Can You Add A Shower To A Garden Tub?

A great addition to many bathrooms, garden tubs are perfect for relaxing after a long day. While they are great for this purpose, some wonder if adding a shower to their garden tub is possible. Luckily, we’ve done some digging and have the answer below!

Generally speaking, garden tubs are deep, freestanding tubs for soaking. Since this is the case, you will find it much harder to install a shower on a garden tub because there is no wall surrounding it.

However, you can install a handheld shower on the garden tub to rinse off after a long, leisurely soak.

Installing a shower on their tub is essential to some people, but it’s not the best choice for a garden tub. In this post, we will talk about the differences between a garden tub and a regular tub and the pros and cons of getting one. With that said, let’s dive right into this topic!

Can You Add A Shower To A Garden Tub?

Garden tubs are rapidly gaining popularity these days. In modern interior design, these tubs are freestanding: making them an aesthetically pleasing choice for many designers.

Bigger than regular bathtubs, garden tubs are perfect for soaking, which is why they are deeper and wider. Unlike a traditional tub, a garden tub will be much larger.

Historically, it is said that garden tubs were taken from the 18th-century French and English elite, who would place their tubs facing the garden for that perfect view.

Today, the garden tub has become a name—you don’t need a garden view to have one in your home. Since garden tubs are for soaking, you’ll only need a faucet to fill the tub.

However, many people feel like they should also be able to shower in their garden tubs, just like a regular tub. This is the reason why a lot of people don’t know if this is possible.

Unfortunately, since garden tubs are freestanding, placing a shower on them will be hard.

Although not impossible, adding a shower can be challenging because water will end up all over the place without walls.

Some garden tub users have successfully added a shower and a curtain to their garden tubs, but they don’t work for all tubs.

However, if you are looking into adding a shower to your garden tub, there are other options.

These handheld showers are great for rinsing hair even if you’re soaking in the tub, and there are no additional fixtures necessary to install them.

DELTA FAUCET T Roman Tub Faucet With Handshower

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See this deck mount hand shower and faucet on Amazon.

There are many different styles of faucets and handheld showers available that you can install to your garden tub. Look for a garden tub faucet, but if it’s hard to find, you can also choose to use a Roman tub faucet.

Although they are different, Roman and garden tubs share the same feature of having the fixtures installed on their side since they are freestanding.

Wowkk Tub Filler Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

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Another option for your garden tub is a freestanding bathtub faucet. These faucets typically come with a telephone-style hand shower so you can rinse off after your soak.

These faucets look beautifully paired with garden tubs meant to stand alone without any fixtures.

Is There A Difference Between A Garden Tub And Regular Tub?

Deluxe Bedroom Exterior Bath Tub with Plants Surrounding, There A Difference Between A Garden Tub And Regular Tub?

One of the biggest differences between a garden tub and a regular tub is its installation. There is also a matter of size and depth, which makes garden tubs vastly different from regular tubs.

Adding other fixtures like faucets and showers is different for both tubs.

Regarding installation, regular bathtubs must be installed flush against the wall. This is because most bathtubs need a wall-mounted faucet to fill them.

However, you can also install a shower to a regular tub because there is a wall for it to be mounted.

Garden tubs, on the other hand, are freestanding. All fixtures must either be installed on the tub or freestanding like the tub.

A full shower can be challenging to install in a garden tub, so they utilize handheld showers more often. Regular tubs are a lot smaller than garden tubs.

They are also shallower since the purpose of a regular tub is just for a quick bath. Garden tubs, on the other hand, are bigger and deeper, which makes them great for a long, luxurious soak.

What Should You Consider When Getting A Garden Tub?

Modern bathroom with freestanding white acrylic bathtub and black loft mixer.

There are several considerations when getting a garden tub. While garden tubs are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, they require specifications that make them appropriate for some homes.

As mentioned earlier, garden tubs are larger and deeper than regular ones. With this information alone, we know that to have a garden tub in your bathroom, there should be ample space for installation.

You’ll need extra space around the tub to move around the bathroom freely.

A garden tub is also not suitable for some of your family members. This is especially true if you have young children or elderly family members.

A deep garden tub can be dangerous for them, so it would be wise to consider the people you have in your household before getting one.

There is also a matter of use when it comes to garden tubs. Ideally, garden tubs are meant to be luxurious additions to your bathroom and are not there for practical purposes.

This is because a garden tub’s most basic and general function is soaking. Generally, homes with garden tubs will have separate showers in their bathroom.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Garden Tub?

Close up of white freestanding bat tub in vintage interior styled bathroom

Like any bathroom fixture, garden tubs also have pros and cons. These pros and cons may help you decide whether a garden tub will be a good addition to your bathroom.


Aesthetic value

One of the advantages of having garden tubs in your bathroom is the added aesthetic value they bring. Garden tubs are known to be luxurious additions to a bathroom.

They can beautify a large bathroom and turn it into a relaxing place.

Comfort and relaxation

A garden tub’s main feature is comfort and relaxation for whoever uses it. The deep, wide tub makes it perfect for having a long, leisurely soak after a tiring day.

If you want to have something more luxurious, some garden tubs come with water jet functions that can aid in a more relaxing bath.


There are many different materials used in garden tubs. They are very durable, and some garden tubs use other materials that can add value to your home.

Some people like tubs made with stone resin, while others choose enameled cast iron for a more industrial feel.


a Hydromassage in a garden in summer time

Requires space

Garden tubs are freestanding tubs, which means that they require a lot of space. A bathroom must have ample space for a person to move freely in the area without bumping into the tub.

With a garden tub, you’ll also need a separate shower in the bathroom, so you need a big floor plan if you wish to have one installed.

It uses a lot of water

Since garden tubs are made for soaking, it utilizes more water (and possibly higher bills.) Since they are also bigger, you may need to install another water heater since they use more water than your regular tub or shower.


Generally, garden tubs are also more expensive, and they require professional installation. Garden tubs are also heavy, so you’ll also need professional movers to bring the tub into your home without causing damage or injury to anyone.

Our Final Thoughts

Modern bathroom interior with black tile walls, concrete floor and white bathtub.

Garden tubs are luxurious additions to any home and can take away all that stress after a long day. They are great for long, relaxing soaks to loosen those tight muscles without worrying if you’ll be able to fit comfortably.

If you have the space in your bathroom, a garden tub is certainly one of the best additions you can bring to your home.

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