The Ruggable Pad: Does It Come With One And Do You Have To Use It?

By now, you’ve probably heard or seen advertisements about the company Ruggable. The company is known for its washable rugs that go over a pad. But does the rug come with the pad, and do you have to use it? Well, we’ve researched the topic in-depth and have an answer for you.

Ruggable rugs do come with a Ruggable pad if you choose to purchase the entire system.  However, you can also choose to purchase additional covers without the pad. The system comes with a removable cover and a pad that the rug attaches to. You should not use a Ruggable rug cover without the pad.

Now you know that you can purchase a Ruggable system that includes the pad or additional covers, but how do the systems work? Keep reading as we elaborate on the Ruggable rug system and on how to use the rugs and pads. We’ll also answer some other questions you might have about Ruggable rugs.

Posters on a wall in a living room interior with a sofa, low coffee table, and ruggable pad. The Ruggable Pad Does It Come With One And Do You Have To Use It

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Ruggable Rug System

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Ruggable rugs come in a variety of sizes and shapes. When you purchase the Ruggable system, you will receive a Ruggable rug cover and pad unless you choose the No Pad, Cover Only option on the product page. You might want more than one cover, so you can switch out designs whenever you feel like it.

You might be tempted to skip out on the rug pad in order to save some money. However, Ruggable does not recommend using the cover without a rug pad. The company states that “…one does not work without the other.” The covers are thin, and you’ll need the pad for comfort and to keep the cover in place. 

Ruggable rug covers are lightweight and are designed to fit in a standard washing machine. They attach and detach from the Ruggable pad. The pad helps keep the cover in place. Once you’ve cleaned the cover, it will simply reattach to the pad once it’s dry.  

Rectangle Ruggable Rugs

Your rug and pad will come rolled together in a box. The underside of the rug cover is designed to cling to the topside of the pad. Carefully unpackage the rug cover and unroll it. Reroll the cover with the design side facing in. Fold it in half and set it aside.

Unroll the rug pad in the location you want to put your rug. Line your cover up with the edge of the pad and unroll it onto the top of the pad. Smooth out any bumps in the rug cover, making sure it adheres to the pad. If you’re still unsure, Ruggable has a video tutorial on how to do this on their website.

Round Ruggable Rugs

The setup for one of Ruggable’s round rugs is similar to the rectangle version. However, you will fold it differently. Unroll the round cover and then fold it in half with the design side facing in. Fold it again until it looks like a pizza slice. Next, you’ll line up the folded edge with the rug pad and unfold the cover. Smooth out any creases as you go.

When lining up either the round or rectangle rug, make sure to leave a slight overhang. The rug covers were designed to be slightly bigger than the pads. For smaller rectangle and round rugs, you should expect to have a one to two-inch overhang. For 6×9 and 8×10 rugs, there will be a two to three-inch overhang, and for 9×12 rugs, you can expect a three to four-inch overhang. 

Are Ruggable Rugs Non-Slip?

It can be frustrating when you have to keep putting your rug back after a child, pet, or furniture has slipped it out of place. Ruggable has considered this problem by making the Ruggable rug pads non-slip. The underside of Ruggable pads is made from the same material as yoga mats –meaning they won’t easily slide across your floors. To maximize their non-slip feature, make sure the area you’re placing your rug is clean and dust-free before assembling your Ruggable rug system. 

Are Ruggable Pads Safe For Wood Floors?

White rug on wood floor in front of the restroom

Flooring is expensive, and so is replacing or repairing any damaged planks, so it’s understandable you might be worried about harming your wood floors with the Ruggable system. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about Ruggable pads damaging your floor. Ruggable pads are safe for both wood and vinyl floors. The type of synthetic rubber Ruggable uses is latex-free and won’t leave any residue on or stain your flooring. However, if you’re still in doubt, there’s no harm in checking with your floor’s manufacturer. 

How Thick Are Ruggable Rugs?

How Thick Are Ruggable Rugs

For some people, rugs play a big part in the comfort factor of their room. If you’re one of those people, you might be wondering how much padding you will feel underfoot. Ruggables’ thicknesses depend on if you choose a Chenille/outdoor or plush rug cover and whether you choose a classic or cushioned rug pad. 

With a classic rug pad, the Chenille/outdoor rug will be 0.3-inches thick. With the cushioned rug pad, the Chenille/outdoor rug will be 0.6-inches thick. If you choose the plush rug cover, the thickness will be 1.1- to 1.3-inches thick with the classic rug pad and 1.3 to 1.6 inches thick with the cushioned rug pad. 

Ruggable’s plush version will give you an additional inch of comfort. Though, if you choose this one and plan to put it near a door, make sure there’s enough clearance for the door to pass over the rug. 

Is Ruggable Good For Pets?

Adorable Golden Retriever dog on floor near electric fireplace

Many pet owners choose to buy cheap rugs so they can accept their losses after their pets have taken their toll on them. Why buy an expensive rug just for it to be ruined by the family animals? Well, despite its relatively high price tag, Ruggable claims that its rug system is great for pet owners. 

One of Ruggable’s major selling points is that their rugs can be easily washed and are stain-resistant. This is ideal for pet fur, slobber, accidents, and any dirt your pets might track in. The cover can be spot cleaned or removed and thrown into the washing machine. Ruggable also provides care instructions for cleaning the Ruggable pad. 

How Do I Clean My Ruggable Pad?

Young woman using vacuum cleaner at home

We’ve mentioned that cleaning the Ruggable cover just involves removing it and putting it in the washing machine, but what about the pad?If you need to remove dry spills or lint and hair, Ruggable recommends just sweeping the pad or vacuuming it with low suction. For tougher or wet spills, you can spot clean the pad using soap, water, a washcloth, or a towel. Make sure you allow the pad to dry while laying flat. 

Final Thoughts

Functional apartment with dining table, sofa and pattern rug

Though you might be tempted to skip out on the Ruggable rug pad to save some money, you’ll essentially just have a blanket for your floor. You need both pieces of the system. Remember, once you’ve got one pad, you can always buy additional covers so you can switch them out! Hopefully, we’ve helped you understand how the Ruggable rug system works!

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  1. When you order a rug system, do you have to order the cushioned rug pad separately or does it come together….

  2. What about luxury vinyl plank floors. My understanding is that the ruggable pads contain rubber, which is not recommended for vinyl plank floors.

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