What Is A 4 Season Porch?

A 4 season porch of a mountain home with glass walls and lake viewIf you love sitting on your porch but wish you could do it all year round, then this may just be the porch you need. The heat of the summer and frigid winters can be brutal. When you are sitting outside you want to enjoy the views in nature, but you also want to be comfortable. This can be difficult when the summer heat is beating down on you or the winter wind is blowing you back inside. A four-season porch can fix this problem.

A four-season porch is a room that is almost entirely made of glass or windows. It is designed for you to see and enjoy the outdoors while still having the luxuries of being indoors. A four-season room is basically a climate-controlled porch.

Keeping reading below as we share the research we've done to provide you with more information and answer common questions many people have when it comes to a four-season porch.

What Is The Difference Between A 3 Season And 4 Season Porch?

A three-season porch and a four-season porch are two very similar yet different types of rooms. A four-season porch is a little more functional. As previously explained, it's a room mostly made of windows. It also typically has some sort of internal heating and cooling. This allows for it to be used in all four seasons.


By heating it up with an internal heater and the sunshine, you can use the porch all winter long. By cooling it down, you can use it all summer long. This also allows for it to be used during rainy seasons when the sun is not able to warm it up.

A three-season porch shares the same goal, which is to allow you to experience nature without the harsh conditions of the outdoors. However, a three-season porch will usually not be able to be enjoyed during the winter months, or in some areas of the world, the summer months.

A three-season porch is not equipped with any sort of internal heating or cooling. This saves money, but it also limits the time you are able to spend on the porch. A three-season porch is typically still equipped with a ceiling fan and windows that can open so you can cool off in the summer. So for most people, the three usable seasons are spring, summer, and fall.

How Do You Build A Four Season Porch?

Building a four-season porch can seem like a daunting task, but with the help of professionals and a good amount of research, a four-season porch can be an exciting project to undertake. A four-season porch is usually built onto a house. It is connected to either the kitchen, living room, or some other room in the house.

This allows for it to easily be heated and cooled using the housing internal heating and cooling. It also makes accessing the porch much more convenient than having to go outside to a separate structure.

Many people choose to enclose their current porch. This just means adding windows and walls to their porch and redirecting some of the a/c and heat to the enclosed porch. The main components of building a four-season porch are making sure there are three walls mostly made of windows, usually a sunroof, tile or hard flooring, and a way for heat and a/c to be funneled into the porch.

Hiring professionals is always the best option to make sure the job is done right the first time. This can save money in the long run.

Do I Need A Permit To Enclose A Porch?

The short answer: check your local laws. Some places require you to have a permit no matter what, while a lot of places recognize working on your own home as a right. Many times if you're building a waterproof enclosure (a four-season porch) you do need a permit.

But there are exceptions. Check with local officials to see if your area requires a permit or has any other stipulations regarding adding on to your house or building an entirely new structure.

What Happens If I Build A Porch Without A Permit?

Regardless of the law, building a porch without a permit can result in a poorly built structure. This is because there is no accountability to build something that meets safety standards. Ultimately, it can put others and yourself in danger. Unless you know what you are doing, we do not recommend trying to build a structure without at least consulting a professional.

Does A Sunroom Increase Property Tax?

Yes. Your property tax is determined by the value of your house, and the value of your house is determined by the square footage of your house. If you are building onto your house, you are adding square footage.

Therefore, adding a sunroom/four season porch will eventually cause your property tax to go up. The amount it goes up will be entirely determined by how large your sunroom is and how nice it is. If it is luxurious, you could be adding a lot of value to your home.

All in all, adding value to your home should not be viewed as a bad investment. Property taxes are a small price to pay for home ownership. However, these are all factors you'll want to consider when thinking about building a four-season porch. Factoring in all these costs is crucial to making sure you can afford to build a four-season porch.

Can You Build A Sunroom On An Existing Deck?

Absolutely, as long as the deck has been approved to handle that much weight. If the deck cannot support a sunroom, then building on anyway will only result in more problems and potential injuries to yourself and others. Before deciding to build a deck, consult a professional so they can determine the best and safest place for you to build your dream porch.

If your current deck is not able to hold a porch, a professional may be able to help out by offering services to reinforce the deck so it will be able to hold the four-season porch. You also need to check and make sure no building codes restrict you from doing this.

In Closing

A four-season porch can be one of the best investments you make into your house. It is a place where you can relax in the comfort of your own home while enjoying the fruits of nature.

Making sure your four season porch is built safe and legal is key to getting the most out of your money so you can see it as a place of rest and not worry. A four-season porch is one of the most unique rooms you can have in your home and is guaranteed to be a place for your friends and family to make memories together for years to come.

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