10 Amazing 20×25 Living Room Layout Ideas

Having an extra-large living room is a luxury many people wish for in their homes. A 20x25 foot room should provide more than enough space for everything you need, but it's not without its challenges. How do you fill such a large room and still create a cozy atmosphere or intimate seating area?

Even a large living room can look cluttered if you try to cram in too much furniture without considering the ideal placement. To help you out, we've collected 10 amazing layout ideas for 20x25 foot living rooms. Check them out, and start designing your dream living space.

An amazing great room with vaulted ceiling and two story windows, 10 Amazing 20x25 Living Room Layout Ideas

1. Center the Seating

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Huge contemporary inspired living room with brown tiles, huge windows with curtains, and a two curved sofas

Just because you have a large living room doesn't mean you have to fill every inch of the space. Placing the two sofas close together in the center of the room provides the ideal spot for cozy conversations with your guests. Leaving the rest of the room mostly empty allows plenty of space to maneuver between the stairs, bar, and adjoining rooms. Despite the tall ceilings and limited furniture, this elegant living room doesn't feel too sparse. Instead, the open space allows the details like the gorgeous banister and floor-to-ceiling window view to stand out.  

2. Divide the Room

Huge interior of a living room with a rustic inspired design huge brick walled fr

When deciding how to fill your large living room, consider dividing the space into separate sections. The couch and loveseat placement create the illusion of a wall so that the area in front of the fireplace and the area near the piano feel almost like separate rooms. Different family members can comfortably use the different sections of the room without getting in each other's way. 

3. Create a Circle

Huge interior of a living room with brown painted walls, gorgeous sofas, brown coffee table, and a fireplace on the side

If you'd rather a special item like a piano be featured front and center rather than tucked to the side, a large living room gives you the opportunity to do that. Placing the plush sofa and armchairs in an extra-wide circle around the fireplace ensures everyone will feel included without feeling crowded. The piano sits center-stage, ready for impromptu recitals, and when not being used for performances, the piano bench is perfectly positioned to serve as extra seating. 

4. Select a Sectional

Interior of a spacious and rustic inspired living room with beige painted walls

A sectional couch is a terrific option for a large comfortable living room. Placing the longer side against the wall leaves plenty of room to move in front, while the shorter edge provides nice separation from the space before the patio doors without blocking their access. This layout also allows for both the large fireplace and the large TV to be enjoyed at the same time, so you don't have to choose between cozying up with a warm fire or chilling out with your favorite show. Add a couple of small ottomans by the fireplace for extra seating or convenient storage anytime you need it.

5. Customize Your Space

Luxurious industrial type themed living room with protruding lamps, long black and red sectional sofa, and a huge patterned rug

If you like lots of wide-open space and room to move, a large living room is ideal. This urban loft features two extra-large couches, so you should have more than enough seating for all your friends. By placing them both against the walls, you don't have to sacrifice any of the floor space. Filling the entire spread with a coordinating rug helps the whole area feel cohesive and connected. A large living room also provides the perfect opportunity to make the space your own with custom furniture like this fun couch and swing made of pallets.

6. Connect It All

Luxurious interior of a living room with huge window and brown blinds, white leather sectional sofa, and a white ceramic coffee table

This modern living room layout features two separate seating areas that still feel connected. Two people can enjoy a cup of coffee and private conversation while soaking in the gorgeous forest view, or they can easily twist their chairs around to join the group gathered on the large sectional. Opting to match the chairs' style with the sofa and coffee table helps the room maintain a cohesive feel despite the physical separation. 

7. Make It Multipurpose

Luxurious interior of a rustic living room, hardwood flooring, brown leather sofa, and white accent chairs

An extra-large room often needs to serve double-duty in a home --and sometimes triple. This one manages to serve as living room, dining room, and library with lots of floor space left over. A closely grouped central seating area provides space for everyone to hang out. A comfy armchair and ottoman beside the shelf in the corner create the perfect reading nook. And the table and chairs in front of the window provide a lovely spot to enjoy breakfast, a cup of tea, or an intimate meal for two.

8. Simplify the Setup

Interior of a luxurious living room with huge windows, indoor plants, gray sectional sofa, and a gray carpet

Sometimes the simplest layout options are the best. Choose a five-piece matched sofa set, so you don't have to worry about coordinating different fabrics and styles. Center your couch in front of the wall of windows, place an oversized coffee table in front of that, then put two chairs on one side and two ottomans on the other. Keep the space between all the pieces equal for a clean look. A rug in a coordinating color connects it all together. 

9. Frame the Room for Fun

Luxurious two storey living room with luxurious furniture's, huge windows, sliding doors, and wooden laminated flooring

For a living room that's destined for family movie nights or fun group hangouts, place your TV above the central fireplace and then arrange the sofa and chairs, so every seat is the best in the house. This layout feels connected while still allowing plenty of room to move between and around the furniture to reach the balcony or dining nook. A round legless coffee table takes up less space than a large rectangular one, while still providing a spot everyone can reach to set their drinks or snacks.

10. Dress It Up

Spacious Victorian themed living room with vintage accent chairs and sofas incorporated with a cream painted walls, and ceilings

This living room utilizes a similar layout in a dressed-up style. Plus, the windows' position creates a lovely corner to place a small table and two chairs. If your tastes lean toward elegance and sophistication, you'll want to choose fabrics and accent pieces that fit your desired look.

But that doesn't mean you have to choose form over function. A tufted ottoman in dark leather evokes a more upscale style than a plain one in a light or bright color would, but it'll work just as well for putting up your feet while you relax in front of the television. And a large TV screen could look out of place in a room like this, but carrying the molding from the fireplace all the way up the walls creates the perfect space above the mantle for it to blend in seamlessly. 

Summing Everything Up

A 20x25 foot space provides almost endless options for laying out your living room. You can select minimal furniture to keep the room open and airy, divide it into sections for separate uses, or fill it up with furniture so everyone can gather together. And with such a large space to play with, you can easily rearrange the layout anytime your needs change. For more tips on designing your large living room, check out these other articles:

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