12 Alice In Wonderland Shower Curtains You Should See

The imagery of Lewis Carroll's classic, Alice in Wonderland, is an inspiration to many people. Fantastical creatures and a magical world greet Alice as she ventures down the rabbit hole into a world completely unlike her own.

Which, if we think about how our bathrooms can be our own little sanctuaries, explains why we think you'll love these shower curtains. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, these curtains will take your bathroom and shower to next-level cool.

We've put together a small collection of shower curtains for you to choose which is the one that will suit your needs perfectly. Shall we jump down this rabbit hole together?

Collage of Alice in Wonderland shower curtains, 12 Alice In Wonderland Shower Curtains You Should See

1. Black And White Alice Pulling Back The Curtain

This shower curtain has an image like something right out of an illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland. In a perfectly meta kind of way, Alice pulls back the curtain. This scheme will work perfectly in a neutral or black and white bathroom. Printed on polyester fabric, it's easy to clean and care for. This curtain is a standard 70" x 70" and has reinforced holes for hooks. It comes with a set of white plastic hooks.

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2. Alice, Cards, And Clocks Curtain

A whimsical cartoon Alice appears perplexed as she lands among playing cards and ticking clocks. Set on a background of blue with lighter blue stylized clock and harlequin patterning, this shower curtain will surely make you smile whenever it's time for a scrub. This curtain comes in three lengths: 70", 75", and 84", and each is 69" wide. Made of a washable Turkish polyester, this curtain won't fade and doesn't need a liner.

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3. Alice And The Chesire Cat Quote Curtain

Have I Gone Mad? This shower curtain asks the question and answers with the fact that all the best people are. This beloved quote from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland is printed with a black and white and spot-colored illustration of Alice and the Chesire Cat. This curtain is perfect for anyone obsessed with this story.

It is a little bit longer at 80" and 72", so you'll need to check to make sure this fits your space.  This curtain is easy to machine-wash and is fade-resistant.

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4. Alice In Wonderland Curtain For A Book Lover

This takes your love of a character from a story and lets her read her story. How perfect is this soft image of Alice reading surrounded by ferns and butterflies? Primarily greens with spots of pinks and blues, this curtain will work well to play off of similar or complementary colors. It comes in three lengths: 70", 74", and 84", and it is 69" wide. The curtain is machine-washable and fade-resistant.

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5. Step Into Wonderland Shower Curtain

When you peer through the keyhole it leads you to an enchanted land: Wonderland. Here a background of privet hedge highlights the keyhole view into a storyland beyond. Playing cards and roses twine around the opening and a green path leads to the horizon. This could be you as you step into the shower. This shower curtain is 70" x 70", the fabric is machine-washable polyester, and it comes with twelve hooks for the reinforced holes.

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6. A Subtle Take On Alice's Tea Party Curtain

If you love Alice in Wonderland but want a bit more monochromatic and subtle nod to the fairytale classic, then consider this graphic curtain. A black pattern of old-fashioned skeleton keys, teapots, teacups, and that ticking stop wash hang like wind chimes from bare tree branches.

The overall effect is super cool and perfect for the more understated approach. This curtain is available in standard 70" x 70" or in an extra-long version of 84" x 70".

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7. Don't Be Late Shower Curtain

Our list wouldn't be complete without a nod to that rascalliest of rabbits, the White Rabbit. This is the very fellow who convinced Alice to chase him down the rabbit hole, exclaiming how late he was. If you need a reminder to get in the shower to get to work on time, then this might be your guy.

The pattern is printed on a black backdrop for a bold look and has accents of red, blue, and turquoise. The curtain is polyester and includes hooks. It's available in three sizes.

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8. Trippy Chesire Cat Shower Curtain

That grinning Chesire Cat is another icon from Lewis Carroll's classic. Known for his crazy smile and oblique way of speaking, this cat is a character in more ways than one. This shower curtain is a combination of purples and blacks, with the cat resting on a gnarled tree branch, smiling out at you while you prepare for your day.

It comes in 70", 74", and 84" in length, and this curtain is a standard 69" wide. It's machine-washable and fade-resistant.

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9. Alice On A Toadstool Curtain

Here's another variation of Alice and the Chesire Cat in purples and blues. This clever curtain utilizes the silhouette of the cat to frame Alice in a fanciful landscape highlighted by curling branches, toadstools, and celestial bodies that emulate the cat's features. Part of the Disney collection of shower curtains, this one is 72" wide by 80" in length, so check your available space.

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10. Sleeping Alice With Other Characters Curtain

Do you want all of the Alice characters on one shower curtain? This is the one for you. Alice is in a beatific sleep at the base of a wise tree, surrounded by all of the other Alice characters. Lovely pastel colors make this a fun choice for a girl's bathroom. It is 72" x 60" in size, and it comes with hooks. It's also machine-washable and fade-resistant.

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11. We're All Mad Here Shower Curtain

Here's another cute variation on the "we're all mad here" quote. This one is simplified and is more stylized. Alice's feet dangle in but the rest of the curtain uses botanical illustrations to frame the famous quote. A deep purple background really pops with color. This curtain is 72" x 60" in size.

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12. A Tea Party In The Woods Curtain

This surrealistic style shower curtain features Alice's tea party in the forest. Walk into your bathroom and imagining yourself sitting in that wing back chair, pouring yourself a cup of tea, and biting into some delicious cake. This curtain is available in 70", 75", and 84" in length, and it is 69" wide. It's machine-washable and fade-resistant.

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