9 14×16 Bedroom Layout Ideas

Simple bedroom with large open window and rustic furniture, 9 Great 14x16 Bedroom Layout Ideas

If you are having a hard time deciding what goes in what direction, then you are in for a treat. We have researched good bedroom ideas/layouts suitable for a 14x16-sized bedroom.

The layouts below are a mixture of neutral and colorful themes to cater to every person.

1. Grey & White Hues

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Modern Luxury Bedroom Interior in gray theme

This layout is good if you want to see your bed as soon as you enter your room.

The bed headboard is attached to the wall to save space while making it look sophisticated. Adding the contemporary bedroom bench next to your bed, you get a comfortable sitting place.

Adding this furniture piece can also help you accommodate your guests despite your limited space.

You can also notice the sliding window on the left side of the room allows a lot of natural light. This will help balance the greyish undertone of your room and bring life to it.

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2. A Wall Of Mirrors

Master bedroom in new luxury home with large windows, chandelier, carpet, and elegant decor

This layout will make your room look more spacious than the previous one. As you can see, the bed is in the same spot as the first one. However, there is only one bedside table, no carpet, and no bench.

Instead, use a closet with mirrors to make the room look larger. It is a perfect layout if you want some study or office space and a closet in your bedroom. The room's white tone also helps make it minimal and spacious.

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3. Cozy Bedroom Layout

Interior of a Scandinavian style attic bedroom with fireplace in a cottage house

It is the layout for you if you want a cozy room with a modern look. As you can see, there is enough space for a carpet and table set-up ideal for entertaining guests.

A furnace is located on the right side of the room facing the window to maximize the insulation.

The door is on the left side, so as soon as you open it, the first you will see instead of the whole room is only the window. Designers suggested this layout for those who want more privacy and safety.

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4. Gold And Pink Eleganza

Interior of a luxury retro style bedroom in pink color with a round mirror on the wall and two windows

This is quite a different layout than the first three regarding window placement.

Here, the windows are on the right side upon entry. The bedroom chair is accompanied by a round table that fits the space, which is perfect for a good tea-time.

The room has a mixture of pink, gold, and grey that is perfect for those who love pink but still want to maintain some elegance in the room.

5. Mix And Match: The Artistic Layout

Digitally generated warm and cozy modern bedroom interior design with a floormat with art and furnitures in the wall

The fifth layout is different because of the unique placement of the bedroom door. If this is the exact floor design of your room, then this layout is perfect for you.

There is enough space for a long drawer and two-bedside tables minus the bedroom chair. As for the room tones, you have a bold and unique mix and match of colors without overdoing it.

Also, this floor plan is suitable for having your restroom next to the door.

6. Neutral And Minimalistic

Cozy bedroom in warm colors with painting, a nightstand, a pouf, and a plaid

This layout is similar to the third one except for the window and door placement.

As you can see, the customized sliding window encompasses the whole bottom right of the room, making it more possible for natural light to enter the room.

Upon entry, you'll see the outside view first and a little bit of the bed and the chair.

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7. Five-Star Hotel Inspired

Chinese Style Bedroom Interior

This is a good layout for hotel rooms or condominiums. The space is maximized to help you be able to accommodate guests and have a beautiful city view.

Two bedroom chairs near the window are perfect for relaxing and dining.

The door is located at the bottom right of the room, which is quite common for condominiums and hotels. This door placement gives more privacy.

8. Modern Brown & Gray Aesthetic

Beautiful bedroom in a luxurious cottage house

In this layout, the customized windows are far from each other.

One ensures sufficient natural light and view from the bed, while the other brings natural light and view from the left side of the room facing the door.

It's a spacious yet sophisticated design, and the room's tone also brings out that dark cozy vibe that can help you get a good night's rest.

9. Modern-Day Bedroom

a luxurious and elegant bedroom interiors and a sliding door beside it next to garden

This modern-day layout is perfect for those who love having natural light in their room. The arrangement gives that radiant energy as soon as you wake up in the morning.

With the mixture of black paint on the wall, white window, and wooden floor, you can surely make the room as clean and minimal as possible.

The bed is on the left side of the room next to the customized sliding window with translucent drapes that will help you get the best of that natural light.

To Wrap Things Up

In choosing the best layout for your bedroom, you need to consider the color, texture, placement of each piece of furniture, and vibe you want to achieve.

You want to be comfortable and at home when you enter your room to make the most out of it.

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