3D Wallpaper That Will Look Great In Any Room

3D Wallpaper That Will Look Great In Any RoomWhen deciding how to adorn your home with 3D wallpaper, you should always consider the room you’re working with. Since there are patterns for nearly everything under the sun (from fish to florals to simple stripes), it’s important to make sure that what you choose to accent your walls with matches the rest of the room.

Using 3D Wallpaper

3D wallpaper can be utilized in a few different ways within your home. You could choose to put it on one wall for an accent (as opposed to simply painting the wall a different color). Not only will this be a unique touch, it will add a bit of pop to the area you choose to put it in! More glamorous patterns (like black and gold designs) are a good choice for this technique. If you want to go all out, you can also choose to plaster 3D wallpaper on all four walls of a room. This works best with more minimalistic patterns, so as not to make the room seem too busy. For example, if you have a modern style, a good option would be to choose something like horizontal stripes. It’s contemporary, yet not too overpowering, and will give your room a nice vibe.

Have a chair rail? Don’t fret! There are plenty of ways you can use 3D wallpaper in that space, too, other than just plastering it on the wall above the rail. One of the fun things about this is that the rail gives you a top and bottom distinction. You can try a paintable beadboard wallpaper paired with an intricate wallpaper above the rail, or switch it up and plaster a pattern beneath while painting a corresponding color on the wall above!

3D Wallpaper in the Home

1. Modern Circles

This person chose to use a modern circle pattern for their 3D wallpaper, hanging it on all four walls. The repetitive pattern makes it fun to look at, and they even chose to keep the same wallpaper both above and below the chair rail!

The circles on this wallpaper are a bit larger, but it has the same style of repetition and modern feel. You’d be able to use this wallpaper on all four walls to create a contemporary, breathable look that doesn’t overpower the space. Click here to view this item on Amazon.

Or, if you like your modern designs a little more on the fun-loving side, there are plenty of other options for you. This one is less repetitive and more bubbly, perfect for either a whole room or an accent wall! Click here to view this item on Amazon.

2. Life on the Farm


This 3D wallpaper is a beautiful example of a mural pattern—not too flashy, but still a talking point for any of your guests. The toned-down color of this one gives it the feel of being in older times, perfect for any rustic, country home.

Looking for an accent for your country home? This wallpaper isn’t an exact match to the scene above but displays a similar farm home that’s perfect for any rustic or country-style space. Click here to view this item on Amazon.

3. Mossy Bricks

This design brings both natural and manmade structures into your home. It beautifully recreates many of the brick buildings we see today, and its sharp design would make a perfect accent paper for any plant-lovers home.

You can get a similar wallpaper on Amazon! While it has a similar design, it spreads the ivy more evenly throughout the sections and is a great option for one (or even two!) of your walls. Click here to view this item on Amazon.

If you’re more interested in a blocked design like the one above, where the ivy surrounds the brick, then look no further! The bricks on this wallpaper are a bit larger, but it makes for a beautiful accent piece behind any bed, in any sunroom, or in any plant-loving space. Click here to view this item on Amazon.

4. Architectural Beauty


This floor to ceiling design of carved statues makes a beautiful modern accent. You can see how the pattern, surrounded by plain walls, adds a lot of life to the room (instead of making it feel overrun).

And, as if by magic, you can find this exact Roman statue wallpaper on Amazon! The mural is a bit larger than shown in the above example, it gives you an idea of how this pattern works for larger vs. smaller spaces. Best of all, it trims well, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not the room will be missing something if you don’t have the full pattern. Click here to view this item on Amazon.

5. Black and White Roses

Not every 3D wallpaper has to be full of color to add pizzazz to a space. These black and white roses add delicate beauty to the area while also adding a varying perspective. While this pattern is more modern, the heaviness of it makes it a perfect choice for an accent in any bedroom or living room.

This 3D wallpaper mural features a single rose spread across the wall but mirrors the same focal points and perspective as the repeating roses above. Both of these wallpapers have a central focal point, making them perfect for a behind-the-bed accent. Click here to view this item on Amazon.

6. An Antique Stone Look


Wallpapers range anywhere from architectural designs to florals to modern/contemporary. This one is more industrial and is one of the busier patterns, making it a perfect choice for an accent wall in any home that favors industrial styling. The stone triangles are repetitive and eye-catching and pair well with solid colored furniture.

If you’re interested in a similar industrial pattern, this one is a bit more uniform. The triangles are made of metal instead of stone and make diamonds instead of squares. Like the one above, it’s better suited for an accent as opposed to being featured on all four walls. Click here to view this item on Amazon.

7. Geometrics

You can see how this geometric pattern adds a subtle, yet beautiful, accent to the room. It appears to be on one wall, continuing through the doorway and into the next room. This is another way you can utilize your 3D wallpaper without overpowering one room in particular!

This geometric design is less subtle, but will still allow you to recreate the continuous wall. It would also work as an eye-catching accent wall—or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could slap this pattern above your chair rail for a bit of dimension! It would pair well with some white, grey, or black paintable beadboard wallpaper. Click here to view this item on Amazon.

8. Bricks on Bricks


This accent wallpaper brings the beauty of exposed brick directly into their home. You can see that they didn’t use it on multiple walls, giving the feel of a repurposed building that has a real brick wall among the rest of them. Some designs are better off as accents.

Bricks are popular designs nowadays, as they work for industrial, rustic, or even contemporary homes! This stone brick designs brings a bit of edge to your living room and will surely trick your guests into thinking you have an exposed brick wall in your home. Click here to view this item on Amazon.

9. Floral Accents

With the flowers hugging the edges and corners of the wall, this design has been used perfectly. It works well as the backing to any headboard, leaving ample space for the furniture to fit in smoothly with the design.

This wallpaper has a rather similar idea and incorporates other elements like butterflies. The main portions of the design hug the walls, allowing space for the furniture from whichever room you choose to plaster it in. Keep in mind that this design is rather flashy, so you’ll want to consider the style of the space before putting it up on the walls. Click here to view this item on Amazon.

10. Spheres in a Vortex


These modern designs are perfect for contemporary-styled homes, which curved edges that pair well with sharp corners from stands, beds, etc. These are shown in an office-like setting, without a couch, displaying how the sharper edges give contrast to the curves on the wall.

This vortex wallpaper brings a very similar feel to your home, with its curves contrasting the sharper modern furniture. Although the vortex is at a different angle, your accent wall will still have a similar illusion of the spheres traveling into it. Click here to view this item on Amazon.

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