How Much Do Accent Chairs Cost on Average?

Accent chairs are the perfect thing to add to almost any room or space in your home. A comfortable high back chair can complete a reading nook, or two low lounge chairs can fill out any living room. They are versatile and beautiful, all while giving people more places to spend time together. Accent chairs can vary on price and it's not always easy to see why one piece is more or less expensive than another. But what exactly is a common price range for accent chairs?

Though there is a wide range of accent chair prices, you can expect to pay around $200 to $600. Several design and manufacturing processes can dramatically affect the price of accent chairs. Some of the things that affect the cost of accent chairs are the frame material, craftsmanship, upholstery, designer, and age.

How Much Do Accent Chairs Cost On Average?

Being that the range of accent chairs prices can differ so much, it can be hard to figure out how much you should pay for your chairs. We have put together this post to go over the main price points of accent chairs and find out how to buy the best one that you can.

What Are The Frame Materials of the Accent Chair?

The two most common accent chair materials are wood and metal. Wooden chairs can appear more natural, rustic, or minimalists depending on the overall design. Metal framed chairs are generally more industrial and modern looking.


Basic wooden-legged accent chairs do not cost as much as those that require exceptional woodworking during the manufacturing process. Metal chairs can be cheaper than wooden ones because the metal is more simple to work with and out together.

Whether the piece is handmade or assembled in a manufacturing plant will have a huge impact on the overall price of the chair. Both metal and wooden chairs have their positives and negatives, and both can be just as beautiful.

What Is The Chair Upholstered With?

Most accent chairs have a frame or structural part and then an upholstered part that you generally sit on. The seats and chair backs are most often stuffed with foam seating pads and covered with some kind of cotton, canvas, or leather surface. Most accent chairs are made to act as design pieces and complement a room's style so they come in a huge variety of colors and patterns.

Chairs that are intended to be sat on less and mostly observed can use a simple cotton fabric upholstery. It is cheaper and can be printed with beautiful colors. Thicker and softer canvas can provide a more comfortable seat and luxurious appearance. There are felt and woven chairs that look cozy and warm.

Though it's less common, leather can be used on accent chairs. A thick grain leather can make an accent chair look very elegant and the material lends itself to professional spaces. Leather also keeps itself cool to the touch and is very comfortable. This choice usually means that the price will go up because more work is necessary to upholster with leather, and the material itself is more expensive.

How Do Designers Affect the Price?

As with clothing, art, and other specialty items, designers create their own brand and can charge basically any price they want. The price of a designer piece is controlled by supply and demand. If you really like the work of a specific designer and know that they create accent chairs that cater to your sensibilities then it may be worth the extra cost. Maybe you have several design pieces from the same designer and they share common themes or patterns and accompany one another beautifully.

If, on the other hand, you mostly just want to find an accent chair to complete a room set or populate an empty space, then a cheaper non-designer piece may suffice. Sometimes if you think a price might be too high it may be that you found a designer piece accidentally and you can find a more generic accent chair that fulfills your needs.

How Does Age Effect the Price of Accent Chairs?

There are a few ways that the age of a chair affects its price. Especially with mid-century modern chairs, you can find seemingly astronomical prices. These are retro pieces and are very rare. Naturally, they aren't made anymore so they become collector's items. A chair like this, whole costly, can be so beautiful that it may be worth it. There is also the conversation you can bring up to guests about the origins of the furniture.

On the other hand, you can probably find accent chairs for a lower budget at antique stores or garage sales. Some of these may be almost the same as vintage pieces but no one has noticed their value. You can find rare chairs this way and it can be very worth your time searching.

How Do You Balance Price and Usage?

There is a balance you need to find when purchasing accent chairs. This balance depends on what you want out of your chair the most. Do you want it to serve as an art piece that you frame with other decorations? Do you want to increase the seating in your living room or lounging area?

When the purpose of buying the chair or pair of chairs is utilitarian, you should spend closer to the low end of the average price. There are many attractive chairs in the $200 area that are comfortable and serve the purpose. You may not feel so happy afterward if you overspend on seating that you later realize was barely to be used.

In the realm of designer furniture and statement pieces, accent chairs can reach very high prices. If you want your chair to be the feature of your space then you should spend more on it. This will generally afford you better materials, craftsmanship, and better upholstery materials and design. As a result, you can expect to keep this piece of furniture for years and years to come.

Don't Sacrifice Design for Price

It's not always the case that when you pay more, that you will always get something better. You can find a truly stellar piece of furniture for less money and at the same time find something that cuts corners but has a higher asking price. There are so many chair designs out there that you should never feel like you have to settle for a look you don't love. Keep looking until you find something that makes you happy and that you can afford.

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Find Something That's Right for You.

At the end of the day, it's important not to get too caught up in price when you are buying an accent chair. You should start by looking for something that will satisfy your needs. From there, you can assess what choices fall in line with your budget. You'll surely find something you love.

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