30 Awesome Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect way to complete a bedroom design? Well, look no more. Curtains do a wonderful job of putting the finishing touches on a bedroom. After all, no bedroom looks complete without curtains.

Curtains come in a wide array of colors, materials, patterns, and sizes, practically guaranteeing that you'll find the ideal finishing touch. There are also lots of ways that you can hang curtains in the room, adding impressive intrigue to the space. 

Now that you're wondering how you can best style curtains in a bedroom, we don't want to leave you hanging. We're here to help and offer guidance, so keep reading to discover 30 awesome bedroom curtain ideas! 

A rustic themed bedroom with large windows attached with blue floor to ceiling curtain, 30 Awesome Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Gray And Black Bedroom Curtains

1. Floor-To-Ceiling Height

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A dark bedroom with black curtains and a dark themed bed

Floor-to-ceiling height curtains add incredible depth into the room. They accentuate the features and make the room feel larger. No matter what size room you have, it will benefit from these longer curtains. The steely gray curtains complement the other gray accents throughout the room.

2. Subtle Patterns

A dark bedroom with a dark foam coated headboard an dark curtains

Subtle patterns in the curtains provide diversity and break up the colors in the room. The white pattern offers a bold contrast to the nearly black curtains. Pendant lighting makes excellent use of the space and looks captivating.

3. Full Room Coverage

A bedroom with gray colored curtains, gray bedding set, and white colored walls

Cover the spaces in your room that are without windows. Full curtain coverage around the room looks warm and welcoming because of the wealth of fabric in the space. The soft gray color is just the right neutral to keep the aesthetic soothing.

Gray Blackout Panels

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4. Chic Curtain Placement

A bedroom with black curtains and wooden flooring

Sometimes just the placement of curtains can really define a room and make it look chic. The matte black curtain rods are minimalistic yet beautiful. Dark gray curtain panels complement the sections of the room.

5. Light Filtering Curtains

White walled bedroom with white flooring and a blue bedding set

Allow plenty of sunlight to pour into the room in order to fill it with a warm, natural glow. While floor-to-ceiling windows make it necessary to have curtains in the bedroom, you can select curtains that welcome the light during the day. The light gray color complements the bedding well. 

6. Soft Linen Texture

A modern bedroom with a beautiful bedding set and a gray and white colored curtain

Linen-textured curtains provide a rich aesthetic to the room. The dark gray color really grounds the room. The emerald green accents look stunning with the monochromatic gray hues used throughout the room.

Brown Bedroom Curtains

7. Window Banks Treatment

A classic style bedroom with beige colored walls and curtains

Elevate the aesthetic of your bedroom with the installation of a full window treatment like the window banks style. This includes softly gathered curtains and a tailored valance that runs the width of the window. The tassels and ruffles make the room look even better.

8. Horizontal Striped Curtains

A classic themed bedroom with brown colored walls and a striped patterned curtains

Wide horizontal stripes are soothing to the eye and will make the room have a more casual, laidback look. This could pair very well with more formal bedding. The juxtaposition will play out well in the room if you allow it to.

Striped Curtain Panels

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9. Cocoa Brown Colors

A beige colored bedroom with a classic style bed and a brown curtain

Keep the color scheme consistent in the bedroom to make it look cohesive and well put together. Using the same color throughout various accents makes this possible. The cocoa-colored curtains create vertical interest and are neatly held back with curtain tie-backs.

10. Mustard Yellow Accent

A small bedroom with a wooden bed and small table with dark yellow curtains

A mustard color has hints of a brown hue in it, giving it an earthy feel. The natural food furniture pieces blend well with the mustard curtain panel. Stone blue accents offer gorgeous color variation.

Luxurious Mustard Curtain Panels

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White Bedroom Curtains

11. Cloud White

A white themed bedroom with a white bedding set and white curtains

If you're wanting to create a feeling of soft luxury, fill the room with all sorts of white textured pieces. From the bedding to the accent tables and curtains, this room exudes elegance. The white curtains have an ivory tint to them which sets them apart.

12. Boho Vibe

A white bedroom with white curtains and wooden flooring

The combination of white sheer curtains and wooden shutters are ideal for contributing to a boho room aesthetic. The room looks soft and whimsical. 

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13. Sheer Pairs

A gray themed bedroom with white curtains and beige curtains

Pair white and beige sheers together for a texture-rich design. Sheers will never go out of style, so your room will always be looking chic and fresh. If you aren't concerned with privacy or light, sheers are a great option.

14. Plethora Of Sheer Curtains

An orange colored bed with white see-through curtains surrounding the bedroom

Lightly filter light in your window-encased room with the help of white sheer curtains. These sheer curtains are hung in a unique way, unlike traditional curtains that span across curtain rods. Each sheer curtain panel billows and flows from the ceiling. 

Sheer Voile Curtains

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Beige Bedroom Curtains

15. Beige Room

A large bedroom with white bedding sets and light gray colored curtains on a curved wall

Beige curtain panels are a wonderful option to maintain a neutral aesthetic in the room. The panels provide visual interest due to the way they hang with their pleated style. 

Pleated Beige Curtain Panels

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16. Natural Tones

A beige themed bedroom with beige curtains and indoor plants on the windows

The natural beige color of these curtains blends right in with the other decorative elements in the room. They're functional and not too commanding of attention.

17. Gold Flecked Accents

A woman's bedroom with beige colored curtains and white walls

These beige-colored curtains have flecks of gold accent designs stitched into them, giving the room a more luxurious feel. The gold-flecked curtains are an awesome backdrop for the other gold accents incorporated throughout the room design. 

18. Royal Curtain Arrangement

A classic style bedroom with beige colored walls and curtains

Damask patterns cover this room with elegance. The only way to fully finish this regal gold and teal room is with this full window treatment. The valance has great movement to it and the tassels along each drape enhance the look. 

19. Traditional Room Design

A classic style bedroom with beige colored walls and white curtains

No traditional-styled room is complete without linen-textured curtains. These beige curtains frame the seating nook in the bedroom, setting off the area from the rest of the room.

20. Curtain Pair

A beige colored bedroom with a white bedding set and beige curtains

Pair your solid-colored curtains with some light sheer curtains for a great look. The curtain tie-backs are an elegant way to keep the windows open to allow natural light to flood the room. 

21. Elegant Neutrals

A beige colored bedroom with white curtains and beige colored shades

If you have a neutral color scheme in your bedroom, complete the look with curtains that match. The long beige curtains provide privacy and the perfect finishing touch.

Pink And Floral Bedroom Curtains

22. Playful Pink Colors

A woman bedroom with pinks curtains and wooden flooring

Get playful with pink curtains in your bedroom. With tropical-themed wallpaper, the soft pink color of the curtains and bedding fit right in. These curtains add a vibrant pop of color, but since they are airy and light, an abundance of natural light floods the space.

23. Floral Accents

A bedroom with floral curtains and a floral bedding set

Hot pink is eye-catching in any room design. Sprinkle it throughout the design to create interest. You may not want entire curtain panels to have the bright color, so tone it down by using a solid-colored curtain panel with a hot pink floral pattern.

24. Velvety Pinks

A classic styled bedroom with white colored walls and light pinks colored curtains

Velvet adds valuable texture to any room. It's definitely considered a statement fabric, so don't hesitate to use it in the room. Frame your windows with soft pink velvet curtains for a remarkable aesthetic that softens the room. 

Pink Velvet Curtain Panels

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Blue Bedroom Curtains

25. Ocean Blue Colors

A rustic themed bedroom with large windows attached with blue floor to ceiling curtain

The tall ocean blue curtains make this room feel more spacious. The other blue accessories in the room ensure that the room looks harmonious. Natural wood furniture and flooring complements the blue curtains. 

26. Frame The Bed

An industrial themed living room with white walls and a blue colored curtain

Framing the bed with two sets of curtains places emphasis on that part of the room. With extra tall curtains, you can add even more dramatic flair to the space.

Green And Floral Bedroom Curtains

27. Color Blocking Green

A bedroom with a green bed and green colored curtains

Since green is an organic color, it's an exceptional color to pair with natural wood and other organic elements. Both the bed and the curtains reflect a similar color and floral pattern. It's a unique take on color blocking: solid green then a fun floral pattern.

28. Playful Floral Patterns

A bedroom with floral patterned curtains and a floral bedding set

What better way to spruce up your white-walled and white-floored room than with floor-to-ceiling floral patterned curtains. The floral pattern is full of gorgeous color, and the cushions and bedding around the room share the same colors to make them work together. 

Purple And Violet Bedroom Curtains

29. Modern Violet Makeover

These lavender curtains complete the look of this purple-themed room. The floral design adds texture to the space, and it even matches the throw blanket on the bed. Coordinate your curtains with a room's monochromatic color scheme for maximum visual effect.

30. Deep Purple 

A gray colored living room with gray curtains and a gray tiled headboard

The light purple and silver sheen of these curtains elevates the glam in this room. The color of the curtains complements the dark purple backdrop. 

We hope that you feel inspired and are able to create a stunning space in your bedroom with the help of curtains! But before you go, make sure to check out these other home decor guides:

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