60s Bedroom Decor Inspiration [Picture Post]

60s Bedroom Decor InspirationThe 1960s was an era of incredible music, seismic social change, and unforgettable style. Bold prints, vivid primary colors and over-the-top opulence define the clothing, furniture and architectural moves made during those years. Today, we still see elements of the 1960s in homes across the world, but with a modern spin that somehow seems perfectly in-place within the 21st century. I’m here to show you how modern homes have adopted elements of the 60's to make their sleeping spaces look like disco dreamlands.

Below, you’ll see 33 stunning examples of 1960s mod fashion infused into modern-day bedrooms. Perhaps this will be the inspiration you need to add a little touch of something groovy to your own room.

30 Mod and 60s Inspired Bedrooms to Catch Your Eye

The 1960s were all about color, geometric designs and larger-than-life style. In these 40 examples, you will see that getting a mod-themed bedroom straight from the 60s isn’t impossible in 2019.

1. Shades of Yellow and Green

Primary colors can be used to complement each other, rather than clash against one another. Bright yellow and a minty shade of green look surprisingly beautiful in this bedroom setup. The subtle blue details are especially eye-catching, the perfect touch for this colorful space.

2. Every Surface Can Use Some Pink

Walls, floors, furniture and more can look incredibly appealing when draped in vibrant pink tones. Pairing pink with other warm colors like yellow and orange make this room not only very bright, but also surprisingly cozy. And the shimmery leopard sculpture on the floor is the perfect addition to this 60s-inspired bedroom.

3.      A 1960s Corner Fit for Any Colorful Room

You don’t need to have the 60s splattered across your entire room to get that groovy vibe going on. This eye-catching end table and hanging lamp are totally 60s-inspired and something similar would look great in any room that provides a colorful backdrop.

4. Muted Shades and Bold Prints

The pale pink bedspread is beautiful, but the real shining gems in this room are the curtains and the distinctly 60s area rug. Matching bedroom furniture and the smooth look of hardwood flooring tie this quietly mod-inspired bedroom together quite nicely.

5. A Touch of Nature

Some greenery always makes a bedroom look more comfortable and inviting. In this bedroom, the bright colors attributed to the 1960s look even more stunning when surrounded by plant life. You can easily incorporate both elements into any bedroom.

6. Daydreams in Yellow Floral

Floral prints might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you imagine 1960s décor, but you can see that it clearly works in this bedroom. The bright, contrasting colors are totally sixties and the unique style of the furniture makes this room as unique as the person sleeping there.

7. A Psychedelic Theme

Psychedelic patterns reached the height of their popularity in the 1960s, but it’s easy to infuse these designs into your bedroom décor today. This user has implemented the same design across different areas of their bedroom to create a cohesive theme.

8. Bold Colors Belong on Walls

The berry color that’s been applied to this wall will make any furniture placed in front of it (and any décor displayed on it) stand out brilliantly in true 1960s style. In this example, a bright green cupboard and patterned lampshade show that color isn’t anything to be afraid of when decorating.

9.  Green and Dark Brown

You don’t need to fill your bedroom with vivid primary colors to emulate the 60s. In this bedroom, the designer harnessed the cohesion of matching bedroom furniture with a deep brown shade. The 60s are found in the details, such as the pattern on the curtains and the small features on the walls.

10.  Architectural Features Make a World of Difference

The carved wall features provide a beautiful and unique look that you won’t find in just any bedroom. This is the type of over-the-top and ornate décor that the 60s is so well associated with. With this kind of style in place, you can use any vivid color to really emulate the boldness of this colorful era. This user chose a berry pink shade, but you can go with whatever your heart desires.

11.  A Corner That Stands Out

This corner dresser can fit beautifully into any theme, but the surrounding decorations are straight from the sixties. Heavy on the warm colors, the example you see here is inviting and cozy-looking. The addition of something green on top of the dresser adds an unexpected element of cooler colors that stands out but doesn’t detract from the theme of the space.

12.  Get Groovy with Geometric Designs

The first thing your eyes can’t help but see is the décor above the bed – bold, geometric designs will do that. Other 60s-inspired elements surround the bed (like the chair and the bedspread) to tie this look together with minimal effort and maximum style.

13.  The Sixties are in the Details

This beautifully decorated room harnesses the power of accents and details to show some serious sixties inspiration. The pattern found within the accent wall, the décor on the wall and ceiling, the throw pillow on the chair, these are all perfectly complementary details that invoke the chill vibe of this bygone era.

14.  Choose to Go Bold

Bold and vivid designs really are the way to make a statement if you’re channeling your love of the 60s into your décor. This user has plastered bold and eye-catching designs all over the place, creating a theme that isn’t too rigid, but is rather free-spirited.

15.  Decorate Your Walls for an Easy 60s Look

A simple way to achieve a 60s-inspired look in any room is to hang decorations on the walls. The curtain above the bed and the hanging accessories to the side perfectly embody the iconic look of the 1960s. Additional, small details like the table lamp add to the theme without great expense.

16.  Pink and Yellow for a Truly 60s Style

Yellow and pink have a way of somehow complementing each other when used properly, as this user so effectively did. On every surface, you can see this contrast – even on the wall, with the painted headboard! This bedroom is classically sixties and would be a perfect sleeping spot for a child who loves to be surrounded by color.

17.  Dreams in Tie Dye

Warm colors are strongly associated with the 60s era, but cool colors certainly have their place, too. The cool, blue tie-dyed bedspread is only one sixties-inspired feature in this room. The wall hangings call back to this free-spirited time, as well, through the use of psychedelic art and vivid, contrasting colors.

18.  Mod Style in Vivid Color

The shining feature of this bedroom is certainly the accent wall, which has been fashioned with clearly mod-inspired decoration. But the slanted wall being a bright color as well really drives the theme home, as do the details found within the décor. From the yellow dresser to the area rug on the floor, there isn’t a single component in this design that doesn’t scream “sixties!”

19.  60s Elegance in Pink and Orange

The accents of pink and the chandelier really create a one-of-a-kind look for this sixties-inspired bedroom. But this user has taken the décor a step further into the era of groovy fashion by utilizing a bold floral theme in the curtains, throw pillows and other decorative elements in the room.

20.  The Right Bedspread Makes a 60s Statement

You don’t have to pack your room wall-to-wall with sixties décor to invite this theme into your bedroom. A patterned bedspread that is in a bright color is often enough to make a bold statement. After all, the bed is the defining feature of a bedroom.

21.  Sunshine Yellow

Floral patterns and bright colors are certainly innate in 1960s décor, and you don’t need to go with a very bright overall theme to make this happen. In this room, the user has applied daisy-patterned wallpaper to the walls surrounding the bed. They then used their bedding and a few small details to complete the look, without being ornate or complicated in design.

22.  The Right Furniture Makes All the Difference

The sitting area in this bedroom is totally inspired by the 1960s in its circular and simplistic design. These elements fit exceptionally well into any room and look great with any accessories. The print on the wall adds to the 60s style without being overbearing or too eye-catching.

23.  Simplicity in Pale Blue

Yes, primary colors are all the rage in 1960s-inspired interior décor. But this pale shade of baby blue fits perfectly into this subtly decorated bedroom. The curtain, throw pillows and the chair in the corner are all delicate elements that add a touch of the sixties without relying on stark contrast to look beautiful.

24.  Yellow, Yellow Everywhere

This bedroom harnesses the cheerfulness of the color yellow by infusing it into every surface, a typical 1960s feature in decorating. They’ve even infused this color into the details of the dresser, which creates a stunning and cohesive look.

25.  Colorful Prints Are Truly 60s

The patterned bedspread is clearly the most eye-catching feature of this room, aided by the printed throw pillows that add even more color without overpowering the beauty of the sheet. The bedside lamp is straight out of 1969 and the birds on the wall above the bed add a whimsical touch to this bedroom.

26.  Classic 60s Vintage

Everything about this room is styled with the 60s in mind, which creates a stunningly seamless theme. The splash of color paired with the vintage furniture makes for a bedroom that would appear in a décor magazine right in that era.

27.  Another Yellow and Pink Example

While yellow is certainly the star of this show, the added splashes of pink really make this room suitable for the 1960s. The crisp, clean design of the canopy bed and the eye-grabbing pink flower above the headboard pay homage to this era in impeccable style.

28.  Do You See a Pattern Here?

This patterned comforter takes what would have been a relatively plain room and injects the style of the 1960s into it with no effort at all. Sometimes, a printed sheet or curtain is really all you need to achieve the look you’re after.

29.  A 60s-Themed Paradise

This bedroom is a technicolor dream, from the top to the bottom. Swaths of bright color on the ceiling and wall create a totally 60s and totally whimsical place to lay your head. This user didn’t skimp on the additional décor, either. Everything in this room is designed to work together to achieve a perfectly crafted vision from the 1960s.

30.  Blue and Green in Cohesion

Blue on the walls and green on the bed makes for a beautifully retro look for this space.  The pattern in the wallpaper showcases the ornate decoration true to the 60s while the additional decorations incorporate the user’s personal tastes into this well put-together theme.

It Doesn’t Take Much to Bring the 60s into Your Room

Some of the examples above were very elaborate in their execution, and it certainly paid off. But simplicity has its benefits, as you can see from some of the other examples in this mix. Whether you want your bedroom to be a dream straight from the 60s or you simply want some inspiration to make your bedroom a bit more mod, these examples will serve you well.

Whether you paint the walls in vivid technicolor, or you simply add a few colorful touches to the surface of your dresser or end table, a 1960s-inspired look is very much attainable.

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