27 Stunning All-White Living Room Ideas

Choosing a living room color scheme can be both exciting and challenging. Each one you consider will exhibit a potential mood, which will shine through for anyone that you entertain. You've no doubt seen countless design ideas at this point, some of which might be focused on one color in particular. But have you ever considered a living room that is almost all white?

White makes a room seem more open. The absence of color reflects all light, whether natural or artificial. This added brightness makes any room more cheery, although it does come with some challenges that need to be addressed.

White will allow for any smidge of dirt or grime to stand out much more than darker colors. White living rooms and living room furniture will need to be treated with a little bit more care, as stains and spills will be much more noticeable. But with the right precautions and treatments, it's reasonable to believe that you can live in a bright, white living room with a minimal amount of issues. 

In this post, we'll be featuring 27 of the most popular all-white living room ideas that we've gathered. To see what we've discovered, continue reading!

farmhouse all white living room interior with white sofa and curtains, wood center table, brown carpet. 27 Stunning All-White Living Room Ideas

1. White Modern

Scandinavian interior design living room with beige and brown colored furniture and wooden elements, heating radiator, indoor plants

This room features off-white furniture that has been placed on a light brown hardwood floor. The white walls hold framed prints that are all white or light in color. The plants along the exterior wall are in white planters, and the clock that is hung on the same wall has a bright white face. To the left, we see a white bookcase, which holds volumes of bound books that are light in color. 

2. White With Blue Accents

Hampton style living room interior with White With Blue Accents

In this living room, we see white furniture placed against a white shiplap wall. The white carpeting sets well with the tan-topped coffee table and decorative wicker baskets. Completing this look are the bright blue throw pillows on the sofa, which accent the whiteness of the room.

3. White With Tan Accents

room in light pastel colors, Scandi-Boho style. White With Tan Accents

This homeowner set all white furniture atop lush white carpeting. The white walls are accented by a tan framed print. Tucked away in the corner is a lightly browned set of faux reeds, set inside a tan wicker pot.

4. White With Two Dark Accent Colors

Elegant and comfortable designed living room with big corner sofa, wooden floor and big windows. White With Two Dark Accent Colors

The designer here set a white sectional sofa atop a light brown hardwood flooring, most of which is covered by white area rugs. The white walls have two colors to accent them; a small brown wooden panel on the left that extends into the mantle, and a dark gray curtain on the right.

5. Off White With Tan Flooring

Luxurious Scandinavian light living room in country villa with natural stone slate wall, sofa and fireplace. Winter scene. off white with an flooring

Here, we see an off-white set of living room furniture. The walls of this room are painted white, as is the stone. White framed art adorns the wall on the right. Brown throw pillows are nicely placed upon the sofa.

6. White Sectional

Living room with a white couch, table, floor lamp. white sectional

This homeowner selected a spacious white sectional. This furniture rests on an off-white floor, and in front of a white wall. The decor on the back wall is also large and white.

7. White Room, Gray Furniture

White Room, Gray Furniture. living room with gray and beige colored furniture and wooden elements

This room has been painted all white. The white curtains fall all the way to the light brown flooring. Sitting atop the floor are a sofa and a chair, each of which is a shade of gray. The white side table in the background blends into the rest of the room and is only made noticeable by the decorative vases of several colors that adorn the top of it. 

8. All White Holiday

Living room with Christmas tree, white sofa, crystal chandelier, fireplace and white and silver decorations. all white holiday

In this home, we have the Christmas tradition being celebrated with a white color scheme. While the green of the tree comes through, it has been covered with faux snow. The white walls and furniture make the colors of the tree seem less hidden.

9. White Paneled Room

white paneled room. living room with white sofa and throw pillows, indoor plants, white wall panels

The paneling in this room has been painted white. The white marble floors and white sofa help the greenery from the potted plant to the left stand out in the best way possible. 

10. White With Geometric Pattern

Modern classic interior of living room, gray sofa and marble table on white wall panels and concrete wall. white with geometric patterns

Here we have a white room that has a black and white geometric pattern on the area rug. This pattern nearly matches the one that was chosen for the furniture fabric.

11. Smaller White Apartment Living Room

warm and cozy affordable Scandinavian style home interior. smaller white apartment living room

This cozy apartment living room has been furnished by a white sectional sofa, which sits across from a white framed window. The tan flooring and frames on the wall above the sofa are the most significant splashes of color in the room.

12. All White, Unfurnished

all white unfirnished vacation villa with an infinity pool and beach view

Let your imagination fill in the blanks in this all-white room. The wall of windows on the left will bathe this entire white room with natural light. The remaining walls and the ceiling have been painted white. The manufactured flooring is off-white.

13. White With Black Accent Pieces

luxury white interior with foyer in glass railings, indoor plants. White With Black Accent Pieces

This penthouse has been painted and furnished in all white. But note that the lampshades, framed artwork, coffee table, and other accessories are black. This contrast lends a sharp, modern touch to this room.

14. White With Yellow Sofa

white living room with paneled walls, yellow sofa with mix blue and yellow throw pillows, patterned carpet. White With Yellow Sofa

Here we see a white room with paneled walls and a painted wooden floor. The stark contrast to the neutral color of this living room is had by the bright yellow sofa and matching yellow area rug. 

15. Modern White Living Room With a Fireplace

Modern White Living Room With a Fireplace

This living room is furnished with modern white chairs, set in front of a fireplace. In each corner, white flower pots hold the largest bits of color in the room, with the green from the plants framing in the room nicely. 

16. White With Black Accents

luxury white villa living room interior, White With Black Accents


White walls and white flooring provide the perfect opportunity to allow for black accents to shine through in this room. Inky black window treatments look magnificent along the walls, as does the area rug in front of the sofa.

17. White With Light Gray Accents

Charming and luxury living room in gray and white with glass table and glamour style corner sofa. white with light gray accents

Here we have a room with white walls and white tiled flooring. The decorator chose a light gray Chesterfield sectional, adorned on each side with glass-topped end tables. Gray curtains frame each of the windows in this room. A white area rug lies underneath a glass-topped coffee table.

18. White Room With Picture Window

White Room With Picture Window

The furniture and decor in this living room are all white. The white tiled floor leads to a fireplace, which is set inside a painted white mantle. The large picture window in the background has been adorned with white window treatments, as well as white wooden blinds. Note that the framed art on the left wall all have thick, white frames.

If you are thinking of framing your wall art with white frames, we found this similar frame style on Amazon:

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19. Using Colorful Throw Pillows To Decorate a White Room

Blue and white abstract painting and mirror in wooden frame in elegant living room interior with corner sofa and coffee table. Using Colorful Throw Pillows To Decorate a White Room

The white room in this photo has been furnished with a white sectional. The white walls have several off-white decorative features, but the real accent pieces are set upon the sofa. The multi-colored throw pillows are strategically placed all along the sectional and are both solids and colored patterns. 

20. White With Wood Accents

Brightly decorated chic modern house with sea view. White With Wood Accents

This designer made use of the wall of the windows by framing it with white draperies. The tan flooring sits underneath all-white upholstered furniture, erected on frames made from dark hardwood. Tan lampshades adorn the tops of the floor lamps in the background, while a white mantle encases the fireplace in the right foreground.

If you'd like this room with white lampshades, we suggest you consider this set that we found on Amazon.

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21. Classic White Living Room

Luxurious living room of a hotel suite. classic white living room

The white framed French doors in this living room open into a room with marble flooring. Atop this marble is a white area rug, and two white Chesterfield sofas. White draperies are hung in front of the picture window. To the right, we see the most significant accent color in this living room. A roll-top desk is tucked in this corner, a hardwood chair with white upholstery in front of it.

22. White Open Space

white open space living room with off white sofa, colorful throw pillows

In this living room, we have a large space that is sparsely furnished. The white sofa on the left sits atop a white area rug. The glass coffee table is almost invisible. Tucked away in the opposite corner is a floor lamp. Of the three visible walls shown, two are solid windows. The third wall is painted white, although the reflection from the water outside the window gives it a bluish tinge. 

If you're considering an area rug like the one in the photo, we found one that is similar.

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23. Windows For Walls

Interior of a contemporary minimalist living room with beautiful mountain, ocean and beach view. windows for walls

This living room is contained by three walls of windows, allowing for a maximum amount of natural light to enter. The white ceiling and carpeting brighten the room. Using an off-white for the upholstery, the decorator is able to dim a bit of the brightness of the room in a subtle way.

24. White With Multiple Accents

White With Multiple Accents

While this room is white (white walls, white ceiling, off-white furniture), it has been decorated with multiple accessories that are in various colors. The throw pillows are a black and white pattern, and the chairs are constructed from natural hardwood. Some greenery from live plants gives the room a bit of color, while the tan frames around the wall art seem to pair with the wooden frames of the chairs on the right.

25. White and Modern

White and Modern. living room furnished with a modern sectional sofa, with a large white fabric coffee table

Here we see a living room furnished with a modern sectional sofa, with a large white fabric coffee table in front of it. A long and white table sits low and holds the room's television. The flooring is tan but has a spacious white area rug in its center.

This faux leather upholstered living room furniture is similar to the ones in this photo.

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26. Classic White Living Room With Gray Accents

larger living room that is fully furnished with two sofas and two overstuffed chairs. Classic White Living Room With Gray Accents

Here we have a larger living room that is fully furnished with two sofas and two overstuffed chairs. White walls and a white ceiling are offset by gray window trim, as well as a fireplace mantle that is a near-matching shade. 

27. Mid Century Modern Style White Living Room

Mid Century Modern Style White Living Room

Finally, we have this room designed to echo the mid-century modern design. The light hardwood frame of the coffee table matches the floor lamps and shelving. Painted an off-white color, this room hosts windows that have pure white window treatments. The all-white living room furniture set holds throw pillows that are colorful accents to the rest of the room.

The draperies here would suit this room well.

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In Closing

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