21 Beautiful Living Rooms With Sectionals

Living rooms are great places where family and friends can gather, have a good laugh and enjoy each other's company at the same time. These areas of the home are generally high-traffic places that need a lot of space and seating for comfort. If you have a big family or you have a good number of friends that come over, sofas are definite investments to have.

Sectional sofas are great for living rooms because they provide more seating areas than standard sofas. Typically jointed in two or more sections to provide seating, sectionals work beautifully with many interior design styles. In this post, we've listed down a few inspirational living rooms with sectionals to recreate in your home.

New luxury living room with hardwood floors and amazing view, 21 Beautiful Living Rooms With Sectionals

21 Beautiful Living Rooms With Sectionals

Great living rooms need great seating options, and sectionals are one of the best choices out there. Sectional sofas have different types that fit in different interior styles, and we've compiled a few inspirational rooms for you. 

1. Contemporary Beach

Tropical beach themed condominium apartment

If your living room is partially closed off with a wall to divide the space, then you've got the perfect place to put a sectional sofa in. This living room with a contemporary beach theme makes use of a cool gray sectional sofa set against a palette of warm, but bright neutrals like beige and whites. Wood fixtures and furniture pieces tie the room together to the theme.

2. Casual Modern

Open concept modern family room den and kitchen

For a more casual styled living room, give your furniture pieces a multi-purpose task by using them as your room dividers. In this open concept living room and kitchen, a cabinet serves as the divider as well as the storage for the area. The style of the sectional is also very casual, lending a comfortable vibe to the space.

3. Warm Gray

Great room

A lot of modern homes nowadays enjoy wide-open windows and doors to let the light in. A classic palette for these rooms is usually in neutral hues, and in this living room space, the homeowner played around with warm gray tones. A wide sectional sofa is placed in front of the television, with a couple of accent pillows to bring some color to the room.

4. Modern Gray

Modern interior design in a spacious room

For those who are looking for a more masculine style for their living room, a palette of dark grays and some neutral-colored furniture should invoke a modern, yet crisp style to your home. A smaller sectional sofa or a sofa chaise is a great choice if the room isn't very spacious. 

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5. White and Beige

Big window with a view in cozy modern living room

If you are looking to make your living rooms look wide and spacious, consider using a white color palette for the walls paired with a big window. The light that comes into the room definitely brightens up the space, making it look big. A beige-colored sectional is a great way to add a little color to the room, without being too bold and striking. 

6. White and Wood

Modern scandinavian living room

The use of wooden elements in interior design has slowly risen in popularity throughout the years. Give your room a casual, yet inviting vibe by utilizing the warmth of these wooden elements complemented by a crisp and clean neutral palette. An L-shaped sectional sofa is a great seating option for this space because it invokes intimacy with your guests.

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7. Color in Neutrals

Real photo of colorful pillows on a red corner couch in white living room

Make your sectional sofa the center of attention in your room by being the only brightly colored fixture in the space. In this living room, the sectional is a gorgeous shade of brick red accentuated by colorful pillows in an otherwise neutral, cream-colored room. It makes the sofa "pop" and your guests will surely be drawn into your living space. 

8. Scandinavian style

Design interior of living room with small design table and sofa

Scandinavian-styled interiors are definitely making their mark in the design industry. With their clean lines and neutral palette, this style suits spaces that are going for either a modern or contemporary feel. If you have pets, a great color choice for your sectional sofa would be a warm gray, as it will most likely be able to mask all that hair from your furry friends. 

9. Warm Cream

Beautiful living room in brand new luxury home with hardwood floors

Bring the luxury to your space with a warm cream palette accentuated with some wood and stone elements. These tall floor-to-ceiling windows allow light to come into the space and make it look spacious and grand. A great sectional sofa choice would be a modular sectional because it will allow you to move around the seats around your living room area.

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10. Rose Pink and Gray

Pink and red armchair in warm living room

If you prefer more color over the typical neutral palettes, this rose pink room is definitely right up your alley. With dark rose-colored walls and an accent of cool gray, this room takes the cake in being warm and inviting. A pretty purple sectional sofa adds a touch of complementary tones to the room and it ties beautifully to the pink hues.

11. Modern Open-type

Modern kitchen and living room

Modern homes nowadays utilize a lot of open-type layouts to make the most out of their space. In this beautiful living room and kitchen space, the areas are divided with different flooring materials to mark their boundaries. A wide sectional also provides a sort of perimeter to the living room space, without having to use physical dividers.

12. Black and Gray

Modern luxury black style apartment with leather sofa

Bachelors and those who are looking for a masculine style in their space will definitely like this modern living room. Making use of predominantly dark palettes of blacks and grays, this living room exudes contemporary luxury. The L-shaped sectional sofa with a chaise looks beautiful in its gray leather material.

13. Traditional

Beautiful Living room architecture


Even traditionally-styled spaces can make use of sectional sofas for their living rooms. A modular sectional made of woven wicker and a neutral cushion sits beautifully against a brick wall. It is classic and traditional, without looking old and dated.

14. Pastel Blue and Pink

Interior of living room with blue sofa

If you're looking for a style that's more fresh and feminine, this candy-colored wonderland would be a beautiful inspiration for your living room. Making use of pastel shades of complementary blues and pinks, this living room exudes a soft, relaxing vibe. The blue sectional sofa is a great canvass to put accent pieces like pillows and throws to tie the room together.

15. Classic Black And White

Interior of living room with furniture

Classic blacks and whites never go old for any style room. In this living room space, black and white are predominantly used all throughout the walls and fixtures. The sectional is a beautiful gray shade that acts as an in-between to the black and white palette, without breaking the neutral color scheme. The addition of houseplants definitely livens up the space.

16. Pale Pink and Gray

Lots of decorative cushions on comfortable corner sofa

Another feminine take on a modern space, this living room makes use of complementary pinks and grays as its palette. Although it is quite devoid of striking accent colors, this room looks very relaxing and comfortable to be in. The U-shaped sectional sofa is also a great addition as it provides more seating space to the room.

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17. Sunny Yellow

Modern interior design sofa with yellow wall

Don't be afraid of bold and bright colors! This living room space boasts of a bright, sunny yellow wall that screams warmth and happy vibes. To tone down the brightness, make use of neutral-colored furniture and fixtures as this room has done. A simple sofa chaise in white complements this living room space nicely. 

18. White and Gray

Panoramic view from kitchenette to open living room in modern designed apartment

A small space doesn't mean you have to compromise your design. An open-style living room and kitchenette like this space utilize their furniture close together to create boundaries between the areas. The long and wide L-shaped sectional sofa marks the entirety of the living room space in this modern-styled living room. 

19. Gray and Wood

Modern living room with kitchen

Homes with bigger spaces such as this one can also benefit from an open-type layout. If you are expecting a lot of guests all the time or your family is quite big, this room is quite grand and it will allow many people to gather all at once. An L-shaped sectional sofa with a chaise and an extra couch can definitely make the room a great place to stay in. 

20. Luxurious Leather

Beautiful living room interior in new luxury home with view of kitchen

Leather sectional sofas aren't really popular choices because they are known to be a wee bit uncomfortable in warm climates, but they do look beautiful in modern living rooms. This beautiful living room boasts a classically-styled leather sectional in white and paired with some modern winged armchairs, this space exudes modern elegance.

21. Modern Eclectic

Modern living room and open plan kitchen at night with neon lights

Go eclectic and modern with neon lights and leather sectional sofas. This living room is a beautiful example of how you can take things modern and classy in the morning, and eclectic and funky at night.

Final Thoughts

Sectional sofas are truly one of the best things that you can get for your living rooms. Not only are they very functional and practical, but they're also very comfortable and do great as a place to crash and nap. Pick sectional sofas that are not too big for your space and make sure to put them in an area where foot traffic won't be impeded in your living rooms. 

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