11 Fire Pit On Wood Deck Ideas To Inspire You

Nothing beats the ambiance that the flame of a fire pit adds to your outdoor living space. Spending time with loved ones around an outdoor fire is a great way to create memories. 

Fire pits are both decorative and functional. They can provide heat for your outdoor nighttime get-together but also add a warm decorative element to your wood deck. 

Some types of fire pits have a design to burn wood, putting them in danger of sending embers or sparks flying around your fire pit. To prevent a potential fire, fire pits or bowls should never sit directly on a wood deck.

A heat-resistant foundation should be between your fire pit and wood deck to prevent accidents. Use fire bowls with legs with caution and keep a constant watch when they are on a wood deck. 

Choosing the right fire bowl or pit for your wood deck can be a challenge. For decorative purposes, you may want to ensure that your bowl or pit is big enough to stand out against other objects in your outdoor space. 

You will also want to ensure that your chosen fire pit will serve your functional purposes. We have searched several sources to bring you 11 fire pit on wood deck ideas to inspire you, just keep reading!

Outdoor zone for relax with burning fire pit - 11 Fire Pit On Wood Deck Ideas To Inspire You

1. Elongated Brick Raised Fire Pit

Outdoor natural gas fire pit with low flames on patio with privacy fence in background and colorful seating

Brick is a great heat-resistant material for a fire pit and is sure to bring a warm urban look to any space. An elongated brick fire pit brings a unique look that creates a warm textured contrast to your wood deck and outdoor space.

The elongated design adds a modern touch and makes a beautiful backdrop to any patio or deck. You can fill brick fire pits with the material of your choice from lava rocks to fire glass, making brick fire pits widely versatile. 

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Fire Glass Versus Lava Stones For Your Fire Pit - What To Know?

Lava stones stand out more than fire glass. Because of the smaller size of fire glass, heat gets distributed more evenly. 

Fire glass is also available in a wide variety of colors for different looks in your fire pit. If a natural look is important to you, lava stones may be the right choice for your fire pit. 

2. Round Brick Fire Pit

stone fire pit with outdoor chairs, enjoying the sunset and landscape.

For an urban look on a smaller scale, consider a smaller brick fire pit in a round or square shape. A smaller-sized round fire pit can make a big impact, especially when the deck and seating are laid out in a similar round design. 

A square fire pit can add a geometric look to your deck space and you can pair it with seating arranged in a similar pattern. Regardless of the shape of your fire pit, brick is a great way to add some natural color and texture to your wood deck. 

3. Raised Stone Fire Pit

Beautiful backyard at twilight that includes a pizza oven and fire pit.

Natural stone is another material that is highly resistant to heat and makes a great material for fire pits. This makes stone fire pits a great choice to place on your wooden deck.

A stone fire pit can add a natural rustic touch to your outdoor space. Choose multi-colored stone fire pits to make this fire pit stand out against your wood deck and surrounding natural greenery. 

4. Wood Burning Fire Pit On A Lower-Level Deck

Circular fire pit at dusk on a flagstone patio

Wood burning fire pits can emit significant amounts of smoke so they are better if far away from the entrance into your home. Fire pit placement on the lower level of a multi-leveled deck can be the answer to this problem. 

A multi-level deck can be separated into a dining area and a seating area where the fire pit sits. Spark screens are also available for purchase to prevent flying debris and popping charcoal or wood embers. 

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Gas Versus Wood-Burning Fire Pit - What To Know?

While both types of fire pits have pros and cons, fire pits that burn wood are less costly than gas versions. Use wood-burning fire pits for warmth, decoration, or cooking items over an open flame.

Gas fire pits are usually a bit more stylish and customizable, with different fire glass or stone decor. It is also easier to start up and shut off gas fire pits. 

5. Fire Pit Table

Backyard deck and patio with fireplace set for a dinner party.

Combine the functionality of an outdoor table and the warm mood of a fire pit. Fire pit tables are perfect for entertaining family and friends on your wooden deck. 

Available in gas or wood burning, fire pit tables are as versatile as they are functional. You can cover the fire pit portion of these tables to use the table without the fire pit function. 

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6. Decorative Ceramic Tile Fire Pit

Outdoor zone for relax with burning fire pit — Photo

Give your outdoor living space some personality and charm with a colorful ceramic tile fire pit. Tile is a great material for heat resistance and decoration, adding a unique personalized touch to your wood deck. 

Bright blue tiles make for a great fire and ice contrast against the flame from your fire pit. An elongated design can also add some modern stylish appeal to your outdoor deck space. 

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7. Geometric Tile Cutout Foundation

New modern home features a backyard with fire pit

As discussed earlier, placing a fire pit directly on top of a wooden deck can be a recipe for disaster. Tile is a great material between your fire pit and wooden deck and makes for a very interesting and customized look.

Consider a fun geometric shape to cut out of your wooden deck flooring and fill it in with tiles. A cutout design covered in tile gives your wooden deck a personal touch and a functional element. 

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8. Square Corner Placed Fire Pit

Fire pit outside of a hotel — Photo

Fire pits can occupy a great deal of space on your wooden deck depending on placement. To prevent unused or wasted space, consider placing your fire pit in a cutout space on the corner of your wood deck. 

A large square stone fire pit placed on the corner of your deck adds a unique decorative element. Placing your fire pit on the corner of your wooden deck also allows you to create a separate seating space on your wood deck. 

9. Corner-Fitted Fire Pit

Deck with fire pit, outdoor furniture, and with a beautiful evening setting.

Add a corner-fitted fire pit to your seating space on your wooden deck for a custom look in your outdoor space. Perfect for placing in the middle of the angle of two benches, a corner-fitted fire pit can add tons of character to your space.

Whether you prefer a stone, brick, concrete, or metal fire pit, a corner-fitted fire pit is stylish and modern with a geometric touch. Adding a stone bed underneath your corner-fitted fire pit will also add tons of curb appeal. 

10. Rock Bed Fire Pit

Campfire (bonfire) - people roasting sausages — Photo

Placing a fire pit in the middle of a bed of rocks is an attractive way to place a heat-resistant foundation between your wooden deck and fire pit. Shades of gray and brown complement and balance each other well for a warm, modern look. 

Gray rocks are sure to add some cool neutral color to your warm brown wooden deck. A flower bed or string of bushes alongside your rock bed makes for a brilliant splash of natural green color in your outdoor space. 

11. Concrete Fire Pit

Adirondack chairs around fire pit with stone wall and lush green grass.

Concrete is another excellent material to create a heat-resistant foundation between a fire pit and a wood deck. The cool gray color of a concrete fire pit creates a contemporary look that beautifully contrasts your wooden deck. 

This bowl-shaped fire pit is minimalist in design and brings a simple, tranquil feel to your space. Create a cohesive look on your deck by decorating with bowl-shaped planters and other rounded decorative items.

To Wrap It Up

Your deck area and outdoor living space should be an extension of your home. It should be a place to unwind and entertain friends and family and should be usable both day and night. 

Make the most of your outdoor space with the perfect fire pit placed on your wooden deck. We hope that the above listing of fire pits on wooden deck ideas has helped to inspire your outdoor decor. 

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