11 Roof Shingles Color Ideas And Options

Whether you are remodeling or reselling your house, finding the ideal roof shingles color for you can be overwhelming.

Roof shingles come in different types: asphalt three-tab, architectural, wood, rubber, and composite, among others. Aside from that, a wide variety of textures and patterns are also possible from diagonal alternating, two-shape alternating to two-sized alternating.

Other interdependent factors matter as well. Considering your home location, temperature, wind, shingles' sustainability, and color compatibility play a big role in your home improvement project.

Moreover, changing roof color or upgrading the roof affects nearly 50 percent of the overall appearance of your home's exterior. It is a long-term commitment that will break or make your home design and value for the next decade or so.

For instance, based on a remodeling report for 2022 by the National Association of Realtors, 100 percent of the new roofing investments went back after resale.

So, we are here to guide you and make this journey a lot easier!

Installing new roof with air gun. color palettes on the side with color names. 11 Roof Shingles Color Ideas And Options

Roof Shingles Color Options

For efficient decision-making, there are simple ways you can do to make this color selection process straightforward.

First, think big and create a mood board. This will assist you in expressing and visualizing your desires and ideas, while it ties together the different aspects of your exterior. These include the window framing, doors, siding, and trim.

If you are tech-savvy, another option is to explore online style boards and color palettes. These will help you see a wide selection of color pairings that might fit into your style and existing home exterior. 

Then, on top of those inspirations, view the actual shades you prefer either in a roofing display or in a real house where your trusted roofing contractor installed those shingles. Evaluate the samples under different lighting conditions throughout the day.

By taking into account all these aspects, you will reduce unnecessary appointments with your contractor and you will have a better final shingles color for your roof without any regrets in the future.

Now, let us explore these color ideas and options.

Classic Shingles

Neutral colors are widely used for roofing. The GAF, a leading roofing company in North America, produces these most popular neutral shades of roof shingles in 2021. 

1. Charcoal

Charcoal is GAF's darkest color. It has a black tone with a hint of gray and grain texture. At a glance, the sharp contrast between the roof and exterior walls boosts the curb appeal of this home. In addition to its elegance, this shade is good for retaining heat and concealing dirt. 

However, the darker the shade, the higher absorption of heat. Thus, fading is an inevitable problem when your dark roof is exposed to sunlight over time. With this, it comes in handy that you are aware of the roof warranty coverage for GAF shingles. One of the key requirements is the proper installation of roofing.

2. Pewter Gray

Pewter Gray has a spectrum of metallic pigments like tin and silver. It is considered a designer favorite in home furnishings because of its timeless beauty. Unlike Charcoal shingles, it has a higher light reflectivity, absorbing less heat from the sun.

Similar to this house, pair the ash-gray roof with cool stone and warm brick varieties. It also complements off-white or pastel sidings.

3. Barkwood

Another favorite is Barnwood which has a warm brown tone with a tinge of gray. Its wood effect mimics the wood shake shingles. You can mix it with red, beige, tan, and teal.

To add a protective layer for your shingles, attach starter strips first. With a self-sealing membrane, you will not worry about the sturdiness of your asphalt or three-tab roof shingles whenever a big gust of wind come through your place.

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4. Weathered Wood

Weathered Wood,  a best seller, has a gradient of dark and light brown. With the fusion of stone, wood, and metal elements. This seemingly monochromatic house embodies warmth and dimension.

Remove tough stains on your roof using a concentrated cleaner with a hose spray adapter. Unlike bleach, this is a no-rinse solution. Thus, schedule the roof cleaning on a sunny day since you will allow the solution to soak up for at least 12 hours. 

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5. Wood Shake

If you want rustic style, choose the wood shake.  This type is a traditional shingle made from white cedar trees.

Compared to asphalt shingles, it is more enduring but it requires frequent maintenance to prevent rotting. For this reason, you must consider hiring a professional roof cleaner especially if trees around the house.

Despite the high maintenance and cost, the distinct rustic appeal it brings to a house is beyond compare. In this pool house, the transitions between the cedar roof and the sky are smooth and natural. This is suitable if you love the wooden architecture or the minimalist Scandinavian-style exteriors.

Contemporary Shingles

Moving on, the succeeding pigments are from other manufacturers. Nonetheless, these roof shingles provide vibrancy and a dramatic personality. These are great options if you have an unconventional taste.

6. Bourbon

Manufactured by Owens Corning, Bourbon has a mixture of brown and blue shades. Dubbed the 2022 roof shingle color of the year, its depth emits sophistication and novelty.

It blends well with gray, white, and gold. Whether you want a brick or natural wood accent, you can easily achieve a Mediterranean-style home with this designer color. 

7. Empire Green

Tamko Elite Glass-Seal shingle selection offers Empire Green Blend. It is a versatile color for a nature lover individual, bringing a soothing design to an old-fashioned cottage surrounded by trees.

For maintenance, cleanse your roof even the hard-to-reach areas with an electric pressure washer. It includes five nozzles and a 34-inch extension spray wand to customize your cleaning of different surfaces in your home.

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8. Shasta White

When it comes to saving energy and money, a cool roof is the best solution. However, if you do not want a pure white roof, use a vibrant hue that has a grayish-white tone. This tone is a good compromise for a reflective coating.

For instance, Owens Corning's Shasta White is a gray-white laminated or architectural-grade roof shingle. Beyond its freshness, it is also formulated for fast nailing.

Maintain your unblemished roof with a biodegradable cleaner. Its cleaning strength does not cause harm to you and your environment. 

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9. Monaco Red

For eye-catching yet muted roofing, select the IKO Dynasty Monaco Red. It has a brownish-red or dark amber profile. With its premium quality, this shingle has copper-coated granules that resist the formation of blue-green algae on your roof. Along with moss and lichen, algae are an eyesore and a threat to your roof's structure.

In this picture, the bold interlocking aluminum shingles give a modern contrast to dark navy blue walls. Moreover, its perfect pairings are white, beige, gray, or dark gray.

Synthetic Shingles

With global warming, certain conditions such as vulnerability to hurricanes or other extreme weathering concerns call for more advanced roofing materials. They are usually made from either plastic, clay, or metal.

Hence, we enumerated some synthetic shingle alternatives, which are designed to maintain the authentic look but perform better than the traditional ones.

10. Copper

Copper roofing has no match for its striking character and long-lasting strength. For metal roof shingles application, you can choose between the copper shake or the oxford shingle. The former imitates the distressed grains of wood shake, while the latter features the finest copper similar to the unified surface of a laminated shingle.

Given its versatility, copper goes well with any style. You will not only benefit from its aesthetic but also its functionality. Although it has a noticeable luster, it will not gloss over the existing beauty of your exterior.

You can also readily transform your house into a mid-century modern home as shown in the picture.

As a rule of thumb, you have to polish copper shingles regularly using a copper cream with a mild formula. With this, you will keep your roof shining and protected.  

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11. Terracotta

With the year-round warm temperature and occasional rainfall in the southwestern US, the durability and aesthetic of terracotta tiles are ideal. For this reason, this burnt orange clay tile is widespread in California despite being expensive. 

Although it differs from the typical shingles, terracotta tiles' appearance is comparable to overlapping wood shakes. Shingle and terracotta tile roofing have advantages and disadvantages. Thus, to enjoy the best of both worlds, opt for Brava's composite Spanish barrel tile.

Meanwhile, by incorporating the warm colors of orange, yellow, and wood, this house resembles a Mediterranean house that exudes an energetic and tropical vibe. 

multi-colored bitumen shingles, a sample of the product advertising. 11 Roof Shingles Color Ideas And Options

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best roof shingle color requires accounting for pros and cons, making it challenging. But, it can be enjoyable and satisfying as well if you know what design and comfortability you want to achieve for your house.

Remember, the ideas we shared are only a rough guide for your project. In the end, what matters most is your preferences and the skilled roof contractors you hired will do their tasks properly.

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