10 Amazing 12 X 14 Living Room Layout Ideas

Deciding on how to decorate and furnish your 12x14 living room can be challenging without some inspiration. Are you looking to fill your living space with furniture and decor, or is a minimalistic look more your style? Let's discuss.

Choosing the perfect layout for a room measuring 12x14 feet is best done using extra seating to your advantage. Creating almost a mini room within your space using a sofa and chairs is a great way to use your living room and frame out the area. The squared-off shape of a room this size is perfect for seating and entertainment and doesn't require you to get too crafty. We suggest adding in a coffee or side table, so you have somewhere to place snacks or books.

As we get into this list, we will share our top ten 12x14 living room layouts and tag some helpful related products. Using your space to your best advantage with seating and decor is an easy way to make your room feel ready to enjoy and hang out in. With all that said, let's get the list started!

Wooden table on carpet next to grey corner couch in living room interior with poster. 10 Amazing 12 X 14 Living Room Layout Ideas

1. Sleek Dramatic Decor

A dark and warm colored living room with a black accent wall, gray sofas, and gray accent chairs

Our first living room idea on the list is a modern layout using light grey furniture. The two matching accent chairs work well in this room and make for even more seating space for guests. We recommend going with a low-rise coffee table similar to this example so you can kick your feet up or use it as a dining space.

Faux Marble Round Coffee Table

Here we have a low-rise faux marble coffee table from Best Choice Products that will look great in your living room. This table is 19 inches high and 35.6 inches across; it can hold up to 100 pounds.

Check this marble coffee table out on Amazon here.

2. Light Beachy Accents

A comfy and cozy living room with white sofas, wooden coffee table, and white painted walls

Next, we have this light beachy living room layout using two lounge chairs alongside a sofa. This is another example of having three pieces in your 12x14 space and is paired with a dark wood coffee table. We like how this design went with one of the chairs off-center to give a more comfortable feel to the room.

3. Living/Dining Combo

Modern Scandinavian inspired living room with white painted walls, white painted walls, and a wooden tiled flooring

Third, we have this multi-purpose living room layout we are loving. This living room chose to go with a dining nook near the window and made great use of this 12x14 space. There is no such thing as too much seating in a living room.

Stylifing Round Mid-Century Dining Table And Chairs Set

Here is a modern dining set for two we found from Stylifing that is perfect for a window nook. This set comes with two matching cushioned chairs and a metal-base dining table.

Follow this link to see this dining set on Amazon.

4. Extra Seating

Modern rustic interior living room with hardwood flooring, white sofas with white throw pillows, and a huge window on the background

Another great layout on the list is this casita-style living room that is perfect for entertaining family and friends. We want to point out the use of the ottomans as extra seating around the wooden coffee table that brings this space to the next level. Although an ottoman might not be ideal for adults, this is a perfect seating option for younger kids and teens.

5. Light Neutral Furnishings

Modern gorgeous living room with beige painted walls, antique inspired sleeper sofas, and a white accent chairs

Here we have a well-planned 12x14 living room that went with a matching set for their furnishings. Choosing to buy a multi-piece set is an easy way to keep your living room cohesive and fill the space tastefully. There are plenty of deals on sets versus individual pieces, so that may be another reason to look into this idea.

6. Classic Library Aesthetic

Interior of an ultra modern living room with wooden rustic cabinets, and an antique chandelier

Coming in at six, we have this stunning 12x14 living room layout that feels straight out of a Disney movie. If you are a lover of books and fine furniture, this is the perfect layout for your space. We recommend finding a statement rug similar to this room to help you get the look.

Boho Chic Medallion Area Rug

Here is a patterned medallion rug from Safavieh Monaco that will fit nicely into a similar living room layout. This rug measures 8x10 feet and is made with a non-shedding Polypropylene material.

View this patterned area rug on Amazon here.

7. Modern Meets Boho Apartment

Interior of an ultra modern living room with orange painted walls, gray and white curtains, and a black and white carpet

Next, we have an excellent idea for those in an apartment working with a 12x14 foot space. This living room went with a modern Boho theme using an accent chair, sofa, and nesting ottoman set. This is a great layout if you are looking to leave some walking space in your living room.

8. Intimate Family Room

Interior of an ultra modern living room with off white painted walls, wooden flooring, and gorgeous sectional sofas

Here is another 12x14 layout we think would be perfect for a family seating area. The two sofas allow for extra seating and look comfortable enough to snuggle on. We suggest adding an ottoman or bean bag to a room like this if you have a couch hog in the family.

Sofa Sack Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair

Here is a mid-sized bean bag chair that will fit perfectly into your space from Sofa Sack. This bean bag is made with memory foam stuffing and measures 36x36x24 inches.

View this product on Amazon by clicking here.

9. Elegant Retro Elements

Interior of an elephant inspired living room with white painted walls and an awesome modern chandelier

Another living room layout for a 12x14 foot space would be something similar to this design. This living room went with retro wood decor and tons of wall and shelf storage which we appreciate. Looking into a floating shelf is an easy way to store your favorite items without having a bulky bookcase in your living room.

GWH Rustic Industrial Pipe Floating Wall Shelf

Here we have a rustic-looking wall shelf from GWH that will save you precious floor space. This floating shelf is made of iron and wood and has four shelves for storage.

View this wall-mounted iron and wood shelf on Amazon here.

10. Wall Shelving With Tons Of Seating

Industrial themed living room with a gray sleeper sofa, gray throw pillows, and two accent chairs infront with a coffee table in the middles

Finally, we have this eclectic-feeling 12x14 living room that did a good job of storing extra decor and books while adding tons of seating. The multi-level wall shelves catch the eye without feeling cluttered and keep the room feeling clean. We also want to point out the wooden theme throughout this room that ties it together nicely.

The Wrap Up

No matter your taste or budget, choosing the proper layout for a 12x14 foot living room turned out to be much easier than we thought. Whether you are looking for a classic living room with bookcases or a Boho chic high rise with extra space to move around, you've got plenty of ideas to choose from. We suggest finding a living room set to furnish your space and even adding a coffee table for snacks or decor. Your living room is one of the most popular rooms in the house, so having enough seating for everyone is a must. Regardless of what aesthetic or layout you choose, your living room is going to look amazing!

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