9 Awesome 18 X 24 Living Room Layout Ideas

An 18×24 space gives you plenty of room to create an inviting and functional area, but figuring out the right layout can be daunting.

Large and luxurious interiors of a modern living room, 9 Awesome 18 X 24 Living Room Layout Ideas

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When designing your living room, it’s important to reflect on the atmosphere you want to create and the purposes you wish the space to serve.

Color, lighting, balance, and proportion are all essential to creating your desired design. Draw inspiration from the room’s architectural aspects, personal interests, an outside view, or a planned theme.  

To help you out, we’ve put together nine unique 18×24 living room layouts. Each showcases a different style and offers ideas to inspire your own customized space.

1. A Room With A View

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Large and luxurious interiors of a modern living room in 3d. Digitally generated image of a fully furnished living room.

If you have a breathtaking view from your living room, why not showcase it? After all, it’s probably one of the reasons you purchased your home.

This living room layout uses low-lying furniture to avoid obstructing the ocean view. Also, the soft, neutral color palette creates a calming atmosphere and does not distract attention.

The use of wispy, light curtains mimics the ocean breeze and adds to the serenity of the living room.

2. A Place To Gather

Modern furniture and decor in an open concept floor plan

Centering your furniture is a great way to keep your living room open while still providing a designated area for family and friends to gather.

In this layout, an area rug helps define the conversation area. This design complements the adjoining rooms’ colors, creating a sense of unity throughout the home.

3. Cozy Corner

Beautiful white brick fireplace brings attention to a fabulous great room

If you have a traditional living room that’s separate from the rest of your home, you can still create a spacious feel by balancing your furniture.

In this layout, the sofa is placed at the back of the room, and only accent chairs keep the rest of the room open. The unobstructed windows bring in natural light, making the room feel larger. 

Adding accent décor to the fireplace and using neutral colors adds warmth, creating a cozy space perfect for curling up with a good book.

4. Moving Pieces 

Beautiful modern living room interior with hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home. Features large windows with view of trees and abundant natural light

For some, a traditional, static living room layout may not be that appealing, especially if you are looking for an open, multi-functional space.

Keeping the layout simple and using lightweight or moveable furniture, like in this living room example, makes it easy to transform your space whenever needed.

Bringing in warm colors can still make your space inviting, even with a simplistic design.

5. Drawing The Eye Into Focus


living room in newly constructed luxury home

A large, open living room can sometimes feel busy, especially if you have vaulted ceilings or an open second level. 

Adding a splash of color, like in this layout, will emphasize your living room space, whether the conversation area or an accent wall.

Using mismatched furniture and décor well-crafted will also draw attention to your design and give your living space a unique flair.

6. Facing Forward

beautiful living room of a large house in the style of a long island house

Built-in shelving is great for adding storage to your home but may add another level of difficulty to designing your living room space.

In this layout, the furniture is faced outward, away from the shelving, making the room open and inviting. The use of bold colors draws attention to the furniture and conversation area.

7. Warm And Inviting Space

View of a spacious living room with fireplace in a bright Mediterranean farmhouse

Emphasize your living space by centering furniture around key elements. Here, the conversation area is centered around a unique fireplace, making it the focal point.

Also, accent chairs in front of the windows keep the room open and the view free of obstruction, creating a natural flow into the outdoor area. 

Using natural wood and shabby sheik décor adds warmth and accents to the wood in the architecture, creating a uniform and inviting design. 

8. Accent With Color And Texture
Contemporary living room studio, aquamarine walls with wooden panels and a round mirror, a white corner sofa and a black cabinet with TV

You can dress up a traditional living room layout by adding colors and textures to customize your space.

In this design, a teal wall creates a bold accent. Wood texture adorns another wall and continues into the entertainment area, balancing the room.

Sleek furniture and unique lighting give the room a contemporary feel.

9. Balancing The Room With Natural Light

Interior Design Living room with white sofa, white carpet.png

Natural light and décor can help balance your living room. In this layout, the large window paired with white furniture gives the room a natural glow.

The long and narrow wall art widens the room. Splashes of color make a statement in an otherwise uniform design.

Unique accent lighting and décor add the finishing touches to this modern design.

In Closing

Hopefully, these nine ideas have inspired you to design the perfect living room layout for your home.

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