13 Industrial Rugs That Will Enhance Your Room Design

If you're looking for a style that's both on-trend yet classic for your home, then the industrial design craze is going to catch your eye. This look got its start back in the 1960s when artists and musicians were looking for large apartments with natural light. It was encouraged by cities, particularly New York, wanting to preserve current buildings rather than replace them.

13 Industrial Rugs That Will Enhance Your Room Design

A few staples of industrial style are:

  • Open concepts
  • Natural light
  • Exposed industrial elements such as pipes and ducts
  • Exposed bricks
  • Metal surfaces
  • Industrial lighting
  • Reclaimed hardwood or concrete floors
  • Vintage items

One area it can be hard to translate the industrial feel is with rugs. Rugs are not things we usually think of as industrial unless it's a thick plastic mat used to ease worker's joints. Don't worry. You don't have to go that route if you love the industrial style.

We've got 13 excellent examples of rugs that rock the industrial vibe. Keep reading to see what they look like, as well as learn exactly what you want to find when you're searching for that perfect finisher for your room.

1. Unique Loom Grey Rug

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Unique Loom Grey Rug on amazon

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The color of this rug allows you to have your cake and eat it, too. This lovely grey shade is perfect for bringing a metallic vibe in, while the shaggy material adds plenty of comfort and warmth. This rug is an excellent size for any room at 7' x 10' and is also water, mold, mildew, and stain-resistant. This makes it a good fit for a family room where there's a lot of traffic.

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2. Unique Loom Vintage Rug

Unique Loom Vintage Rug on amazon

Vintage looks are big for industrial designs. Part of the style is using what's already there, like the cities reusing old industrial buildings for apartments rather than build new ones. A rug that brings that vintage vibe to life while also using stark neutrals is a great find when using this design. This particular rug is a solid 5' x 8' and excellent at resisting water damage as well as stains.

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3. Morrocan Rug

Morrocan Rug on amazon

When you hear Morrocan, you're likely not going to think industrial, but hang with us for a second. This will work in this style, and here's why. The grey and white colors are great for an industrial room. Grey brings to mind metal while the white helps to brighten the room and make it feel bigger. The curvy lines created by design also add a bit of elegance to a style that doesn't usually showcase it. This 8' square rug would be awesome for a more formal living area or to add a touch of romance to a master bedroom.

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4. Persian Grey Abstract Rug

Persian Grey Abstract Rug on amazon

This grey rug has a ton of personality that's going to make a big statement in your industrial room. The coloring of the rug both borrows from various metals as well as giving the appearance of worn concrete. A busy pattern like this is also going to give your room an energized feel, so if you've got a mostly laid back look so far, consider something like this to take it up a notch.

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5. Grey and Cream Trellis Rug

Grey and Cream Trellis Rug on amazon

Zig-zagged lines on this rug create great visual interest while working well with industrial design. The color scheme is solid for a style that values metals and concrete while also adding a bit of contemporary modern to the mix. The 5' x 7' size means it's versatile and can work in almost any room. It is stain-resistant, and low-pile also means it will be low maintenance, perfect for a busy family room or other high traffic areas.

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6. Unique Loom Over-Dyed Rug

Unique Loom Over-Dyed Rug on amazon

If you're looking for a rug that has excellent design, industrial style, and pops of color, then check this out. The 5' x 8' rug has a vintage print that is perfect for industrial looks, while the black, grey, and white tones are iconic for the same. However, this rug adds a fun pop of color with shades like yellow, blue, and orange to give your room a bit of a twist.

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7. Elegant Clifton Rug

Elegant Clifton Rug on amazon

For a bit of a modern flavor in your industrial room, try out this rug. The brown, grey, and white shades are great colors for this style while the block pattern brings in the modern design. This rug is a large 8' x 10' and easy to clean, perfect for any high traffic area of your home.

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8. White Diamond Area Runner

White Diamond Area Runner on amazon

Black and white is such a great color combination, especially in this style. The contrast of the two neutrals makes for eye-catching visual interest while both are stapes for industrial looks. This pattern is fun and dramatic while the runner itself is soft, plush, and resistant to water damage and stains. This would be a good choice for a hallway or to cover the floor in front of your kitchen sink.

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9. Morrocan Blythe Rug

Morrocan Blythe Rug on amazon

A more subtle, elegant pattern is used in this rug, making it a calming piece rather than bold. Shades of grey and white are iconic for the industrial look. This low pile rug is resistant to a variety of damaging effects and would work well in a busy area of your home. You can purchase this in sizes ranging from 2' x 3' to 12' x 18', so finding the perfect size is likely going to be relatively easy no matter where you need this rug.

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10. Leather Grey and Black Rug

Leather Grey and Black Rug on amazon

Grey and black are great color choices for industrial rooms, and this rug rocks them both with a faded diamond design. A unique pattern isn't the only exciting spin this rug has, though. Leather is used in the weaving to create a texture you wouldn't normally expect. The handmade quality of this rug adds another boost to its one-of-a-kind look, making this rug an all-around win. You can purchase this rug in a variety of sizes ranging from 2' x 3' to 8' x 10' to get just the right fit for any room.

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11. Contemporary Area Rug

Contemporary Area Rug on amazon

Grey shades are used in this option, but the overwhelming white is going to be the focus here. This allows the rug to add a bright and fresh feel to whatever space it's in, perfect for industrial design that values light and airy spaces. The care for this rug is low maintenance as it's stain-resistant as well as low-pile. It comes in a variety of sizes, up to 9' 3" x 12' 6", so you're sure to find exactly what you need for your space.

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12. Distressed Medallion Rug

Distressed Medallion Rug on amazon

Another great option for adding some color, this rug and its splashes of blue, green, and yellow would be hard to pass up. The vintage, artsy feel of the rug's design is a nod to the history of the style, while the neutral tones keep it from being too overwhelming. This is a larger rug at 10' x 14'. It's easy-care, and the large size makes it perfect for large, open spaces as well as busy areas in your home.

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13. Loft Collection Rug

Loft Collection Rug on amazon

The last rug on our list stands out with a rust shade that dominates the design. Rust is an excellent shade for industrial styled rooms. Rusted metals are brought to mind as well as the brick walls favored by this design. Light shades of grey, as well as white, allow the rust to pop from the background while also adding in the neutrals preferred by industrial looks. This rug comes in sizes 2' x 3' up to 9' 3" x 12' 6".

Click here to find this rug on Amazon.

Industrial Tones and Vintage Designs

Choosing an industrial design theme isn't going to make it harder for you to find a rug that fits. Instead, looking for neutral tones, especially those in shades of grey and white, and vintage designs and patterns are going to make it easy. You can also swing towards the more modern styles for looks that give a boost to the light and open concepts iconic to this style. Abstract and artsy designs are also great fits, both on their own and for a nod to the history of this style.

If you want to know more about the industrial design, check out this post that gives you the 411 on everything you need to know. This living room guide can also give you even more inspiration for your design plans.

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