11 Wall Decor Ideas For A Gray Living Room

Deciding what color scheme to use in your home can sometimes feel daunting. Are you thinking of having a gray-colored living room but have no idea what to do for the wall decor?

What colors work best with gray wall paint and furniture? Does the entire room need to be gray? Lucky for you, we have 11 perfect ideas to share below!

You don't need to choose one color and be stuck with it for your entire living space. For wall decor, find neutral tones, beige, white, brown, or even lighter/darker gray.

The key is using wall art and decor that add light to your room. Considering that gray is a somewhat severe color choice, it might also be good to introduce some vibrance on your walls.

For example, if you want to have a blush-colored painting in your gray living room, that's fine.

The same goes for other colors, like blue, yellow, purple, and red. It is your home and your rules. Regardless, we recommend finding wall decorations that fit your room and taste.

As we begin, we will cover all things gray living rooms and discuss how you can decorate one. Whether you want some extra vibrance or want to continue a gray theme, we're here to assist. With that said, let's dive right into this list!

Gray sofa with patterned throw pillows with a minimalist designed cabinet, 11 Wall Decor Ideas For A Gray Living Room

1. Simple Scandinavian

First, we have a modern and simple gray living room concept to share. Considering that Scandanavian home design has been super popular as of late, this is a great "on-trend" option.

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A gray sectional sofa with bright throw pillows inside bohemian themed living room

This room, although neutral, has a few stand-out areas, including the throw pillows and accent chair. Usually, you want to keep your larger furniture the same hue, but it's nice sometimes to throw in a splash of color.

The wall art incorporates brown, tan, and gray colors, which tie this space together perfectly.

2. Triangle Wall Shelves

Interior of a modern minimalist inspired living room with a dark gray accent wall with triangular dividers

Second, we have a living room and dining room combo that does a nice job of using gray with other shades. Here, you can see how the wooden triangular wall shelves add much-needed color to the walls.

Even though the brown wood isn't too bright, it does offer a break from the more severe wall color. As we mentioned, gray can be overpowering if you have too much of it in one living space, so try to use various colors.

Notably, the green plant on the wall shelf and the others in this living room give it a much-needed sense of life, which is always good in a popular section of your home.

FM Moon Phase Triangle Shelf With Hooks

This wall shelf has a triangular design, is a wood material, is perfect for crystals, can be hung with nails or adhesive, and comes in a few colors/sizes.

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3. Large Abstract Painting

A gray comfortable sofa with bright colored throw pillows and a wooden designed dining area

Another idea we have for a gray living room is one using a large abstract painting. In this space, you can see how the blue and gray wall art adds much-needed color.

That said, because the painting incorporates other gray tones, it doesn't feel awkward in the space. In addition, the similar colored pillows on the sofa are a nice way to bring everything together, so don't forget to pay attention to smaller details.

Sometimes, even a throw blanket, pillow, or rug can bring your wall decor and furniture together.

4. Adding Some Gold Accents

A gray sofa with light gray colored throw pillows inside a gray living room

Fourth, we have a gold-accented gray living room that is very well designed. Generally, gold and gray work perfectly together, making them a good pairing.

Although the artwork and mirror in this living room aren't 100% the same, they add some fun contrast to the overall theme. Furthermore, the two stacked paintings alongside the larger one is an interesting choice.

The gold mirror is also a perfect pop of color towards the side of the sofa and works well with the gold furniture nearby.

Gold Metal Sunburst Wall Mirrors

This set of three mirrors has a sunburst design, are metal, have a brushed gold finish, are 12 inches in diameter, don't require assembly, and come in various colors.

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5. Ornate Artwork

Light gray colored sectional sofa inside a gray inspired living room with a gold framed picture frame

Coming in fifth, we have this stunning gray living room with a beautiful painting hung above the couch. Like many of our other suggestions, this living space centers on the wall decor above the sofa.

You can do this to frame your room easily and make sure your artwork is even on the wall.

Additionally, the ornate framing around the painting gives this room an almost regal feeling, which is perfect for those with expensive tastes.

6. Hanging Mirrors

A modern gray living room with three hanging mirrors to open up the space and create an interesting design.

Next, we have a modern gray living room with three hanging mirrors. In general, hanging mirrors in a space can help open it up. That's especially helpful for smaller living rooms, so keep this in mind.

Moreover, the fact this design chose three identical hanging mirrors gives off a well-planned design.

Although you don't necessarily need three mirrors in a row, it's a way to start a conversation. Sometimes, stepping outside the box can pay off in the living room, so don't be afraid to take risks!

FUIN 20" Round Metal Wall Mirror

This hanging mirror has a round design, a rustic finish, weighs seven pounds, is 20 inches, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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7. Tiered Shelving

A modern gray living room with tiered wall shelves showcasing neutral artwork and plants, adding character to the design.

Seventh, we have this modern yet eclectic gray living room using tiered wall shelves. As we mentioned earlier, wall shelving can transform a space.

In this space, the tiered shelving helps showcase the neutral artwork and plants, adding character to the design. Especially for gray color schemes, adding some pops of green can add life to your room.

Also, the fact that all the frames are the same color is a nice way to create cohesiveness, so that's an idea you can try at home.

8. Creating A Memory Wall

a photorealistic living room with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Hang squared frames above the sofa to create a heartwarming wall of ocean

For anyone wanting to make their living room a place where your favorite vacation is always present, consider hanging up pictures of scenic spots you love above the sofa.

In this room, you can see how all of the squared frames come together to create a wall of memories, which is heartwarming.

Again, you don't have to follow this design exactly, so if you only want one row or even three, feel free to downsize the concept.

Gallery Perfect Gallery Wall Kit

This set of picture frames includes nine pieces, measures 12x12 inches, has a hanging template, is wood material, and has excellent customer reviews.

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9. Using Metallic Statement Pieces

a hyperrealistic, uber-chic, contemporary gray living room with a focus on high-glam metallic wall decor

Next up, we have this uber-chic, contemporary gray living room that is picture-perfect. Recently, many designers have chosen to embrace the high glam aesthetic, which is all about metallic wall decor.

In this space, you can see how the striking wall arts tie the area together. Furthermore, you might want an extra mirror on your walls for reflecting natural light.

In a gray living space, too much gray can become overpowering, so feel free to add in a mirror or two to brighten everything up.

10. Black And White Prints

a harmonious combination of black, gray, and white in the wall art for a balanced design

Tenth, we have this super classy and simple gray living concept. Although black and white art can be boring to some, we believe that the printed style here adds character to the design.

Generally, black, gray, and white complement each other well, so combing the three colors in your wall art can be the perfect decision.

If you prefer some vibrance, don't be afraid to throw in a bright print between the other black and white ones.

11. Perfectly Pink

A cheery gray living room with pink accents, including a pink sofa and complementing blue/blush painting, adding life to the design.

Coming in last on our list, we have this super cheery and pink accented living room. As we said, you don't have to stick with neutral colors in a gray space.

Here, the pink shades bring much-needed life into the design and compliment the blue/blush painting. Generally, blue, pink, and gray are a nice combination, so if you want some variety, we say go for it!

Moreover, the pink pillows tie this living room together in the best way possible, without being "too" much.

To Wrap It All Up

Gray sofa with patterned throw pillows with a minimalist designed cabinet

Whether you have a gray living room or want to redo your current one, it's always good to get your theming right. From what we found, there are plenty of options for a gray-scale living room.

You can generally add wall shelves into gray living space without causing a color clash, hence why we recommend them. Also, mirrors throughout a gray living room can give the space much-needed light and start a conversation.

On top of that, even throwing in some bright wall decor can work well in a gray living area. Again, this all comes down to the small details, so keep your eyes peeled.

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