11 Accent Wall Ideas For The Dining Room

The dining room is without a doubt one of the most frequented rooms in the house. And for even that reason alone, it's important that the space is welcoming and captivating. One way to guarantee that you have a truly captivating dining room design is by adding in an accent wall. Accent walls can be rather simple in nature or look elaborate in design. When it comes to dining room accent walls, there's truly something for everyone.

We understand that dreaming up your own accent wall design can be a little daunting. That's why we searched around for some of the best ideas! For your convenience, we put together 11 accent wall ideas for your dining room. So, without further ado, let's check them out. 

Dining room with brown walls, large glass windows, wooden dining table and chairs, 11 Accent Wall Ideas For The Dining Room

1. Wooden Slats

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Dining room design with blue trendy chairs on a wall design of wooden slats

Wooden slats bring natural, organic texture to any room. If you're looking for a subtle accent wall, then this may be the option for you. There are many ways in which you can position the wooden slats as well. Create a half wall (as seen in the photo above), cover the whole wall, lay out a narrow row of slats, or create any other configuration that you desire.

Whether you keep the wood in its natural color or paint or stain it, it's sure to add the right touch of intrigue to your dining room. 

2. Wall Of Windows

Luxurious modern dining room boasts a black dining table illuminated by a rectangular chandelier and a large wall of windows

Natural light is second to none. It immediately fills the room with warmth and a cozy ambiance, things everyone is sure to love. So, if you have a nice big wall of windows in your dining room, let them serve as the accent wall in the room. 

Then, you can either let the windows remain unhindered with no curtains, or you can select a stylish set of curtain panels and a curtain rod to dress up the windows. Curtains and curtain rods are available in a wide variety of styles, so you're sure to find the perfect set for your aesthetic. 

Did you decide you want to add curtains to your dining room windows? Check out this article for more inspiration: 30 Different Ways To Hang Curtains [Picture Inspiration]

3. The Depth Of Navy Blue 

Elegant dining table in a modern home with dining table and chairs, chandelier and navy blue wall

Pick out a bold color that stands out against the other wall colors in the room. In this case, a gorgeous shade of navy blue covers one of the walls. The color stands out beautifully against the other stark white walls and the captivating crown molding. To add even more interest to the wall, consider texturizing the wall. Texture is a sure way to add more depth to the room.

4. Floating Shelves With Personal Touches

Dining room with elegant furniture and floating cabinets with personal touches

Floating shelves are a relatively quick and easy way to add an accent wall to your dining room. Install a couple of short ones or a few that take up the width of the room. Floating shelves serve as a blank canvas, allowing you to add as many decorative layers to the space as you see fit.

Consider adding vases, photos, artwork, and any other personal touches that truly make the space your own. Floating shelves are also a fantastic option because you can seasonally decorate them as the holidays come and go. Or, you can use the extra shelving space for dining room essentials like dishes and serving ware. 

5. Natural Stone

Dining room with entryway, table, elegant light fixture, and natural stone accent wall

The natural stone utilized in this room design blends in seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the room. Warm earthy tones of tan, rust, and beige are incorporated into every design aspect. While the stone colors blend in nicely, it still adds in a valuable texture. Without the addition of the stone accent, the room design could fall flat. 

This photo is also an excellent example of how an accent wall doesn't necessarily have to span the entire wall or room; when executed well, even small accent walls can make a room look extraordinary. This stone half wall is the perfect touch. 

6. Captivating Chair Rail Molding

Wooden dining table, white and green walls, wooden floor, and chair rail molding

Chair rail moldings are back on the rise in popularity. While it was once considered part of the "shaker" style of home, the molding style can morph into just about any design aesthetic. Whether you have a modern home or a boho/eclectic home, you can fit chair rail molding into the design. 

For a modern spin on chair rail molding, use a bright, unexpected color. A tropical green is sure to stun and the black trim piece decisively separates the green and white colors from each other. If a bold color isn't the way you like to roll, then you can opt for a more neutral hue for your chair rail molding accent wall. 

7. Industrial Brick Accent

Modern dining room interior with wooden table, minimalist chairs and black accent brick wall

The industrial aesthetic is pretty unforgettable. It's all about simple yet carefully selected pieces. The style includes exposed brick and concrete, metal surfaces, repurposed items, and much more. One way to pull the aesthetic throughout the house is ensuring that your dining room has a standout accent wall. In this case, an exposed brick wall and a cement quarter-wall go a long way toward creating this industrial vibe.

These two elements serve as the ideal backdrop for your dining room. The dining set consists of a beautiful natural wood table, matching chairs in various colors, and other organic-looking pieces. The room is a nice swirl of elements that enrich the feel of it.

8. Sleek Scandinavian Style With Shiplap

Natural light, neutral colors, simple designs, and organic textures? Yes, please! These design elements are what this sleek Scandinavian style is all about. Even with a minimal design like this one, you can create an accent wall. The black-painted shiplap is just what this room needs. It's in line with the overall aesthetic of the room but effortlessly adds in a valuable look. Everything about this space works in harmony together. 

9. Recessed Seating Nook

Highlight a recessed seating arrangement even more by having it serve as the accent wall. The recessed area will already stand out a little bit, so accentuate it with cheerful color and tasteful decor. And if you don't have a recessed seating area in your dining area, don't fret. You can still employ paint color to create a captivating accent wall. Just refer back to our third example if you need a reminder. 

10. Geometric Squiggles

Don't shy away from fun (and maybe a little bit funky) dining room accent wall designs. Geometric squiggles span this entire dining room wall. Place your buffet or bar in front of it so that the whole room looks like a party. 

With super bust patterns like this one, you may have to pay extra attention to the other aspects of the room. While you can certainly use other patterns (like a rug), ensure that they complement each other and don't fight for attention. 

11. Lemony Wallpaper

Wallpaper has become extremely popular once again. And thankfully, as the trend has become more common in modern times, the product options have vastly increased, too. There's nothing outdated about the current wallpaper offerings! As seen in this photo, citrus wallpaper serves as the perfect accent wall in the dining room.

All of the colors in this room are cheerful. This ensures that the lemony wallpaper fits right in with the rest of the cheerful dining room style. 

In Closing

With these 11 dining room accent wall ideas, you're well on your way to creating a captivating space. From wood panels to wallpaper, there's sure to be the perfect option for you. There's also an accent wall that fits every budget out there. So start brainstorming to craft your perfect dining room accent wall and start decorating!

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