8×10 Bathroom Layout Ideas [Inc. Walk-In Shower, Corner Shower, and Tub Options]

Are you planning a remodel or new construction and need some inspiration on how to set up your bathroom layout? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together this guide to show you all the best 8×10 bathroom layout options in one place. 

  1. Walk In Shower
  2. Corner Shower
  3. Tub
  4. Combination
  5. Shower Tub

So what are the different ways you can layout an 8×10 bathroom? And how can you combine different shower and tub options to obtain the ideal space for your family? Keep reading to learn about the different bathroom layouts you can achieve in your space.

How To Choose An 8×10 Bathroom Layout?

8x10 bathroom dimensions, 8x10 Bathroom Layout Ideas [Inc. Walk-In Shower, Corner Shower, and Tub Options]

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When choosing a layout for your bathroom, you’ll need to consider your personal preferences as well as your priorities. For example, if you have young children, a bathtub is almost essential, but this also doesn’t mean you have to give up having a shower. To decide the best layout for you, determine the necessities and work from there.

Is 8×10 Large Enough For A Bathroom?

Yes, 8 feet by 10 feet is plenty of room for a bathroom and will give you a very comfortable amount of space to work in. You should be able to fit in all the bathroom necessities and more. 

Walk-In Shower

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Oversize clear glass walk-in shower with two shower heads

An 8×10 bathroom is enough room for you to work in a large walk-in shower. A standard walk-in shower is typically 5 feet long and 2.5 feet wide, so you could potentially go for an even larger shower and still have room to spare. 

DreamLine Shower Base And Backwall

This shower base and backwall are 30-inches wide, 60-inches long, and 76 3/4 inches high. It’s quicker and easier to install than tile and makes an excellent solution for a standard-sized walk-in shower.

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2. Corner Shower

Corner shower marble tiling in contemporary bathroom in luxury house

An 8×10 bathroom can accommodate a large corner shower with ease, leaving plenty of spare room for storage, a double vanity, and whatever else you may need.

Most of the larger corner shower bases are made around 42-inches, but custom tiled showers can be made larger than that.

Determine how much room you have to spare and see if a large corner shower suits you.

DreamLine Corner Shower Enclosure With Base

This corner shower enclosure is 42w-inches wide and 74 3/4-inches high and leans on the side of a larger corner shower. It has a space-saving neo-angle design to make the most of your room.

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3. Tub

Interior of modern bathroom with freestanding bathtub

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing soak in the bathtub, and many versions also possess a shower hose to make it multifunctional. The perfect solution for children and pets, bathtubs are a versatile and convenient option.

Woodbridge Freestanding Soaking Tub

This large tub is a great option for anyone who loves a deep soaking tub. It has a 55-gallon capacity providing plenty of room to relax.

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4. Combination

A large luxurious bathroom with a stand alone tub, white vanity, and a glass stand up shower with marble tiles and bench seat

An 8×10 bathroom is large enough to accommodate more than one of these options. Choose a corner shower and a bathtub if you want access to both. Many new construction homes boast this feature, and it is a highly desirable solution for bathrooms. 

5. Shower Tub

A small modern bathroom with a dark vanity, mirror frame, and hardware. White subway tiles line the bathtub and shower with black faucets

A traditional shower tub combo is a safe choice all-around. You get the convenience of a tub along with the cleanliness of a shower.

A combination shower and tub will also save room for extra bathroom storage. These shower tub combinations can be just as attractive as other options too.

DreamLine Tub

This tub and back wall set is the perfect solution for any bathroom. It combines the best of a shower and tub and provides it in one neat package.

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What Is The Ideal Bathroom Size?

The ideal bathroom size is between 36 and 40 square feet. The average bathroom size in most American homes is 5 feet by 8 feet. An 8×10 bathroom is a considerable upgrade from the standard size, nearly doubling the available space.

Is A 5×8 Bathroom Too Small?

The standard 5×8 bathroom is considered relatively small by most. It provides the minimum amount f room required to accommodate the basic necessities of a bathroom. An 8×10 bathroom is a huge improvement and allows far more space, making it much more pleasant to use.

What Is A Good Size For A Master Bathroom?

Large master bathrooms usually consume between 150-160 square feet. An 8×10 master bathroom would be considered modest but is still a very workable size.

Even with a smaller 8×10 master bathroom, you will still have enough room to accommodate all the staples you need for a comfortable bathroom experience. 

What Are The Minimum Requirements For A Master Bathroom?

To be considered a master bathroom, the room must contain a toilet, sink, shower, or tub. If the bathroom lacks a shower or a tub, it is merely a powder room. 

What Is A Good Size For A Walk-In Shower?

A 36-inch by 36-inch walk-in shower is considered the minimum size for a comfortable showering experience. Smaller shower options are available, but they tend to prove uncomfortably small for most people, restricting some movement.

DreamLine 36-Inch Shower Base And Enclosure

This shower base and enclosure is 36-inch by 36-inch, the minimum recommended shower size. It’s also a beautiful set with brushed nickel framing and built-in shelves.

Click here to see this shower set on Amazon.

How Far Should A Toilet Be From A Shower?

You should try to position your toilet at least 30-inches from any other bathroom fixture, including the shower and sink. This is also a good rule of thumb to follow for all of your bathroom fixtures. It will ensure enough space between your fixtures to move around the room comfortably.

Is A Walk-In Shower A Good Idea?

Yes, walk-in showers are generally considered an excellent addition to any bathroom. They allow easy accessibility, they’re easy to clean, and they’re visually attractive. One downfall of walk-in showers is that they tend to be very slippery, so it’s a good idea to add slip-resistant precautions.

Is A Corner Shower A Good idea?

yes, corner showers will make the most of the space you have to work with. They provide plenty of space to take a shower while minimizing how much of the room will be consumed by the shower.

They’re also a great option if you want to include a separate shower and tub in the bathroom.

Is A Tub A Good Idea?

Tubs are always a safe option, especially if they also offer a shower hose for versatility. This will provide the best of both worlds, allowing you to bathe or shower as needed.

It’s also a safe choice when considering resale value for the same reason.

Which Option Provides The Best Resale Value?

It is generally considered a good idea to have at least one bathtub in your home to help boost resale value.

Bathtubs will greatly benefit families with young children, pets, or elderly family members. This makes them a staple in almost every home.

Is It More Costly To Install A Shower Or A Tub?

It costs more to install a shower than a tub. Showers require more time and effort to install than bathtubs, which are usually one-piece. Labor tends to be the largest cost factor in bathtub and shower installation.

Are Bathtubs Going Out Of Style?

No, bathtubs remain a staple in most homes. However, different styles of bathtubs tend to take turns trending throughout the years.

Today, large stand-alone soaking tubs are considered a trendy option, but different styles were more popular in the past. For instance, corner tubs were trendy in the 70s but are uncommon today. 

In Conclusion

Now that you know all the options for an 8×10 bathroom layout, you’re ready to start considering which option best suits you and your home.

Don’t forget to account for other members of your family who may use the same bathroom and what they prefer. Good luck with your bathroom project, and have fun!

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8×10 Bathroom Layout Ideas [Inc. Walk-In Shower, Corner Shower, And Tub Options]
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