5X8 Bathroom Layout Ideas [Inc. Walk-In Shower, Corner Shower, And Tub Options]

Are you trying to find the right layout for a bathroom remodel but aren't sure how to make the most of your space? Well, you've come to the right place. We've done the work to bring you this guide on 5-foot by 8-foot bathroom layouts with various shower or tub options.

The most important factor when considering your bathroom layout is what size shower or tub you will use since they typically take up the most space in the room. The larger your tub or shower, the less space you have to fit all the other necessities. 

So, what are your options for showers and tubs? And how do you maximize your space? Keep reading to learn all about the different size showers and tubs available and how to fit them into a 5-foot by 8-foot bathroom layout.

3 types of bathroom for a 5x8 layout, 5X8 Bathroom Layout Ideas [Inc. Walk-In Shower, Corner Shower, And Tub Options]

How To Plan A Bathroom Layout?

When planning your bathroom layout, you need to consider other important items that require space in the bathroom like the toilet, sink, and storage space. Proper planning will help you fit everything you find necessary in your bathroom space without creating a crowded and cramped room.

Showers and tubs typically have the largest footprint of all the bathroom staples, and the size of your shower or tub will have the biggest impact on the leftover space in the room.

Drawing renovation of a luxury bathroom estate home shower

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Things To Consider While Planning A Bathroom Layout

When you're planning your bathroom layout, include anything that you consider a necessity—like a sink and a toilet—and work from there.

If you need a tub because you have small children, factor that in first, and choose your sink and toilet afterward. To help determine how small of a shower you are comfortable with, go to your local hardware store and check out the displays they have available. 

Showers Vs. Tubs

Shower bases can come in a variety of sizes, from 32 inches by 32 inches up to 60 inches by 60 inches or larger. Walk-in showers are one of the more versatile options since they come in such a wide range of sizes. You can also have custom showers made by contractors to meet your exact needs.

Bathtubs don't give you the same option and are usually only available in several standard sizes. While they are less versatile in size, they offer some conveniences that showers can't.

5x8 Bathroom Layout Ideas With A Walk-In Shower

In this floor plan, the shower spans the length of an entire wall, and the shower can flip sides based on preference.

A shower seat is optional. This space could also be used to make the floor space in the shower larger, or you could remove it and make the whole shower smaller, leaving more room for storage in a corner of the bathroom.

VIGO Frameless Sliding Shower Door

This shower door is the perfect solution for a walk-in shower in a small bathroom. It's available in a variety of finishes and sizes to fit your needs.

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5x8 Bathroom Layout Ideas With A Corner Shower

A corner shower is a smart way to make the most of a small space. They're available in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect option for your home. These showers are an excellent option if having room for storage is important to you.

Dreamline Prism Corner Shower Enclosure

This glass corner shower enclosure maximizes the space in your bathroom, and the clear glass makes the room appear larger even though the corner is occupied. 

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5x8 Bathroom Layout Ideas With A Tub

A tub is a necessity for some people, like those with children who need baths. But they do tend to require more space than showers. The space requirements limit the layout possibilities and leave less room for storage accommodations. Try to make good use of shelving and wall cabinets to provide some storage. 

Dreamline Acrylic Tub Back Wall Kit 

This back wall kit will remove the need for tiling, saving time and money. It can be cut to fit openings from 28-32 inches deep and from 56-60 inches wide.

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Is A 5x8 Bathroom Too Small?

A 5x8 bathroom is considered fairly standard for a single-family home. Some may consider it to be a little too small, but it's certainly enough to fit all the required elements of a bathroom. If you would prefer a larger shower or tub, you may want to consider making the bathroom a little larger.

What Is An Average-Sized Bathroom?

While a standard 5x8 bathroom equals 40 square feet of space, the average-sized bathroom is between 115 and 210 square feet. This is more than double the size of what is considered standard. Most people prefer their bathroom to be a little larger for ease of use.

What Is The Smallest Bathroom Allowed By Code?

The smallest bathroom allowed by code is 5 feet by 2 1/2 feet. This is just enough room for a small sink and a toilet, making it a workable half bathroom. A bathroom this size is good for public guest areas in the home if you want to keep the full bath more private.

Should A Bathroom Door Swing In Or Out?

Most bathroom doors swing in. This is pretty standard for bathrooms in most situations, however, it's not a necessity.

You can have out-swinging doors in your bathroom or even pocket doors that remove the need for a swing direction altogether. Use whatever type you need to maximize your bathroom space and create a room that works for you.

A small modern bathroom with a dark vanity, mirror frame, and hardware

Is It Cheaper To Install A Shower Or Tub?

It's generally cheaper to install a shower than a tub, although the price difference isn't too great. Call around to local contractors and ask for a quote on the installation of each to get exact costs for comparison. Overall, it's a good idea to go with whatever option makes your home life run smoother.

What Adds More Value, A Shower Or A Tub?

Tubs generate more resale value than showers because they require a higher initial investment to install. They also tend to be more useful to people with children or pets. 

How Much Does A 5x8 Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Expect to spend between $4,500 and $8,500 on your bathroom remodel. The total cost will largely depend on the quality of the materials used. For instance, shower and bathtub surrounds made of tile tend to cost much more than acrylic versions. 

Clean and fresh bathroom with natural light

Does A Bathroom Have To Have A Window?

No, bathrooms do not require a window, although if your bathroom lacks a window, it will require an exhaust fan. They allow for improved ventilation on demand in bathrooms which tend to get humid or stinky from time to time.

Natural light is another nice addition to a bathroom and provides the appropriate atmosphere to add some plants to the room to give it some life.

Does A Bathroom Need A Fan?

If your bathroom lacks an exhaust fan, then a window becomes a necessity in most ordinances. If your bathroom has a window, then you don't need an exhaust fan. The key is to allow humidity to escape from the room after a shower since high levels of humidity can cause mold and mildew.

Broan Bathroom Ceiling Exhaust Fan

This exhaust fan is made specifically for bathrooms, meaning it's properly equipped to handle high humidity levels. It also offers super quiet operation, and it's Energy Star approved.

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What Are Some Other Ways To Maximize Space In A Small Bathroom?

modern bathroom with luxury tile decor

To get as much space as possible out of your small bathroom, try using a sink with a small footprint, like a pedestal sink. You can also find toilet tank lids that will turn the tank of your toilet into a sink to remove the need for a standalone version. 

Sink Twice For Toilet Tanks

This toilet tank lid will fit on tanks from 15.25 inches to 16.8 inches. It saves space in your bathroom by allowing you to remove the sink, and it's good for the environment because it makes better use of water.

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In Closing

3 types of bathroom for a 5x8 layout

Now that you know all about the different layout options for a 5-foot by 8-foot bathroom, you're ready to ponder the options and figure out which one is best for your home.

Don't forget to investigate costs and consider the rest of your household as you make your decisions. Have fun remodeling, and enjoy your new bathroom!

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