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15 Great Sectional Couch Living Room Ideas

What we see in a house is a long-term lifetime investment. While we spend some of our time in bedrooms, there's no denying that we rest and relax in our living rooms, any time of the day. Additionally, the living room is a respite from the heavy traffic outside, creating peace amidst the chaos.

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Are you looking for ideas to conceptualize a sectional couch in your living room? We have ideas and pictures to help you consider the design of your dream living room. 

The sectional couch is a popular piece of furniture these days. Its purpose is to provide families with a seating element that is beneficial to the living room. Its oversized design is very functional, especially the part with the reclining chair at the end, which creates an ideal extra seat to relax your back.

A sectional couch provides comfort and relaxation after each day's work or travel. However, a sectional sofa does take up some space in a living room. Some parts are hard to maintain, and cleanup can require effort and time.

Sectionals can make any living space, big or small, a place for comfort and gathering. Below we share several inspirational ideas on how to draw attention to your sectional couch, both aesthetically and functionally. Read on!

assorted images of sectional couches and sofas in living rooms. 15 Great Sectional Couch Living Room Ideas

1. Go Big on Neutrals

A cozy, white living room with a large grey sectional couch, an area rug on hardwood floors, and a white fireplace with built-in shelves.

What's so satisfying about a living room that's full of neutrals is it's minimalistic and cool uptake on the hues of grays, ivory and brown. The overall character of the living room creates a clean look and maximizes the use of small spaces. Neutral colors have the ability to expand a space in areas where mood and ambience are paramount.

2. Rainbow Spree

Creativity is at the root of all beautiful living spaces in your home, especially your living room. If you like colors that pop and express joy and vivacity, splash some rainbow wheel colors across your sectional to make your living room stand out. Bright colors, like yellow and pink, will delight everyone who walks into the room.

3. Leather 

beautiful living room, classic leather furniture, interior

Don't forget your classic and timeless leather sectional. Generally, this traditional material lives up to its name, as it brings elegance, style, and modernity to any living space. Leather can be easy to clean, extremely durable, stain-resistant, and hypoallergenic.

4. Pretty in Pink

You must love pink! It's versatile, and it never goes out of style. A pink sectional will shine and create a cozy, warm, and inviting room.

Pink is a lighter variation of the color red. Its different temperament accentuates any room with which it is associated. In addition, the warm hue of pink enhances softness and youthful radiance. When it's combined with green, pink shows a harmonious and visually pleasing absorption in a modern living room.

5. You Go Blue

Modern interior of living room with blue corner sofa, coffee tables, floor lamp

Something is calming about blue that makes any stressful day peaceful just by entering a room that's decorated with hues of blue. Most homeowners choose to have their living rooms in blue with its regal yet elegant character that balances well with gold or yellow furniture. It's one of the most popular colors today because it's so soothing and creates a larger space, even in a smaller area.

6. Monochrome in Action

Add a base color to your living room and see how it radiates and glows. It creates a clean look and makes the room look large. You can never go wrong with the most versatile color, as it can match any color or furniture you choose to put in your living room.

7. Living in Modern Retro

Modern interior of living room with blue corner sofa, coffee tables, floor lamp

If you are an old soul living in the modern world, one place to create a kaleidoscope of two worlds is your living room. A touch of the classics to modern-day design, perfectly blended, can create a touch of modern and vintage. It's an interesting picturesque combination of earth tones, vivid shades, and mid-century furniture.

8. Green Era

Green is an unrivaled color that can be used in any area of the home and is capable of blending with any style or texture. Earthy tones, in general, energize the space, creating a crisp, vibrant summer feel. It can be a bohemian concept with a mix of colorful rugs, light brown floors, greenery, and wooden furniture.

9. Decorate in Rustic Style

Rustic living room in a bright cabin

Some homeowners take a design risk by styling a living room using natural wood or any organic materials it can match. What's beneficial about rustic styling is its ability to shine despite its ruggedness. It's an unconventional concept of interior design, but it makes each piece in a living room stand out in its way.

10. Throw in Velvets and Pillows

One factor that can make a sectional sofa stand out is the addition of throw pillows in different colors. Pillows can accentuate all pieces of furniture in the room, including the rugs, drapes, center table, accent chairs, and even the greenery. Bold and bright colors shape the contrast it exudes, keeping the space luxurious and comfortable.

On the other hand, a velvet couch doesn't have that much to say in most interior design; it is simply luxury in the waiting. Its soft texture makes up for its long-lasting durability. Simply having it in your living room will add finesse and elegance.

11. Make it Personal

Your living room is like your private or intimate space. It is a family-friendly area promoting connection and intimacy while maintaining a sense of comfort and lightness. In addition to being a small space, it also constitutes the warmest connection, surrounded by a white sectional sofa, white walls, accent mural above the fireplace, making it comfortable and airy.

12. Girl Power

There's nothing wrong with showing your preference in your personal space by making it feminine. Decorating the entire living room with silk, pink, purple, and velvet sofas, flowers, and white curtains can be fun. Feminine design is a masterpiece of functional and aesthetic balance, as it can make a room comfortable and modern.

13. Matching Colors with Wall Paint

One sparkling idea that will make a room pop is pairing wall paint with other interior decorations and furniture. It's not a bad idea, as it unconventionally creates cohesiveness in a room. The harmony comes from its aesthetic nature of using two to three tones to match your walls with your sofas, coffee tables, drapes, and other accenting furniture in your living room.

14. Craft it in Jewels

Deep, dark, and saturated tones aren't for the soft-hearted intimidated by the rich nature of jewel tones. The lustrous appeal of jewel tones will make your character stand out in your living room. This bejeweled interior design was made purposely for homeowners whose creativity emphasizes bold, bright colors that appeal to them as eclectic but elegant.

What attracts the attention of those who enter a living room decorated in jewel tones is the depth and richness the area can inspire in all organic or inorganic furniture, making it pop.

15. Brown Made it Easy

Modern interior of open space with design modular sofa, furniture, wooden coffee tables, plaid, pillows, tropical plants

It's no surprise if homeowners prefer to decorate the living room with natural earth tones of beige and brown. Use a sectional, accent furniture, and tapestries in a natural wood color, and keep things simple and minimal. Working in harmony, these shades of brown create a warm and cozy vibe that brings people together.

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