15 Gorgeous Living Rooms With Accent Walls

The living room is the first thing you'll see when entering the door. And although uniform aesthetics have their own charm, there's something about accent walls that make a space more visually alluring. It adds character, reflects a sense of style, and gives depth to an interior.

Having an accent wall means you want eyes to be automatically drawn to it. Although you want it to be the central focus, it should also look natural. Architectural cues such as an arched nook, fireplace, or wainscotting could make accent walls look more integrated within the interior.

When designing your accent wall, it's important to have symmetrical dimensions. Keep your focal point visually balanced so the interior will not look visually chaotic. Choose an area that does not have any disrupting elements such as niches, crooked windows, and doors--it can reduce the appeal of your accent wall's design.

Utilize the scenery outside as well as the natural light. Make your accent wall work around your space. This will make your entire space look harmonious and cohesive. Here, we will show you 15 living room ideas with creative accent walls that can inspire you on designing your own wall.

Compiled images of a 15 living room with accent walls, 15 Gorgeous Living Rooms With Accent Walls

15 Gorgeous Living Rooms With Accent Walls

1. Keep it Sleek and Simple

You can't go wrong with sleek and simple art frames to make your accent wall stand out.

For better visual cohesiveness, try getting a set of odd-numbered photos where the color palette is easily detected. Make sure the colors blend with your interior and match your personal style so the posters will look natural. 

Remember that although accent walls are supposed to draw attention to themselves, they should not look lost within your space. Rather, it should tie up your interior neatly. 

Open space living room interior with modern furniture of a navy blue settee, a beige armchair, a coffee table and other object

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2. Utilize Architecture

Brown accent chair with navy wall color with white vase with greeny plants

Another way to make your accent walls look more natural is to make use of architecture as the design's foundation. After all, it's already attention-catching by itself--you just have to make it aesthetically integrated within the space.

For example, if your wall has niches, place potted succulents and coffee table books inside. You can also place light fixtures that you can turn on in the evening to make your space look and feel cozier--the best option is warm lighting. 

If your wall already has wainscotting, place antique frames for a more opulent look. Arched nooks can also be converted not only into an accent wall but also into a functional mini library.

Try setting up a bookcase in the nook and place a comfortable couch and settee where you can quietly read during the day. Doing this will make not only the wall but the entire space more the area eye-catching. 

3. Keep it Rustic and Chic

Cozy furnished apartment with niche in wooden wall and armchair

If you are leaning towards a more rustic and homey aesthetic, make an entire wall work for that exact style. This will make your interior more visually coherent, and it will be easier to add other similar elements when you have a wood accent wall as a foundation.

You can build a wooden wall on either a horizontal or vertical pattern. Horizontal patterns will make your space look wide and rugged, while vertical wood patterns will make your living room more polished and structured. 

After installing the wood wall, incorporate other wooden elements into the mix. Pair them all with contrasting cool-neutral chairs to balance out the warmth of the wood and rustic decors. 

4. Add A Pop of Color

Modern bright flat interior design with yellow accents with gray sofa furniture

Make your accent wall truly eye-catching by injecting a burst of color into it This will add depth to a space, especially if your walls are painted with solid neutral colors. 

For example, grey walls will pair well with a pastel yellow accent wall. It will introduce energy into the space, especially since grey is known to be a plain and dull color. 

However, be careful not to make the color of your accent wall look lost in your interior. You don't want your accent walls to look overly designed so much that it looks like it doesn't belong there. 

It's best to stick to complementary colors and to integrate shades that still look cohesive even with different tones.  For example, teal walls will pair well with a dusty pink accent wall. One always has to be the balancing factor. 

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5. Explore Patterns

Luxurious luxury living room with wood paneling on the walls with gold accents, blue furniture, brown walls

Having a wall that has a different pattern than the rest of the walls will add a unique charm and structure to your living room.

This design also has an appeal of quiet elegance, especially if you incorporate a darker color into it. For visual stimulation, try designing the trims with streaks of either white or gold.

Even if the accent wall is in the same shade or color as the rest of the walls, a different pattern will make it stand out.

6. Use Gorgeous Stones

Mid century craftsman house interior living room foyer home office with wood panel walls staircase creative wooden railings

Having an elegant appeal in your living room doesn't have to be a complicated process. Sometimes, all you will really need are classic stones to add warmth and opulence to the living room.

Give the illusion of height by installing the stones in a vertical pattern. This will lead the eyes upward and make your space look taller and bigger. The structure will give the room a modern elegance, as well as an intimate and homey appeal.

7. When in Doubt, Go With Plants

Multiple macrame plant hangers with indoor houseplants and pot planters are hanging from a metal pole. Boho basket wall decor

Having a wall filled with hanging plants is an affordable way to make your accent wall look refreshing. The plants will also add a burst of color into the room effortlessly, which is ideal if you have neutral-colored walls. 

This is a safe route especially if you don't want anything permanent on your walls, or if you're just renting an apartment. You can mix this up with other elements that go with your aesthetic to make it more visually stimulating. 

Make sure you get plants that you can maintain well. The last thing you want on your wall is a set of wilted, neglected plants. Try getting low-maintenance plants first and work your way from there. 

8. Flowers for a Softer Look

dried flowers hanging on the wall.It decoration wall of living room

If plants may be too plain for you, try designing your walls with flowers. This will make your accent wall look softer and more inviting, especially if you have a feminine aesthetic in your space. 

Dried flowers are a low-maintenance choice if you can't get fresh flowers when they start to wilt. However, you can try growing your own flowers and placing them on your wall--just make sure you can maintain them well. 

9. Utilize Common Items

Stylish living room interior design with scandinavian settee, grey wall and natural accents

Have a utilitarian approach to design and hanging common items on your accent walls.

This can be anywhere from beach hats, straw bags, rattan fans, and rattan trays. This is an effortless way to make your accent walls stand out without redoing them or painting them entirely. 

Just make sure you hang items that look good and can be used as a decoration. High-quality items made of natural material will do the job nicely, and they will blend with the rest of your interior since it already fits your lifestyle. 

10. Build a Personal Gallery

Brick brown wall of interior living room with gray sofa with brown wood table and lampshade each side of sofa and blank frame

Aside from art posters, you can add a personal touch to your accent wall by putting up framed photos of friends and loved ones. This will add character to the room, and it will be a great conversation starter when you have guests over. 

11. Keeping it Bright with Mirrors

Studio in purple and white colors. Contemporary style with corner sofa, wooden walls with a round mirror, floor terrazzo

Install a mirror on your wall to give the illusion of wideness in your space. This is ideal if you have a small living room but still want a section of your wall to pop. 

12. Use Light Fixtures

Modern living room with open spacious dining area accented with royal blue walls and simple furniture

Utilize light fixtures on your walls. Install beehive-patterned LED lights on your walls to make the space cozier during the night, and to make your accent wall stand out with the chic design. 

13. Show Off Your Hobby

Stylish living room interior with comfy couch, tropical leaf print poster and urban bicycle standing against gray concrete

Use your accent wall to show off a hobby. You can hang an instrument or sports equipment against the wall to add personality to the space. This will also be a conversation piece when you have guests over!

14. Show Off a Collection

Two empty canvases, matching minimalist details of beige living room design, using accent green cushions, extra long sideboard

If not an instrument or equipment, build a shelf on your accent wall and place your collection of novelty vases and pottery on it. You can place other collectibles in it, but make sure it fits your interior design.

15. Let in the View

Modern bright flat interior design with yellow accents flashed by the sunlight near by the window

This is the last resort if you want to completely change your living room's look, but you can convert your wall into a window to utilize the beautiful scenery outside. This is challenging and requires a lot of effort, but it's worth it when you see the results!

Final Thoughts

Compiled images of a 15 living room with accent walls

Having an accent wall is a great way to show off your personality and aesthetic. Remember to be creative and to not be afraid of exploring colors and designs to brighten up your living room!

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