9 Amazing 14×14 Bedroom Layout Ideas

Figuring out how to best decorate a 14×14 bedroom can be tricky without some extra help. Are you looking to utilize your space to its fullest, or is a minimalistic approach more your style? We are also curious about this topic and have done our research to find the answers. 

When decorating a 14×14 foot bedroom, we suggest adding in a few accent pieces. One of the benefits of a room this size is that it allows for extra decor and furniture. You can’t go wrong with a lounge chair or even a couple of bedside tables.

As we get into this post, we will be sharing our top nine 14×14 bedroom ideas and even tag some related products. Regardless of your taste or budget, these nine examples are sure to get your creative juices flowing. With that said, let’s get this list started!

An interior of a contemporary bedroom with light gray painted walls and wooden flooring, 9 Amazing 14x14 Bedroom Layout Ideas

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1. Elegant Neutral Furnishings

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Luxurious modern contemporary white bedroom with a bed with luxurious beddings

First up, we have a gorgeous neutral 14×14 bedroom that we are loving. This bedroom goes with matching bedside tables and a mirrored ottoman that works well to fill the space. The area rug under the bed adds extra color to the wooden floors.

Nourison Essentials Solid Contemporary Ivory Area Rug

Here is a subtle area rug from Nourison Essentials that is perfect for a 14×14 bedroom. This rug measures 5×7 feet and comes in a variety of colors you can choose from.

Check out this ivory area rug on Amazon here.

2. Soft Blush Accents

Interior of an elegant and comfortable bedroom with white colored walls, and a bed with an area rug underneath

Next, we have a simple blush-accented 14×14 bedroom that turns out great. This bedroom goes with a matching chair and ottoman set that works well in the space and is a perfect example of not needing to overfill your room with furniture while still looking complete.

Christopher Knight Home Alfred Fabric Club Chair And Ottoman

Here is a matching chair and ottoman set from Christopher Knight that will go great in a 14×14 bedroom. This chair and ottoman are made with soft and cleanable fabric and come in a few different colors.

See this matching chair and ottoman on Amazon here.

3. Romantic Layout

Interior of a luxurious bedroom with light gray painted walls, wooden flooring, and a bed with elegant beddings

Third, we have a romantic and comfortable 14×14 bedroom layout that is one of our favorites. This bedroom goes with dual bedside tables and matching lamps that provide much-needed light in this darker space.

The table and lounge chair makes for a perfect breakfast or sunset-watching nook.

4. Bright And Roomy

Interior of a gorgeous white painted bedroom with a bed with metal framing, carpeted flooring, and a huge sliding window

Next up, we have this super bright and modern 14×14 bedroom layout that works nicely in this room. This layout is ideal for anyone needing space for extra activities like an at-home workout or yoga.

We also want to point out the overhead lighting above the bed that also makes for a great night-time reading area.

FIFILARY LED Wall-Mounted Adjustable Reading Light Set

Here we have a set of two wall-mounted adjustable reading lights from FIFILARY. These reading lights have a gooseneck design, which allows for easy movement to fit your exact location.

View these gooseneck LED reading lights on Amazon here.

5. Industrial With A Bit Of Charm

interior of a contemporary bedroom with light gray painted walls, abstract designed chandelier, and wooden flooring

Here is another 14×14 bedroom layout to check out that has an eclectic feel. This bedroom went with extra seating and tons of smaller decor that fit the room nicely. We especially love the additional lighting around the bed that adds plenty of brightness to this apartment.

Sputnik Modern Pendant 6 Light Chandelier

Here is a modern six-light chandelier from Walnut Tree that is perfect for a 14×14 bedroom layout. This pendant-style light is a brushed metal design and comes with a nine-inch extension rod.

See this modern pendant chandelier on Amazon here.

6. Opulent Lighting

A spacious attic bedroom with flat paneled walls, a huge window on the side, and laminated flooring

Next, we have this stunning 14×14 bedroom layout that catches the eye. This room went with a large chandelier above the bed that not only adds extra light but a ton of design.

If you are not into extra furniture and decor, try having some fun with the light fixtures around your bedroom.

7. Boho And Personalized

A Scandinavian inspired bedroom with white painted walls, indoor plants spread all over the room, and wooden flooring

Another way to decorate a 14×14 bedroom would be something similar to this Boho layout. This bedroom feels very lived-in and personalized, which we appreciate.

The use of wall shelving and a large windowsill is a great way to showcase your items without taking up valuable floor space.

SRIWATANA Floating Wall Mounted Shelves

Here we have a set of three wall-mounted hanging shelves from SRIWATANA that will showcase all of your favorite items. These white finished wood shelves have a U-shaped design and can be installed facing up or down, depending on your preference.

Follow this link to see these hanging shelves on Amazon.

8. Extra Seating

A huge and spacious masters bedroom with laminated wooden flooring and an area rug underneath the bed with elegant beddings

Coming in at eight, we have this beautiful 14×14 bedroom layout with plenty of extra seating. This bedroom’s design follows a more classic palette and is an excellent example of utilizing your bedroom to your best advantage.

We like how this design goes with two matching lounge chairs and even a desk for doing some work.

9. Modern And Simple Layout

A gorgeous bedroom with a carpeted flooring, a black suede bed, and white curtains

Last on our list; we have this bright and cheerful 14×14 bedroom layout perfect for hanging out. This bedroom also went with a desk area that we love and side tables on either side of the bed.

Leaving a little space to move around is always a good idea and can make your bedroom feel open and roomy.

Ameriwood Home Parsons Desk with Drawer

Here is a white wooden desk from Ameriwood that is perfect for a 14×14 bedroom layout. This desk has a drawer, measures 30x39x19.7 inches, and comes in various colors and styles.

See this white wood desk on Amazon here.

The Wrap Up

Whether you are looking into a simple and modern 14×14 bedroom, or something more eclectic, you’ve got plenty of options. From the bedrooms we saw, dual bedside tables seem to be common in this size bedroom and work well to fill in space.

We also found that choosing unique lighting can make a bedroom this size feel complete without taking up valuable floor space.

Extra seating is also a must in any size bedroom, so we suggest finding a comfortable lounge chair or desk chair to do some work in.

Regardless of your style, remember to utilize your bedroom to your best advantage and have fun with your decor and lighting.

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