How To Tell The Age Of Your Olhausen Pool Table?

The most fun way to play pool is on your own high-quality pool table, and Olhausen will always be your best option. Are you wondering how to find the age of your Olhausen pool table?  Then you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve looked into this subject for you.

To determine the age of your Olhausen pool table, you may do the following:

  • Reach out to local retailers/sellers.
  • Keep an eye out for the manufacturer's stamp on the pool table.
  • Check any markings on the accessories.
  • Reach out to professionals.
  • Web search.

We will cover each method in detail in this post. Additionally, we'll go through the qualities of an Olhausen pool table, ideas for buying a used one, and the distinctions between Brunswick and Olhausen pool tables. So keep reading.

How To Tell The Age Of Your Olhausen Pool Table?

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A pool table's construction, pockets, slate bed, wood and finish, cushion rails, and pockets all reveal its age. Additionally, patterns and other particular design elements can be used to determine how many years your tables have been in use.

However, because they have such a strong representation, it could be challenging to pinpoint the precise dates of their manufacturing. Some of the best approaches to obtain an estimated age of the Olhausen pool table are the following:

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Reach Out To Local Retailers/Sellers

Asking the seller is the simplest and most direct approach to determining the age of the pool table if you're purchasing old equipment. 

They might provide some old invoices or other records that have additional details such as fixes that have been done to it, the original color and whether or not it has been changed, and where and how they initially acquired the table.

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Keep An Eye Out For The Manufacturer's Stamp/Mark On The Pool Table

Even though it may seem apparent, one of the first things you should look for is a manufacturer's stamp. Most makers of pool tables will attach a stamped metal plate to the top or side of the table.

The manufacturer's name, location, and logo are frequently displayed on this plate. If you discover that your pool table lacks such a plate, you can look underneath the table and along the backsides of the table's edges to see if the manufacturer has left a stamp there.

Manufacturers frequently leave behind stamps that contain the precise date the pool table was constructed and sometimes even the name of the company.

Additionally, you can look for a code left behind by the manufacturer that might reveal the location of the pool table on the production line for that particular year or a code for the table model.

Check Any Markings On The Accessories

Take the time to inspect these if you still have the table's original accessories, such as the cues or rack. Since they were purchased as a set with the table, they can contain a special mark (production serial number) that the manufacturer engraved there. 

Reach Out To Professionals

You can always have an expert examine your table if you can't locate any obvious markings or signs as to when it was created. Pool table merchants typically have a solid depth of knowledge. Ask a professional to visit your table in person or send them some images and have them look at them.

If your pool table is an antique, it is preferable to take precise length measurements so that these professionals can provide you with the most comprehensive knowledge they have about pool tables.

It's always terrific to get a professional to look at your table. With them, you can learn a little bit about the table and possibly its estimated age.

Web Search

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If all else fails, try using the internet to your advantage and searching for your answer. It could be possible to find out who constructed your table by posting on forums and other websites where pool lovers congregate. 

One of the fantastic pool forum websites that many pool players frequently visited is Azbilliards. People commonly post pool cues or billiard tables that they require assistance recognizing. Register on the website, then check out the "Forum" section.

How Are Olhausen Pool Tables Recognized?

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One of the most well-known brands in the pool industry is Olhausen, which provides 58 models in six different series. The majority of them typically possess the traits and qualities listed below:

Accu-Fast Cushions

They are made on a basis of pure gum rubber, free of the silica and clay additives that other manufacturers utilize to cut costs in their import cushions. Because of this, Accu-fast will consistently outperform and outlast the opposition. 

Bolt-Thru Cross Brace

Because slates require structural support, Olhausen pool tables are constructed with a bolt-through cross brace. It eliminates frame sag and spread.

Catalyzed Varnish Finish

Acetone-based Catalyzed Varnish is a high-end furniture finish that offers long-lasting beauty. Excellent resistance to scuffs, chips, and yellowing, as well as defense against moisture and humidity, are all features of catalyzed varnish. 

Olhausen also makes use of an ultraviolet (UV) finish line, which automatically sprays and sands all rails, enhancing production's longevity, consistency, and efficiency.

KD Apron Bracket

This brand guarantees consistent alignment with KD apron brackets. As a result, there are no visible screws or holes. Apron brackets are more durable than glue or nails. 

Premium Wood

Slow-growth trees have tighter grains, so Olhausen only uses the best wood from the North Eastern US, which keeps their pool tables from suffering from severe discoloration.

Slate Liner

Pool tables display the prestige of the brand through a superb slate liner and are specifically constructed to facilitate quieter play and reduce slate stress. It guarantees expert, quicker, and tighter cloth installation. 

T-Nut Rail Construction

Olhausen pool tables have a rail design with a cross-thread that is both strong and immovable. This gets rid of the hollow areas underneath cushions.  Also, this T-nut rail construction encourages simple assembly and disassembly, a longer thread grip, and is designed in accurate alignment.


Olhausen provides a uni-liner with a prompt and precise installation due to its broad slate-support area. This uni-liner makes the slate level and flat.

How to Purchase Second-Hand Olhausen Pool Tables?

This particular brand's tables come in a variety of styles, including classic and modern designs, and because of their appealing appearances, they are appropriate for the game room. 

You can acquire these used pool tables directly from people who have opted to sell their pool tables for whatever reasons, or you can buy them through the Internet. You might even get lucky and locate a nearly brand-new table.

On the other hand, you could discover Olhausen pool tables that have a few minor flaws, especially in the wood components, but this is advantageous since you can request further price reductions.

If you're seeking cheap pool tables online, you can find them on pool lovers' websites and in online classified advertising. To help you make your decision, you may also look up reviews of these tables online.

Before agreeing to buy the pool table, don't forget to inspect the item's quality and condition. Check the table felt for possible abnormalities, damage, or worn regions.

There is a chance that the slate beneath those worn and damaged regions has some cracks and chips. With the owner's permission, you can pull off the felt and see below.

This is important since the slate is a crucial element and any flaws in it will have an impact on the game. Make sure to inspect the cushion as well because the ball won't bounce much if this component is broken.

Despite the possibility for wear, used pool tables from Olhausen still offer the same high quality. This gives people the chance to acquire a pool table at home that they can use to play with their family and friends even if they are unable to afford the price of brand-new tables.

Which Is Better Olhausen Vs Brunswick?

The two major manufacturers of pool tables are Olhausen and Brunswick Billiards. These businesses are clearly well-made, and every table purchased comes with a lifetime warranty. 

There are variations between Olhausen and Brunswick that you should take into account before choosing one. Despite the fact that both feature beautiful and high-quality products available for purchase. Here are the distinctions they have:

  • Pool Table Sizes: All of their customers can access a wide variety of high-quality solid hardwood pool tables, slates, and alternatives from both brands.
  • Pool Table Features
    • Cushions: Olhausen pool tables employ more Hainsworth cloth as well as Accu-fast cushions. Whereas, Brunswick is mostly constructed using their SuperSpeed cushions and they are also starting to employ Accu-fast gum rubber cushions. 
    • Wood: Both businesses have begun using premium wood to make their tables. However, Olhausen nearly exclusively employs North American hardwoods.
    • Cabinets: The Knock Down cabinet that the Brunswick pool tables feature and the pre-built Uni-liner framed cabinet that you may discover in an Olhausen piece are two more visual distinctions between the two manufacturers.
  • Cost: The pricing range of Brunswick pool tables ranges from $1,700 to $40,000. While Olhausen Billiards does not provide the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) information, the costs for custom-built, one-of-a-kind tables start at roughly $2,150.


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Finding out the age of the pool table can be challenging. Hopefully, the suggestions above will make it easier for you. Just keep in mind that even if you already have the wildest guess or estimation of age in your mind, it is always best to double-check from a good source to be absolutely certain.

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