14 Living Room Color Schemes With Brown Leather Furniture

There's something about brown leather furniture that is so warm and welcoming. Soft couches and well-worn armchairs in shades of caramel or rust-brown give your living room a classic feeling. Whether your furniture is modern with chrome finishings or traditional with brass rivets, brown leather spans them both and can be a super choice for your space.

But sometimes brown overwhelms if there's a lot of it. Or maybe it seems dark and too heavy. The challenge of making brown leather furniture work in your space is balancing the bulk of the leather pieces with your other furnishings and color choices.

We'll take a look at several living rooms with brown leather furniture and the color schemes chosen for the rest of the space. These well-researched pairings are a great jumping-off point for your designs.

Modern and simple living room with brown sofa and coffee table, 14 Living Room Color Schemes With Brown Leather Furniture

1. Pair Brown Leather Furniture With Golden Beige Walls And Other Shades Of Brown

In this monochromatic room, well-worn brown leather furniture pairs with other tones of brown and beige for a cohesive look. White trim on the large window, mantel, and built-in bookcases brighten up space as does the light beige area rug. The walls are a golden wheat color that works with both the furniture pieces and the natural stone fireplace surround. Curtains in a slightly darker brown than the sofa balance the dark of the television.

Beautiful living room with fireplace and tv

2. Espresso Brown Furniture Paired With Greige

In this space, the contemporary espresso brown furniture pieces pairs with a greige-colored area rug. The floor, finished in a honey walnut stain, matches the bookcase against the lighter greige wall. For the lighting fixture, a sleek contemporary cluster of brushed nickel lighting cans picks up the grey tones in the greige and also the silver metal feet of the furniture. Greige, a greyish beige, works spectacularly well with this dark espresso brown.

Design of contemporary living room with brown leather sofa

If you love this look, go for modern, straight-lined pieces with metal legs. This one in espresso brown is a great fit. Look for it here on Amazon.


3. Pair Dark Chocolate Leather Furniture With Sand Colored Walls

This is a room you want to sink into. A luxurious dark chocolate sectional sofa could overtake the space. However, the choice of sand-colored tile and sand-colored paint brightens up the room and makes it inviting. A darker brown stone surround on the fireplace weights the far end of the room, and a splash of red at the kitchen island draws out the red tones in the brown sofa set.

Living room area with brown leather sofa

4. Rust Red Tones Play Nicely With Browns

Many brown leather furniture pieces fall on the russet or burgundy end of the color scale. They have lovely red tones that shine up through the brown. Why not use that to your advantage when coordinating colors? Here we see greige walls, soft maple floors, and the rust color picked up in the brick of the fireplace surround and the curtains hanging from the wrought iron rods. Even the wall decor plays with the rusty red theme.

Living room with leather sofa, fireplace and TV

5. Add Some Charcoal Grey Accents With Brown Leather Furniture

When picking out a palette of colors to go with brown leather furniture, one color you shouldn't dismiss is a lovely charcoal grey. In this palette of medium rich brown, burgundy, clay, and spice brown, they've done just that, added a rich medium to dark grey. Here reds are reflected in the exposed brick wall, the tone of the floor, even the throw pillows and rug in the room. We see charcoal accents in the fireplace surround, the coffee table, and the gorgeous baby grand piano in the corner.

Luxury living room with stobe fireplace and leather sofas

6. Browns, Reds, And Baby Blues Are A Win

In this rustic log cabin, browns and reds are the stars of the show. But light blue is strategically brought in to add a splash of color. Here it's well used in the area rug and throw pillows on the brown leather sofa. The wall decor has framing mats in the same baby blue color.

Luxury log cabin living room with leather sofa

7. Olive Brown Furniture And Honey Gold Accents

This room's palette is a bit different. The leather furniture is brown with an olive green tone, and the palette is a cool earth-toned combination featuring honey gold, softer grey, and greige. The dark furniture could look bulky and heavy-handed in an overall darker room, but the choice of light wall color and curtains works well here.

Massive living room with bay window

8. Dark Browns With Cinnamon And Pale Greys

We love this cinnamon-colored shag area rug and how delectable it looks with this midnight dark brown leather furniture. Throw pillows, and a coffee table in a more medium brown, combined with the lighter color walls, make this pallette a clean and beautiful combination for a modern environment.

Mint living room with glass windows and brown cushions

This area rug from Unique Loom has that same cinnamon perfect coloration. Click here for this on Amazon.

9. The Colors Of The Desert Are Perfect For Brown Leather Furniture

When you think of the desert southwest, you think of rust and sand and pale beige. In this room, those colors are pulled around the beige leather sectional to create an environment that is the best of everything natural. Even the gorgeous abstract painting above the sofa holds to the theme. The modern coffee table combines two colors of wood. This helps the eye travel around the design details of this space.

Modern living room interior with leather sofa

This gorgeous chaise sectional in beige leather would be perfect for a desert-inspired room. Click here for this on Amazon.

10. A Splash Of Green Will Brighten Up Your Browns

This palette of three browns and greige is brought alive by the addition of green. And we see it in the beautiful house plant at the corner of the room. The area rug also features green in the pattern along with the beiges and sandstone colors. The choice of mixing a large upholstered chair with a more substantial brown sofa keeps the room from being too weighed down.

modern living room with brown sofa

This vintage-inspired rug in greens and sand is sure to look beautiful as you sit on your brown leather sofa. Click here to see this on Amazon.

11. Add Some Pumpkin Orange To Your Brown Pallette

If you want a perfect accent wall for your brown leather sectional, consider a pumpkin orange color. It creates a warm vibe and, when combined with other walls of beige and cream is not too overwhelming for the room. Then you can add some throw pillows to your sofa to complement your orange wall.

Tv media basement living room with leather sofa

12. Switch It Up With A Soft Mauve And Medium Blue Rug

If you love a bit more color, some of the pink or mauve tones go very well with browns. Here mauve upholstered chairs sit opposite a brown leather sectional. A gorgeous patterned rug pulls out all the colors of the room. As a result, this space is inviting and more feminine than some brown palette inspired rooms.

White and brown tone living room with fireplace and tv

A pair of these mauve, tufted, side chairs with natural brown wooden legs can help you create the look above. Click here for these on Amazon.

13. True Red Has A Place With Brown Leather Furniture

We've already mentioned the rusts and burgundies, but even a real red has a place with brown leather furniture. Here a pattern blocked rug brings in additional colors and helps anchor the seating arrangement. 

Living room interior with TV and colorful rug

14. Go For Greys, Red, And Muted Browns

Maybe your leather furniture is more on the black side than the brown side. If it's a tone you're not entirely clear on, you can split the difference. Here a brown coffee table is used to offset charcoal grey walls. The bright red flowers and soft grey accent curtains bring everything together.

modern living room with gray wall

These palettes are such an incredible headstart for your living room design. As you can see, you don't need to switch out your brown leather furniture to have many choices in your design. If you found this post helpful, we have a few others about brown leather furniture that might also help you. You can find them here at HomeDecorBliss.com:

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