11 Amazing Gothic Bathroom Ideas [With Pictures!]

Looking to add a touch of drama to your bathroom? Explore these 11 amazing Gothic bathroom ideas!

black gothic bath with candles, 11 Amazing Gothic Bathroom Ideas [With Pictures!]

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With rich colors, ornate details, and stunning pictures, you’ll find the perfect inspiration to create a bathroom that’s both dark and elegant!

1. Dramatic Draping

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A hyperrealistic bathroom with a patterned floor, a beautiful drape above the tub, and wide windows for added light.

This lovely bathroom features a patterned floor that beautifully contrasts with its straight lines. But the true star of the show is the lovely drape above the tub! It adds a touch of elegance and softness to the otherwise clean styling of this bathroom.

We love how the wide windows add light and openness to counteract the black.

2. It’s all in how you accessorize

a hyperrealistic bathroom scene with filigree mirror, hooks, and subtle gothic decorations in a plain white room.

This is a lesson on the importance of accessories!

A full bathroom renovation proves unnecessary with the addition of some well-chosen decorations—the filigree mirror and hooks are perhaps more subtle than skulls but are both functional and beautiful.

All of this looks to have been done over a plain white room, showing renters, in particular, how to embrace the aesthetic without losing your security deposit!

Skulls Shower Curtain

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3. Black and White

hyperrealistic black and white bathroom with stunning tile work, a unique arched mirror, and simple furnishings

In contrast to the above, this stunning black-and-white bathroom uses tile wonderfully.

The tiling negates the need for any decoration and is beautiful in its simple and clean lines, which are subdued by the furnishing’s simplicity.

The enchanting arched mirror frame evokes a stained glass panel, bringing the whole room together. 

4. Color me red

Produce a hyperrealistic luxurious red bathroom with draping, an antique-style mirror, and a harmonious mix of deep red and black.

In a departure from the black and white of previous images, this bold red bathroom still gives off that luxurious gothic feel. The draping behind the toilet and antique-looking mirror are elegant touches that add to the gothic styling.

Deep red and black harmonize together to create this richly opulent bathroom fit for a vampire.  

5. Decadent Damask 

a hyperrealistic bathroom with damask-patterned wallpaper, a crystalline overhead light, and grey floor and ceiling.

A crystalline overhead light adds a shimmering touch to this bathroom, but the real show stopper is the beautiful damask patterned wallpaper! The pattern immediately brings this bathroom to a new level of sophistication and style and is an excellent use of texture that breaks up a black wall.

This simple touch immediately elevates the room. We adore the grey floor and ceiling as well for the openness it adds without being too stark of a contrast. 

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6. Modern color blocking

a hyperrealistic bathroom with white marble floor, a chandelier, candelabra, dark furnishings, and plush walls.

A black-tiled shower and white bathroom would seem plain at first glance, but the pops of red throughout the room add a touch of gothic styling with a clean-cut and modern flare.

The accessories are practical and minimal, yet together, they create an undeniably gothic aesthetic with red splashes.

This look is amazing for its cleanliness and careful use of space and excellent for those trying to balance modern and gothic. 

7. Calming candelabra

a hyperrealistic bathroom with white marble floor, a chandelier, candelabra, dark furnishings, and plush walls

This simple bathroom with its white marble floor is given a touch of gothic opulence with the chandelier, candelabra, and dark furnishings. A bath with these soft lights would be the ultimate in elegant relaxation.

The walls have a certain plush look, and the full wall mirror adds a touch of dramatic style. 

5-Candle Metal Candelabra

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8. Simplicity and space

 a gothic bathroom with undeniably attractive white marble floors and a freestanding white tub

White marble floors and a freestanding white tub are undeniably attractive elements of this bathroom and contrast elegantly with the unusually hued purple-brown walls.

Matching bold frames surround the shelving and painting, giving a striking effect, while the teardrop-shaped chair softens the whole room’s look.

We love the color of the walls used here; the purple shade is uniquely beautiful and really makes this bathroom stand out from the crowd. 

9. Malachite waves

a hyperrealistic bathroom with brilliantly hued teal walls, stark furnishings, and an elegant chandelier

The brilliantly hued walls of this bathroom speak for themselves – the soothing blue-green dominates the room, leaving the furnishings simple and stark in contrast.

The chandelier adds a touch of gothic elegance without detracting from the absolutely decadent teal walls. Proof that color can be made gothic!  

10. Mirror wall

a gothic bathroom with a distinct melancholic ambiance featuring black drapes and a dark tub

Black drapes and a dark tub give this bathroom a distinctly melancholy air, but the show’s star is the mirror panels across the entire wall.

The mirrored walls give the illusion of extra space—keeping the room from feeling closed in by the dark draperies, tub, and floor.

Imagine soaking in the tub with candlelight reflecting off the many mirrored panels—utterly divine!

Square Mirror Tiles

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11. Accent wall

Limiting the dark colors to a black accent wall keeps the room from feeling too dark.

To tie the bathroom together beautifully and create a sense of timeless elegance, you can choose a curving vinelike pattern across all four walls.

The patterning gives the room a sense of gothic styling while still being clean and modern.

Final Thoughts

There you have it: eleven of our favorite gothic bathrooms chosen with practicality and comfort in mind.

We hope you’ve found something to inspire you, whether or not you’re looking for your next big remodeling project or just a few ways to incorporate your style into your room.

Remember to always consider lighting and cleanliness when decorating your bathroom, and look for ways to incorporate the gothic look while embracing functionality!

If you’re still looking for more inspiration for your walk on the dark side, check out our post on “15 Black Tile Bathroom Floor Ideas!”

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