50+ Minimalist Kitchen Ideas [Pictures That Will Inspire You]

Minimalism in decor is making a roaring comeback lately! All rooms can be designed with minimalism as the theme  including kitchens. When a kitchen has been outfitted with minimalism decor, the possibilities are limitless! In this post, we will share 49 incredible kitchen designs that fit this style.

You'll be surprised at the great looks that can be achieved when you keep things on the minimal side!

1. Modern Minimalism in White


In this kitchen, the overall theme of simplicity really shines at every angle. The handles on the drawers and the all-white color of the space make this kitchen look exceptionally cool and modern. Additionally, the lights that are suspended from the ceiling add a nice touch that calls out to the sleek, clean theme of modernism.

2. Wooden and White Themed


Wooden elements in a kitchen always look fantastic, especially when the warmth of the wood pattern is both complimented by and contrasts against a single hue. The warm, wood backsplash is matched with wooden bar stools behind the kitchen island, which is a subtle detail that makes a big impression.

3. Storage Galore


Just because you've chosen minimalism in your design scheme doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice functionality! As you can see here, storage spaces have been carved into this space in a way that still looks beautifully cohesive.

4. Let Details Make an Impression


White and grey are very conventional kitchen choices, but they can look unique and extraordinary when enhanced with the right details. In this minimalist kitchen, you can see that there are subtle additions that accent the space. The barstools and hanging lamps are functional, compliment the kitchen's existing decor, and add a personal touch to the room.

5. A Cozy, Coffee-Colored Kitchen


Many think of the crisp, clean color of white when they envision a minimalist space. But minimalism can be rich in color and warmth, as this kitchen goes to show. The deep coffee color throughout the space makes the kitchen look welcoming and comfortable.

6. Storage Can Be Decor, Too


If you already have many items in your kitchen that you use often, why not offer them the dual purpose of being an accent piece for your kitchen? Displaying dishes, seasonings, and other items like the owner of this kitchen chose to do is both practical and beautiful.

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7. A Vision in Vivid Color


Minimalism is a design scheme that lends itself to an assortment of colors and patterns, as long as they paired together with a distinct purpose. This kitchen creatively uses a bold shade of citrus to bring some life into this space. The patterned throw rug you see here doesn't clash against the color used here. What it does do, is add an eye-catching element that ties the room together.

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8. Stunning in Silver and White


The combination of white and stainless steel is a classic one, and for good reason. In this kitchen you can see how the appliances used here stand out in stark yet stunning contrast against the pristine white of the floor, walls, and cabinetry. Here, the appliances make the statement!

9. Sunshine and Simplicity


A kitchen should be a warm and welcoming place that allows in plenty of natural light. When you put the emphasis on this, you get incredible results. The large windows allow in a tremendous amount of sunlight, which makes this ultra-simple kitchen look especially cozy, even dreamy.

10. Black and White Meets Sleek and Modern


A sleek and shiny kitchen invokes feelings of cleanliness and calm, which is perfectly illustrated in this example. The major elements of the kitchen - the cabinetry, cupboards, and countertops - are lightly colored and contemporary, adding a touch of modern minimalism to the space. The black backsplash and cooktop provide powerful contrast that doesn't take away from the surrounding aesthetic.

11. Ultra-Modern Minimalism


The modern aesthetic lends itself effortlessly to minimalist decor. This kitchen harnesses the beauty of different textures and colors, including rustic wooden cabinetry and swaths of a deep blue-grey. The addition of black shelving and barstools tie the look together really well, as they stand out without detracting from the beautiful elements around them.

12. Different Textures Make an Impact


While some minimalist kitchens use colors or statement pieces to set their kitchens apart, this one has instead been outfitted with different textures across the different surfaces. The barstools, countertops, floors, and walls all have their own vivid texture pattern. As a result, the eye is pulled to notice them all instead of a single standalone installation.

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13. White with Pops of Color


This kitchen is the definitive image of modern minimalism, with its all-white color scheme, rounded barstools and hanging ceiling lamps. What sets this kitchen apart from the truly conventional, though, is the use of colorful accents placed strategically throughout the room.

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14. Cool Charcoal


The charcoal shade of black seen here offers great contrast against the white of the table and cabinetry. The color scheme is unique and decorative as it is, but the added elements of shelving and planted succulents really stand out in the best way.

15. Simply Cherry


There is no rule of minimalism saying that you can't be bold and daring. This kitchen breaks all of the ideas that people have about keeping things on the minimal side, by simply filling the space with color! Cherry red is a classic shade that's been popular since the 1950s. The pairing of it with stainless steel and white is timeless and always makes a great impression.

16. A Kitchen Island to Catch Your Eye


Sometimes, a statement piece is the exact thing you need to achieve the aesthetic you want in your kitchen. Against a sea of white stands this stunning kitchen island, one that's been outfitted with a black and white marbling pattern that perfectly suits the space. The lack of decor surrounding this feature helps to highlight the kitchen island.

17. Bright and White


In this steel and white kitchen, the appliances are very much centered in a specific area of the space. This simplifies the design of the kitchen and allows the homeowner to infuse their personal touches in a more deliberate way. The addition of potted plant life is a stylish way to infuse your personality and some color into an otherwise simplistic, blank space.

18. A Warm Kitchen Bar


There are many ways that you can infuse a sense of warmth into a minimalist space. This kitchen harnesses the beauty and versatility of neutral tones throughout its decor, from the cabinetry to the barstools.

19. Modern and Minimal


In this kitchen, "minimalist" doesn't mean "plain." The details placed throughout the space, including the different textures used on the floor and walls, offer a treat for the eyes everywhere you look.

20. Elements of Light and Dark


Contrasts don't necessarily have to be exactly next to each other to give off a beautiful effect in a minimalist space. In this kitchen, the cabinetry in the background is black, while the dining area at the front is as light as could be in color. The addition of hanging ceiling lights breaks up the whiteness of the dining area by calling back to the darkness of the cabinetry.

21. Stunning Silver


The simple design of this kitchen makes it look clean, sharp and modern. White, grey, and black are a classic combination in modern and minimalist spaces!

22. Country-Inspired Minimalism


Minimalism isn't solely reserved for modern kitchens. There are many decor schemes that can mesh beautifully with a minimalist approach, as this kitchen goes to show. The fusion of country and minimalist elements look great, doesn't it?

23. Minimal and Modern


A dark wood isn't what you'd normally think of when designing a modern space, but this kitchen showcases just how well it works! The combination of contrasting white and wood can look great, especially when paired with clean lines in an uncluttered space.

24. Accent Walls in a Minimalist Kitchen


If there's anything that you should take away from this list, it's that minimalist does not have to equal plain. This kitchen has taken to decorating an accent wall with a pattern that suits the wooden countertops. This single addition to the space turns a clean but simple-looking kitchen into a work of art.

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25. Sweet and Simple


Sometimes, it's really enough to let the innate features of a room shine through a simple design scheme. In this kitchen, the beautiful construction of the countertops and cabinetry are allowed to really stand out because there is nothing to distract the eye from them.

26. Spacious Minimalism


Minimalism has its place in every kitchen, even ones that aren't minimal in size! This spacious kitchen looks even larger and more open because of the minimalist approach to decoration. Add some floral touches for a pop of color and you've got a beautiful kitchen space to call your own!

27. For the Contemporary Minimalist

Modern black kitchen with parquet flooring

White and wood have been featured on this list multiple times, but black and wood are also an incredible-looking option for fans of minimalism. Matching the kitchen chairs to the cabinetry like this person did is a great way to tie the space together.

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28. Monochromatic Minimalism

Modern apartment kitchen interior

While there is certainly said to be something for a minimalist kitchen that brings the contrast, a more monochromatic look can really make an impression, too! The added personal touches can be found in the accessories, like the hanging lamps and the decorative items on the table and counters.

29. A Touch of Something Rustic

Minimalist modern kitchen with air force blue scandinavian interior design

This kitchen doesn't invoke the traditional sense of modernity that's associated with minimalism, but it still pulls off the minimalist look in impeccable style. A subdued shade of blue colors the cabinetry and matching table, while an area rug makes for the perfect accent piece.

30. Minimalism Featuring Stone

Luxury poolside home kitchen

Minimalism lends itself to a multitude of color and pattern schemes, with the only limitation being your imagination. In this kitchen, black and white installments make the stone-inspired additions to the decor stand out beautifully.

31. Minimalism in Slate Grey

Luxury modern kitchen

Grey is a versatile color that can be harnessed in many ways, as this kitchen goes to show. The appliances, countertop, backsplash, and walls are covered in grey hues of varying textures. As a result, the minimalist decor is made to look impressive and beautiful.

32. Minimalism = No Clutter

Luxury modern home kitchen

The best way to really get the most out of a minimalist space is to keep the surfaces clean and clear of clutter. If you do this, minimalism can work with any existing decor.

33. Let the Architecture Speak for Itself

Luxury home kitchen

If you've got a kitchen that features unique architecture, it really pays to showcase it with minimal distractions from the surrounding features and amenities.

34. Modern Minimalism in a Small Space

Loft kitchen with large worktop

Minimalism is a great design scheme for kitchens both big and small. This warm, minimalist kitchen uses white and wood to create a welcoming space that anyone would be happy to make and eat a meal in. The lighting above the kitchen island adds an extra special touch.

35. A Pop of Color with Appliances

Kitchen with white furniture and a yellow fridge

Your appliances can be an accent piece that really brings a touch of your personal flair into your kitchen. The simplistic design of this kitchen is made into something really special through the addition of an eye-catching refrigerator.

36. A Focus on Cabinetry

Kitchen in new luxury home

Minimalism doesn't require you to forego adequate storage in your kitchen! This unique design centers the oven as the focal point, with the cabinet design surrounding it offering contrast that really makes it stand out.

37. Stainless Steel and White

Kitchen in modern luxury home

Stainless steel is never a bad option for kitchen appliances, especially when you pair them with stark white cabinetry! This color scheme looks clean and calls back to more traditional kitchen decor, while remaining optimally minimal.

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38. When Mod Meets Minimalism

Interior of modern apartment in scandinavian style kitchen

The mod design scheme is known for excess, but it doesn't have to be! This kitchen fuses mod and minimalism together in a rather unexpected - but gorgeous - way.

39. Dreamy White

Fancy kitchen interior

White offers a crisp, clean and sleek look that no other color offers when it is infused throughout the kitchen. This kitchen implements pops of color and wood to give a more personal touch to the space.

40. Dreaming in Charcoal

Elegant kitchen interior

Differing shades of grey provide a subtle contrast that can make a kitchen appear larger, rather than smaller (like you'd expect with darker hues). The handles on the cabinetry and the placement of the oven call back to modern minimalism expertly.

41. A Touch of Brass

Contemporary minimal white kitchen with marble and wood details

Every minimalist kitchen stands to gain from having an eye-catching statement piece. Here, you can't help but to see the brass hanging lights above the kitchen island. A statement-making feature like this keeps even the most minimal of kitchens from looking woefully plain.

42. Minimalism and Asymmetry

Contemporary kitchen with table

Minimalist kitchens often invoke imagery of perfect symmetry and alignment, but this kitchen shows that veering from this expectation can have beautiful results.

43. Keep a Cohesive Color Scheme

Contemporary classic open concept design kitchen

You can use any color scheme you want in your kitchen, but it pays to craft a cohesive color scheme in your kitchen. This kitchen uses colors that complement each other in effortless style!

44. Industrial Modernity

Classy modern kitchen

The use of metal and white in the kitchen can create an industrial look that fits surprisingly well within a home. It especially pays to add decorative details, like the barstools that you see here, to really drive the theme home.

45. Clean and Contemporary

Bright modern white kitchen

When everything in your kitchen has been placed there with a specific look and function in mind, even the most minimalistic of kitchens can look incredible. In this kitchen, everything has been placed with an obvious purpose. The result? A totally cohesive look!

46. Wooden Cabinetry for Warmth

Bright modern white and brown kitchen

While you can certainly add warmth to a kitchen through vibrant color, there is nothing quite like wooden cabinetry to make a space seem more welcoming. These dark, wooden cabinets don't close up the space. In fact, they create a visual illusion of a larger kitchen!

47. Warm Wood and White

Bright modern contemporary kitchen and dinning room

The pairing of warm wooden tones and reflective white makes this small kitchen space look larger to the eye without any fuss and frills. There is a distinct contrast between the colors used, but the pairing is classic.

48. Elegance in Minimalism

Bright classic white kitchen

Elegant decor is often associated with excess and frills, but this doesn't have to be the case. Minimalism lends itself beautifully to a high-end, luxury kitchen! The recessed sink and hanging lights seen here are perfectly elegant - and perfectly minimalist.

49. Using Wood as an Accent

Black modern loft kitchen with brick wall

Usually, colors are used to create an accent in kitchens with a minimalistic approach to decor. This kitchen goes to show that wooden cabinetry can be used as an accent in alternative.

Minimalism with Maximum Impact

As you can see from the examples above, minimalism doesn't have to mean "plain" or "small." These 49 examples showcase the versatility that can be found in minimalism. All it takes is choosing a color scheme and adding your own flair to show off your personality!

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50+ Minimalist Kitchen Ideas [Pictures That Will Inspire You]

50+ Minimalist Kitchen Ideas [Pictures That Will Inspire You]


50+ Minimalist Kitchen Ideas [Pictures That Will Inspire You]

50+ Minimalist Kitchen Ideas [Pictures That Will Inspire You]

50+ Minimalist Kitchen Ideas [Pictures That Will Inspire You]

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