15 Gorgeous Scandinavian Wall Decor Ideas

First, let's review what the Scandinavian style is and everything it has to offer. Then, we have some breathtaking photos of Scandinavian wall décor to get your inspirational juices flowing, along with products to help you achieve that look. 

Scandinavian style is described as simple, clean, and minimalistic without sacrificing beauty and function. You'll also find natural elements like green plants to warm up the space. What's more, the icing on the cake for this style is incorporating textures like wood, leather, and hemp.

Historically, this style came around in the 1950s right alongside modern style and has remained popular ever since. The Scandinavian style gives you the best of both worlds - light and airy but also homey and cozy.

Let's dive into 15 Scandinavian wall décor ideas:

assorted images of scandinavian wall decor ideas. 15 Gorgeous Scandinavian Wall Decor Ideas

1. Abstract Art

The Scandinavian style focuses on simple shapes, colors, and forms. Hence, abstract art is a great option for Scandinavian wall décor. Rather than focusing on a realistic object, like a butterfly, for example, abstract art focuses on shape, form, and design.

Stylish interior design of living room with wooden retro commode, chair, tropical plant in rattan pot

In this photo, you can see the two-toned black and white simple design. These dark, subdued colors remind us of calming Nordic landscapes.

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2. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves not only look great, but they're also functional. It's a great way to fill the empty space on your wall while also providing you with a little storage. For example, you can decorate with small plants, books, or vases.

wooden Hexagon shelf little tree, books ,decoration

However, keep in mind the cluttered-free look when decorating your shelves to align with the Scandinavian style. Less is best.

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3. Hanging Jute Baskets

Put a basket in any room and you've got storage. Hang a basket on your wall and you've got storage plus wall décor! That's why we love the idea of hanging jute baskets on your wall for your next Scandinavian project.

three wicker mini baskets hanging on a wall. toiletry storage in bathroom. eco natural jute hand made basket. cozy scandinavian style

Jute also adds texture while the baskets add a way to hide clutter out of the way. We see this as a win-win idea.

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4. Wooden Ladder

You might not think of a ladder as wall décor but that's a mistake! Ladders add a touch of uniqueness and have many uses. Put it in your living room to hold blankets or quilts. Or, in the bathroom to hold towels and magazines.

Wooden table next to grey corner settee in warm living room interior with painting and fireplace

Hang it horizontally on the wall to create a place to hold photos or knick-knacks. Or, add some green plants on the ladder for a Scandinavian touch of nature.

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5. Macrame

Scandinavian décor is all for chunky textures and natural textiles. That's why a macrame is a perfect addition to your wall furnishings. A macrame is a piece of woven fabric, normally cotton, carefully crafted into an intricate design. 

Interior design of living room at modern home with stylish rattan armchair, pillows, plaid, beige macrame, wooden cubes, tropical plants and elegant accessories

These woven pieces will add texture and comfort to any area in your home. You won't be disappointed!

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6. Hanging Planter

Scandinavian design deeply values nature. So, live plants are a great way to bring the outside in and add a pop of greenery to your décor. The best way to display your plants is with a hanging planter - preferably a macrame planter for a Scandinavian vibe.

handmade cotton macrame plant hangers are hanging from a wood branch

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7. Moon Phase Décor

Display the different phases of the lunar cycle and you've got yourself a beautiful Nordic-inspired look. This is a popular choice for a bedroom or an office where you can curl up with a book and some hot tea.

[PIN id="465207836513215457" description="hide" size="large"]


To give it extra pizzazz, choose one with a mirrored background. This will be the perfect addition to any moon lover's abode.

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8. Mirrors

Remember with Scandinavian décor, basic and simple are key. Add a black, white, or gold mirror with clean lines and no embellishments to create this look.

mirror with gold frame in top of an aesthetically pleasing fireplace

The benefit of having a mirror in your room goes beyond elegance. On top of that, it makes the room look brighter due to the natural light bouncing off the mirror.

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9. Pressed Flower Frame

Another lovely, unique way to bring nature inside is with pressed flowers. You can buy them already dried and pressed or you can DIY them for free! It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Handmade herbarium in tiffany technique for walls decor

First, take a walk in nature and pick all the colorful flowers you can find. Second, press them into a book and lay it flat for 2 or more weeks. Third, remove the pressed flowers and use craft glue to carefully place them in a picture frame.

Voila! You've got yourself an easy DIY craft that's charming and timeless.

10. Wooden Clock

Scandinavian décor is all about functionality and incorporating textures. Perfectly enough, a wooden clock checks both of those boxes! Wooden clocks give us heirloom feelings. This could be a very special piece for years to come. 

grey stone wall luxury living room and interior design

Bear in mind, look for a clock with no frills for that pristine Scandinavian look.

11. Peg Hooks

Peg hooks add form and function to your living space. You can easily find peg hooks at any home décor store, online retailer, or home improvement store.

[PIN id="233061349458905705" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Hang your keys, scarves, coats, or glasses to create a functional but stylish look. The straightforward, everyday wooden pegs are just what Scandinavian décor calls for. 

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12. Fairy Lights

There's nothing quite like fairy lights to set the mood. Scandinavian winters are long and harsh, making fairy lights a must-have to make your space feel mellow and cozy.

Home interior with gray couch, coffee table and wicker chair

The great thing about fairy lights is that they go well in any room of the house - living room, bedroom, office, and even the bathroom.

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13. Light Sconce

Wall sconces are a great choice to add some low-key lighting in small spaces. It can serve as a decorative piece in your living room and create an appealing, warm ambiance. Running with the Scandinavian theme, opt for a sconce with minimal, clean details.

Bedroom interior with white bed on a dark gray wall, light sconce on the sides of the bed

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14. Hanging Woven Basket

Woven baskets are a delightful way to fill your walls with Scandinavian flair. The thick texture and mellow colors give your wall a one-of-a-kind decorative style.

You can mix and match all different kinds of baskets to create the look you desire. Likewise, they are easy to hang and affordable.

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15. Candle Sconces

[PIN id="294071050679752663" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Much like light sconces, candle sconces give your room that extra touch of warmth and sophistication. Candle sconces, when installed on your wall, hold and support your candles.

You can go for either a tapered candlestick or pillar candle. Whichever option you choose, you can't go wrong with candles! 

Wrapping It Up

We have dug into the best Scandinavian wall décor for your next project! To summarize, here are some ideas to keep in mind for that minimalist, clean look:

  • Natural textiles are a must
  • Hanging plants and greenery are always in style
  • Wood accents warm up the space
  • Modern or abstract art is the way to go
  • Muted hues keep it neutral
  • Less is more, keeping things minimal

And above all, keep function and simplicity in mind when going for Scandinavian décor. Made it to the end? Check out these helpful related articles:

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