6 Types of Shower Curtain Rods You Should Know

Did you know that there is are styles of shower curtain rods to fit every need and every type of shower? Based on the size and shape of your shower, you may need a specific type of curtain rod to provide the right fit. You can also select different rods based on personal preference or the type of walls in your bathroom.

6 Types of shower curtain rods you Should know

With so much to choose from things can get confusing, but don't worry. We've done some research on the most common types of shower curtain rods to make it easy for you to choose the one that's right for you!

Let's take a look at the various types of shower curtain rods.

1. Curved Adjustable Shower Curtain Rods

A curved adjustable shower curtain rod curves away from the shower and can be adjusted to different lengths. This shower curtain rod, available on Amazon, can be adjusted to 5' or 6 long.


  • Provides more space in the shower
  • Prevents the wet shower curtain from touching or sticking to your body
  • Since it's adjustable, you don't need to worry about trimming the rod to fit even an unusually-sized shower or bathtub


  • Because it protrudes into the room, it cuts down on available space in the bathroom
  • Drilling into the tile to attach the hardware can cause damage

2. Adjustable Straight Shower Curtain Rods

Adjustable straight curtain rods are one of the most common types of the shower curtain rod. They typically attach to the wall with a tension spring inside the rod, like this rod that's available on Amazon.


  • Very easy to install
  • One of the best choices for small, non-standard sized showers
  • A tension spring means that you don't need to drill any holes into your walls


  • Increased risk of the curtain rod falling off the wall, especially when wet
  • Cannot always support the weight of heavier shower curtains

3. Fixed Single Curve Shower Curtain Rods

If you have a standard length bathtub, a fixed single curve shower curtain might be perfect. Like this rod (available on Amazon), fixed shower curtain rods are typically around 5' to 6' long - the length of a standard bathtub. You can also find shorter ones designed to fit standard showers.


  • Curved shower curtain rods make showering a more comfortable experience
  • Since it's drilled into the wall, a fixed curtain rod is typically more secure than one that's adjustable


  • You need to measure your bathtub very precisely, as it's difficult to trim a curtain rod down to size
  • It's challenging to find fixed curtain rods in the correct lengths for more unusual bathtub and shower sizes

4. Fixed Single Straight Shower Curtain Rods

As possibly the most common shower curtain rod style, fixed single straight shower curtain rods provide a simple, secure place to hang your shower curtain. They are usually mounted on metal hardware that screws into the wall for a durable finish, like this rod that's available for purchase on Amazon.


  • It's easy to find fixed single straight rods in the correct lengths for most standard bathtubs and showers
  • Little to no risk of the curtain rod falling down


  • Straight curtain rods are less comfortable, as there is an increased chance that the wet shower curtain will stick to your body
  • Drilling holes to attach the rod to a tile wall could cause damage

5. Tension Double Curve Shower Curtain Rods

A tension double curved shower curtain rod attaches to the walls with a tension spring inside the rod, but the length is fixed. Double curved shower curtain rods are unique because they provide two separate rods for the shower curtain and the curtain liner - to see an example, check out this rod on Amazon.


  • A tension rod is perfect for a rental or any other place in which you'd like to avoid drilling holes in the walls
  • Double shower curtain rods cut down on the chance of mold or mildew developing between the shower curtain and liner


  • Tension rods are not always secure, particularly on ceramic walls that can become very slippery when wet
  • This type of rod generally requires two people to install

6. Tension Single Straight Shower Curtain Rods

Similar to a tension curved rod, a tension straight shower curtain rod attaches to the wall with a spring. This may sound like an adjustable straight rod, but there's a slight difference. While adjustable rods can typically work on a wide range of lengths (many fit shower openings ranging from 54" to 72"), tension straight rods usually only adjust between 2-3". For example, this rod from Amazon fits a shower opening between 57" and 60".


  • Since it doesn't cover such a wide range of sizes, a tension straight rod is more secure than an adjustable straight rod
  • Quick installation process
  • Doesn't damage any new or fragile tile


  • Even though a tension rod is more secure than an adjustable straight rod, there's always a chance that tension rods of any sort won't stay up on certain walls, particularly if they're slippery or uneven
  • It's impossible to trim a tension straight rod down to size if it doesn't fit your shower perfectly

Which rod is best for your shower curtains?

That would ultimately depend on your needs and preferences. We hope the lists of pros and cons above helps you figure out which shower curtain road is best for your bathroom.

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