11 Gray And White Bathroom Tile Ideas

With the bathroom being one of the most personal spaces in your home, it is where you can treat yourself to relax and unwind after a long day. Where can you get a better bathing experience than in a bathroom that expresses your own style? Yes, you can bring your own personality to your bathroom, and the tiles play a very significant role.

A dark shade of gray may carry some negative vibes, but with some aesthetics and visual arts, it can actually be the perfect shade to go in. If you're planning to renovate your bathroom and are still contemplating which floor or wall tiles to use, perhaps you can consider gray and white! These hues may just be the perfect selection because they can easily blend in with a home's character.

Gray tiles are classic. The color displays elegance and sophistication. Pair it with white that shows off space and cleanliness, and your bathroom will definitely clear off your mind from mental clutter.

White is also reminiscent of natural light if there is not enough of it, which makes it a perfect contrast to the darker shade of gray. These two tones can actually be incorporated into any bathroom theme you want to achieve.

In this post, you will get eleven great gray and white bathroom tile ideas that could inspire your renovation. Take a look at these gray and white tiles and how you can utilize them.

Modern bathroom with dark gray concrete tiles, 11 Gray And White Bathroom Tile Ideas

1. White Marble

Brighten up your bathroom with white as the main hue! Lighter colors bring in more natural light, thus making your bathroom look bigger and brighter.

White bathroom with large rectangular mirror above two freestanding washbasins, shelf for bathroom accessories, towels,marble floor

Look how the gray splashes highlight the brightness of the white tiles even more. These tiles are perfect if you want a bathroom that exudes a sense of peacefulness. 

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2. Gray Granite

Modern bathroom gray tiles

The gray granite tiles display a very refined and elegant yet very calm and uncomplicated atmosphere in this bathroom. This gives us an idea of the owner's character being simple and cool but with so much class. See how the dark shade of gray (with a few small grains of white) brings the room a very sophisticated classic look. 

3. Bright Large Format Tile

Luxurious bathroom with a skylight and natural, polished, gold onyx wall tiles, large and narrow white matte ceramic tiles

Just like any bathroom, a small bathroom can turn into a haven too! Sticking to white and gray in a lighter tone and large format tiles is the key. It is the visual trick that all of us may be aware of but still fall for.

Well, who doesn't want a bigger space after all? Look how the brightness and the size of the tiles together with the wall mirror and the glass partition make this small bathroom look spacious! A floating vanity top can also save so much space in the bathroom.

4. Hexagonal Mosaic

Hexagonal mosaic tiles in gray and white are great selections to match an airy and cozy bathroom theme. They are fancy to look at and give the room that welcoming effect.

Add some yellow to orange-toned lights to bring in warmth and put in some cozy bathroom accents like a flower vase so you can have an instant spa-like experience in your own bathroom. So go and spoil yourself with this theme.

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5. Rustic Tile

A rustic theme is a great style to choose for your bathroom if you are not a fan of plain and ordinary bathrooms. Rustic is fun and aged but youthful.

A rustic tile is actually a quarry tile with antique prints, usually wood or unrefined stones. Its purpose is to highlight a rugged and natural beauty.

Although it is usually a combination of earthy tones, gray and white wood paneling is great, too, especially if your bathroom is not so spacious. It brings in a vintage feel without having to resort to expensive antique furnishing. 

6. Gray Limestone and White Granite

Luxury Bathroom Interior With Shower, Toilet, Mirror And Decorative Objects

Do you want a bathroom that will make you feel like a VIP? Indulge in a five-star bathroom without having the need to go to a high-end hotel.

Just give that gray limestone tiles and white granite vanity top a try for some radiance. Don't forget the huge mirror and the glass partitions to create an illusion of a bigger, more expensive-looking bathroom!

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7. Gray Marble

Dark grey bathroom with white bathtub and two sinks with square mirrors and shower area

You may be thinking that gray and white seem too dramatic, and you want that happy vibe in your bathroom. Well, don't let go of the gray and white pair just yet.

Look how this bathroom with gray and white marble tiles looks so vibrant and cheerful with the mustard vanity. Gray is a great color to balance the brightness that yellow brings, and it actually makes it pop, even more displaying that happy vibe that you want.

8. Wood Plank Tile

Modern bathroom interior design in large house wood plank tile

Go boho if you want your bathroom to be eclectic and full of life! A bohemian theme does not follow any decorating rules, so your imagination is the limit.

Flooring with a hardwood design is perfect for this unconventional theme. Take a look at this bohemian-inspired bathroom. These tiles are neutral but very appealing and let you play with the accents.

The flooring lets you bring in more of your individual style, which is what going boho is all about. Notice how the gray wood plank tiles with shades of white really make sense with all the decorative accessories and actually intensifies the eccentric style.

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9. Matte and Ceramic Tiles

A matte tile is a tile in a plain color with a dry surface and without prints, while a ceramic tile is the common shiny tile that we usually see. It's amazing how these two types of tiles in gray and white click together to help achieve this chic bathroom.

The gray matte tiles make the pink wall look more enhanced, and the white ceramic tiles give a great balance to the dark gray floor to prevent the bathroom from looking small. These tiles just make the overall look of the bathroom so feminine. Add some cute and neat accessories like those frames and flower vases, and you will definitely get that girly finish.

10. Patterned Floor

A patterned flooring in gray and white is widely used. It is usually incorporated to make a room look more fun and stylish. 

The Scandinavian style brings up a neat style in a very charming way. Though it usually comes in wooden fixtures and plain flooring, patterned gray and white tiles can actually enhance that Scandi look you are aiming for.

Notice how the gray patterned flooring complements the minimalist character of the bathroom, and it also emphasizes the wooden vanity much more. If you want a tidy but modern-looking bathroom, you should absolutely go with this theme and this tile.

11. Tumbled Travertine

If you are thinking of a nature-themed bathroom like this one, you can go for the gray tumbled travertine tile because it offers a neutral, more natural tone that is perfect to complement green and earthly tones.

This is actually a great theme to go with if you are living in the city. You will be able to breathe in nature's relaxing calmness and get an instant retreat if you feel stressed out by the city's hustle-bustle.

Look how the tumbled travertine tiles on the walls add to the fresh and peaceful ambiance of the bathroom and help achieve a very tranquil atmosphere. 

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In Closing

Modern bathroom with dark gray concrete tiles

As you can see, gray and white tiles are so versatile, and they can go with any scheme. Whether you just want some balance to your brighter colors or want to achieve a dramatic look in your bathroom, you can never go wrong with these hues. But you have to pick the right shades and invest in the right accessories and fixtures that complement the theme.

We hope you were able to get the inspiration you were looking for in this post. Now go and design that bathroom of your dreams!

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