitely add warmth to your surroundings.

Neutral Colors

When we talk about these shades, we often imagine lack of color. However, neutrals are good base colors that are both appealing and versatile. Here are neutral colors that go well with blush pink:

White + Blush Pink

Elegant living room interior with table and comfortable sofa

For the most part, you can't go wrong with white. If you want to go with a clean and inviting look, decorate with white and blush pink. To some, it may look feminine, but the help of an accentuating color will make it gender neutral.

Check out this pink and white colored office wall accentuated with dark furniture. It looks both feminine and masculine, and it’ll make working from home exciting.

Grey + Blush Pink

Interior of modern room with armchair

Earlier, we talked about pink being associated with something sweet. Despite that belief, you can balance feminine and masculine looks by pairing blush pink with different hues of grey. As a result, the masculine grey becomes more inviting paired with blush pink.

This grey and blush pink living room looks muted yet inviting and clean.

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Black + Blush Pink

Although black is very versatile, sometimes it seem dark and depressing. Since blush pink brings warmth to your space, combining it with black will bring fun to your home.

Have you ever thought of painting your kitchen cabinets pink? You may want to consider it.

Check out this modern kitchen inspiration.

Complementary Colors

These are colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel. 

Blue + Blush Pink

One unexpected color combination is blush pink and blue. The warmth of blush pink balances the coolness of blue. This combination may be a good motif for a wedding, but you can definitely use this for home decorations as well.

In this photo, the blue couch pops when against the white wall. The pink breaks the monotonous look.

Teal + Blush Pink

Blush pink has red undertones which exude energy. This combination is popular. The calmness and coolness of teal balances the vitality of blush pink.

Here’s an idea for a blush pink and teal living room.

Green + Blush Pink

Green is a complementary color to pink. This combination is also popular because it is easy to balance the two. You often see this pairing in nature, and there is no reason for you not to use this as an inspiration for decorating your home.

Take this bedroom décor as an example. The darkness of the greens is balanced by the pink curtain and pillows.

In this example, the lighter shade of green on the wall design balances the blush pink bed.

Analogous Colors

These are colors that belong to the same group and can be found next to each other on the color wheel.

Red + Blush Pink

It is not surprising to see this color on the list. Remember, blush pink has a red element. Therefore, you can mix it with red.

In this example, the red chair pops with the seemingly neutral blush pink. The red details on the rug are subtle yet provide life to the room without being too loud.

Purple + Blush Pink

These two colors are at the opposite ends of the pink spectrum. Because of that, they create a cohesive look

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Pastel Colors

These are pale colors that feel light and soft.

Pale Yellow

If you are going for a softer finish, mix blush pink with pastel yellow. Choosing the right shade is essential because the pink and yellow combination is easy to mess up.

The mix of pastel yellow and blush pink in this picture was done without being too garish.

Metal Colors

These colors often evoke wealth and glamour.

Gold + Blush Pink

Gold and pink will add a dash of glamor to your décor.  Blush pinks mute the brightness and shininess of  gold. The combination gives a posh look to your house. 

These blush pink pillows with gold embellishments will go great with a white or grey couch.

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Here, the not-so-shiny gold details in the sofa, stool, and table blend well with blush pink and grey. Notice that aside from the color coordination, the hexagon design on the rug, vase, throw pillow and wall décor, pulled the look together. 


Silver is another popular choice when matching colors with blush pink. When you want to achieve a contemporary feel, pick silver to go with blush. 

Without a doubt, these two colors will produce a modern look for your home.

Here’s an example of a multi-colored rug featuring silver, grey, and blush. It accentuates the room well.

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How To Decorate With Blush Pink

Elegant living room interior with table and comfortable sofa

Decorating with pink is definitely a trend. Now that we have discussed the endless possibilities of designing your home with blush pink, here are some tips before your start your home project.

Match-y Match-y

Ideally, blush pink is added into spaces where you want to be comfortable. Moreover, it evokes classiness and delicateness at the same time. Thus, this color is perfect for bathrooms or bedrooms. You don’t have to use pink in every part of the house. 

If you feel like you want to have synergy in your designs, you can also go with blush pink mixed with other shades of pink. This approach will promote cohesiveness in your space.

Opposites Attract

Monochromatic color schemes are not bad, but if you want to create a little drama without going overboard, use contrasting colors.

Versatile Choice

You’re allowed to pair many colors with blush pink without looking too shabby. It works well with both light and dark colors.

Go neutral

Speaking of light colors, blush pink and neutrals create a clean, calming, and polished look without being boring. 

Add texture

Your room doesn’t have to be one-dimensional. Use colors and textures in your upholstery, blankets, curtains, or rugs to make your space interesting.

On a side note, it is good to know that designers make use of a color wheel and follow the 60-30-10 rule

This rule states that a room’s dominant color should make up 60%, while 30% should go to the secondary color, and 10% to the accent color. Try to abide by this rule when decorating.

To Sum It Up

Overall, you don’t have to be afraid to use blush pink for decorating your home. Contrary to most beliefs, this color is not just for your baby’s or girl’s room.  

When mixed with blush pink, darker colors give off a contemporary look. In addition to this, you’ll create a softer look that won’t be outdated if  you combine it with lighter colors. Also, blush pink plus neutrals results in a cohesive look.

Consider integrating this shade of pink into your decor now that you have seen some design ideas for your home.

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