13 Accent Wall Paint Color Combinations You Should Consider

If you are looking to add a pop of color to your room, an accent wall is a great way to go. They are a fast and easy way to add character and style to any room or space without painting the whole room. We put together a list of 13 accent wall paint color combinations to inspire you. So, without further ado, let's check them out!

A spacious living room with cream colored accent wall with wooden laminated flooring, 13 Accent Wall Paint Color Combinations You Should Consider

1. Blue And White

A blue accent wall with a white sofa and a blue accent chair in the living room

You can use an accent wall to make the small details in a room pop out. For example, the blue room really makes the yellow details pop out. 

2. Monochromatic Accents

A blue and gray themed bedroom with a wooden bed and huge standing lamp on the side

If you are looking to add color but don't want to go with something totally different from what you have now, go with a similar color. In this example, the designer used two different shades of blue. Not only does that give the room a refined look, but it also makes the brown and gold decorations really pop.

3. Green And Gold

A dark green colored wall with a white sofa next to the wall incorporated with gold plated metal furnitures and chandelier

If you know you want to have a lot of gold details, make sure to pick a color that works well with it, such as this gorgeous emerald green.

4. Yellow And White

A dining area with cool leather dining chairs with accent wall on the background

If you want your room to have a really light feel, stick with bright colors. Yellows and light blues are great for keeping a vibrant atmosphere. The vintage accents also give this room a refined feel while staying cohesive with the bright accent wall.

5. Gray And White

A gray accent wall and a gray sectional couch with modern wooden furnitures in a white and gray themed living room

Muted colors are a great option for accent walls, especially if you want them to have a modern feel. Gray walls, in particular, are very versatile. Check out these incredible 70 Gray Bedroom Ideas. 

6. Tie It Together

A gray themed bedroom with and accent wall on the side and a tree themed bookshelf

While an accent wall can make the decorations in a room pop, it can also help blend everything together. In this example, the gray walls help tie the entire room together while still making the colorful decorations pop. 

7. Big Three

A modern Scandinavian themed dining room and white dining chairs near the curtains

Picking two main colors to work with your accent wall can add a very elegant aura to a room. Blue and green colors, like teal, are especially good for this approach because it is easy to find things that match with them. Notice how flawlessly the blue wall makes the white and brown pieces pop.

8. Eclectic

A spacious living room with cream colored accent wall with wooden laminated flooring

Adding an accent wall helps give a room some depth while helping tie the room together. Dark colors are also great for adding bold statements to otherwise muted rooms.

9. Open Concept

A white and blue themed living room with blue curtains, and an accent wall on the background

Using an accent wall that matches or accentuates accessories and decorations helps link large rooms together. This also works great for open concept rooms that might otherwise feel disjointed. This adds a very refined feel to the entire room.

10. Be Different

A classic contemporary design living room with a brown sectional sofa abstract designed dividers and a dark purple colored accent wall

If you aren't sure you want to go with a very bright accent wall, you can also pick more muted colors. Deeper colors like maroon may not be your immediate thought with accent walls, but they can add a lot of intrigue to a room.

11. Teal And White

A modern tropical themed bedroom with a blue centerpiece accent wall with a mural art on it

Teal or green shades match beautifully with white and green. This combination is fantastic for ocean or lakefront houses.

12. Red And White

A modern Mediterranean themed living room with red mural paintings, a red accent wall, and red colored sofa with an area rug underneath

With accent walls, warm colors can be a bit difficult. However, they can also make the room feel much larger than it is. This works great in areas you want to have a simple but bold pop.

13. Yellow And White

A modern living room with a yellow accent walls with indoor plant placed next to furniture

While your favorite color may not be the best option for every accent wall, it can definitely be an option. Even if your favorite color is a warm or bold color, make it work with your own personal style. Sticking with your personal taste helps your home have an authentic and welcoming aura.

In Closing

We hope that you've found the perfect accent wall for your home with the guidance of these inspirational photos! Before you go, check out these other posts that may be of interest to you:

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