Accent Wallpaper For Your Bedroom (30 Inspirational Ideas)

Wondering how to overhaul your interior space without overstretching your budget? Accent wallpapers are a great option, both for people on a budget and those living in renters. Enliven your space with beautiful patterns, vibrant colors, or unusual murals that were not possible a few years ago. We love the new colors and patterns, which include larger scale metallic accents, eclectic florals, and graphic patterns that are now available for everyone.

Accent Wallpaper For Your Bedroom (30 Inspirational Ideas)

Accent walls are a highly strategic solution if you want to create a focal point in your space. It’s a simple as choosing wallpaper with a geometric design or colorful palette to increase the target wall’s impact. Adding stylish accented wallpaper is like a cheat code that helps you put together all the mismatched accessories in the room, with the unifying prowess of the wallpaper.


Thankfully, there’s a wide range of wallpapers to choose from, each featuring high-quality fade resistant ink printed over a durable fabric. In the spaces below, we have curated some beautiful wallpapers.

1. Wild Jungle

Outdoor elements can be soothing, especially when you integrate them with the lush and wild texture of the wild jungle. This wallpaper is a great way to update your décor that helps you express your inner glam.

2. Floral Patterned Wallpaper

A monochromatic and neutral room can be only so soothing before it starts looking boring. Perhaps you’re ready to add more drama to your living room by bringing in the revolutionary patterns that flowers typically boast of. In this case, each pop of color on the wallpaper, ranging from the dark backdrop to the white flower petals bring luster into the room.

3. Flower Wall

This is another floral wallpaper that gives your wall the illusion of texture, but without taking away from the existing color palette. You can express your love for flowers with a graphic floral pattern that adds dimension and light to your room, which will transform your room into a glamorous retreat.

4. Contemporary Design

If straight and uniform lines are what you’re after, with dominantly neutral color palettes repeating throughout, then this wallpaper mural won’t disappoint. The distinct contrast ratio between gold and gray lines will give the wall a complete makeover.

5. Sparkling Turquoise Textures

This wallpaper is a great example of a mural that can transform your wall but without hogging all the attention to itself. Instead, the sparkling turquoise textures complement the room’s accessories to make the spaces look more habitable.

6. Floral Pattern

If your goal is to update your interior décor without completely changing the furnishings or color palette, adding a patterned floral wallpaper is just the answer you need. In this case, the white flowers go hand in hand with the white themed room.

7. Illuminated Wallpaper

This wallpaper captures your inner creativity with geometric patterns and accents. The living room and its foyer get a holistic makeover with a shimmering wallpaper that features graphic patterns. the vibrant contrast between dark and white add a whole new dimension to the room, so don’ worry about incompatibility.

8. Faux Library

Now this is an unusual looking design choice, with ‘faux’ book pattern appearing on the wall that gives a complete makeover to your wall. Turns out, the visually appealing faux book color palette can look mesmerizing on most walls.

9. Damask Patterned Wallpaper

This wallpaper is a clever option to claim space in smaller walls in your home. A niche corner or neglected area can become more useful when you define it with color and pattern. This newly ‘claimed’ space can become a workplace, a small dining area, or a reading corner with eclectic walls all over.

10. Funky Floral Wallpaper

Who knew wallpapers could be considered elaborative works of art until just a few years ago with advancements in pulp and dye technology? Vibrant blues with neutral whites make a colorful statement that will overhaul your living spaces without ever having to break the bank.

11. Elephant Mural on the Wall

This wallpaper adds just the right amount of pattern to the wall without overwhelming it in the process. The bold purple colors, greeneries, shrubberies, neutral grays – all design elements serve a purpose. Nothing goes to waste, and does a spectacular job at overhauling the wall.

12. Butterfly Accent Wallpaper

Butterflies symbolize peace and harmony. And what better way to express the two attributes than by decorating your room with colorful butterflies taking flight? We definitely loved the visually contrasting blacks that added an eclectic touch to the wallpaper, imbuing it with universal compatibility with most rooms.

13. Metallic Leaves

Metallic accents are trending on social media, and for good reason. The metallic luster captures the beauty of lush leaves but without splashing the room with their bold signature green color. This allows the wallpaper to be used plentifully, making it the main attraction of the room.

14. Brown Murals

The aesthetic appeal of brown is heavily underestimated. But this solid brown wallpaper makes short work of this stereotype, reenergizing the bedroom and making it more attractive for everyday entertainment. The only two colors in this room are white and brown, which is perfect for a Scandinavian look.

15. Floral Murals

Flowers easily capture the beauty of the colorful summers, inviting a calming nature into the living room that creates a lustrous atmosphere. Each shade of leaf has a statement to make, while the faux flowers add balance to the lush greenery with bright pops of color.

16.  Playful Wallpaper

Looking something colorful for your baby’s nursery? This charming wallpaper might just do the job with its vibrant artistic style that will inspire their creativity. This wallpaper brings the carnival into your home. The white clouds against a pale white splash of background do a fantastic job at being universally compatible with most rooms.

17. Serene Gray 3D Mural

Nothing screams luxury than a touch of faux 3D pattern that adds a layer of depth to your room that you never thought was possible before. The beautiful color pattern looks like endless pillars that stretch all the way into the sky.

18. Minimalist Metal Wallpaper

Transform your home with the metal effect wallpaper, a  stylish and sleek texture that invites peaceful tones into your living space. This mural will easily add that extra oomph into your space, creating the illusion of texture and depth. The color palette goes well with most accessories and living rooms.

19. The Deep Blue Sea

If you love the deep blue sea and want to reminisce about trips to the seaside, then this serene wallpaper might just do the trick.

20. Bring Waves into Your Home

Bring the tumultuous waves stirred up by a distant storm into your home. For all their destructive power, waves somehow manage to look serene and peaceful. The wallpaper manages to not look over-the-top thanks to its white-neutral backsplash.

21. Chevron Wallpaper

Who doesn’t like chevron patterns? The all-too-familiar zig-zag pattern has become a mainstay of contemporary decors. Its minimal lines offer playful and bright murals offer a variety for most rooms.

22. Wild Flowers MercerInterior

The robustness of each color filling on the mural has a unique purpose. A unique combination of dark, green, white and white imbue the wall with a splash of color that should overhaul most rooms.

23.  Interior Architecture

If you love the clean, straight lines that modern architecture confidently boasts thanks to advancements in technology, then you might find this mural of use. It can be paired with sophisticated hues to add a lively vibe to your interior.

24. Warped Space

The white star print against a grey background is a nice touch that should overhaul the bedroom with minimal effort. This wallpaper has that wow factor needed for a show stopping interior.

25. Using Triangles

There are only three sides to a triangle, nothing too complex. The sleek and clean lines can be paired up just about anything in your bedroom. The contrasting darks and whites complement each other with perfect clarity.

26. Blue Quartz Design

This blue quartz wallpaper takes advantage of different color gradients to make a statement. It features a complex abstract with intricate artwork that can be paired with most interior styles. The neutral whites are surrounded by tonal variations of blue and purple, transforming the lackluster décor and taking it to another level.

27. 3D Faux Abstract Mural

The 3D faux mural are realistic enough to catch you off guard. These strong textures might be a little over the top for some home owners. White colors have been extensively (and exclusively) used in different capacities to provide the floral pattern some real depth.

28. Stroke of Brush

The blue turquoise paint virally infects the grey neutrals, eating it from down below. The strokes of turquoise brush add a very interesting layer that helps reinvent the bedroom walls with minimal effort.

29. Geometric Florals

This wonderful design contains an array of visually appealing patterns that are emphasized by a stunning deep red color offset by the neutral gray background. You can’t go wrong with this mural.

 30. Faux Floral Textures

The neutral floral pattern wonderfully brings visually aesthetic tones that combine mathematical precision with the artisan’s flawless creativity. This floral mural should spice things up and transform dull interior decors.

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