15 Amazing Collage Wall Ideas

Adding a collage wall to any room is a great idea. It can give personality to a room and make it feel complete. Whether it be lights, plants, or overlapping pictures: gallery walls are back in style. 

With the entire wall to work with, though, it may feel overwhelming. We have chosen 15 of our favorite collage walls to showcase! We hope these creative works of art inspire you to customize your rooms.  

Instant camera prints on a wall, 15 Amazing Collage Wall Ideas

1. Ancestry Wall

One of the more historical ways of preserving family members' memories is by hanging their portraits on your wall. While this is somewhat outdated, it is still a loving gesture used by many. The different generations can have different frames, or they could be categorized by oldest to youngest, from left to right. This would work best in a living room or public area. 

White wall with photos of the family in various photo frames

2. Leafy Greens

The room includes hanging plants, a fern poster, and earthy tones, creating a harmonious and flowing collage

This beautiful collage showcases artwork and greenery. This image shows pop culture references like Taylor Swift's "No Body, No Crime" and a poster from the 2017 movie Lady Bird. There is a lovely contrast between personal media and earthiness. For example, you can tell that there are elements representing their interests and elements from nature. 

The hanging plants are a reoccurring favorite in bedrooms. The fern poster and earth tones create a harmonious blend throughout the room. Together, the wall flows from one interest to another in a natural collage. 

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3. Mirror mirror on the wall

Wall full of mirrors

If you are looking for a more abstract form of a wall collage, consider this group of mirrors. They are strategically placed in a pleasing geometric arrangement. The mirrors can also reflect light, and as a result, they can make a room brighter.

Another interesting focus in this image is the warm tone of it all. There is a gold rim around the mirrors and on the chains. There is also a warm tan wood dresser against the wall. This could also look great in a cooler-toned room. Without the gold rims and with a darker background color, this would give off a whole different vibe. Feel free to explore how mirrors add to your walls! 

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If you're interested in more stylistic mirror choices, view "11 'Wow Factor' Wall Mirror Ideas" here.

4. 70's Summer Vacation 

an upbeat bedroom with a groovy wall collage featuring flower power and burnt yellow posters. This eclectic collage incorporates vintage car images, beach scenes, and music references, evoking a nostalgic atmosphere

Brighten up a room with your inner flower power and burnt yellow posters. This groovy wall collage has images of vintage cars and beaches. The color palette is dark orange, yellow, red, navy blue, and white. There's nothin' but good vibes here. 

5. Seaside Paradise 

a visually striking master bedroom with turles and fish art prints that add sophistication and charm suitable for various spaces, from a master bedroom to a nursery

Make a splash in the room with these stunning sea creature art prints! These illustrations are sophisticated enough for a master bedroom yet friendly enough for a nursery. This would especially make for appropriate decor in a marine biologist's house! 

We love that the collage compliments the wall color. In instances where you're dead set on the collage pieces, but they don't match the wall paint—just repaint the walls! There is no shame in putting in hard work to achieve your aesthetic. 

6. Use Polaroids 

Collection of instant photo memories

Polaroid pictures are small, visual snippets into our lives. They can capture a unique emotion and bring people together. That's why we recommend including polaroid pictures in your collage wall. While this image depicts a smaller collage, you could build off of this and fill up the whole wall. 

Alternatively, you could use other inspirations, such as the leafy greens or the '70s summer vacation, and add polaroid pictures! The best way to make a wall yours is by personalizing it with images from your own life. 

Using fairy lights and clips is also a great way to use pictures.

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7. Retro Ads

a hyperrealistic bedroom setting featuring a customizable vintage art collage.

We can't be the only ones that love vintage art, right? These prints came straight from old magazines but could also come from comic books! This is a very customizable collage style. It would be perfect to showcase your personality or new interest.

The overlapping of the art is perfect for maximalists who love a good backdrop. The key is keeping the rest of the decor a solid color, preferably in the already established pallet, to complement each other. 

8. Arts And Humanities 

a metal adaptation of one of Rene Magritte's artworks graces the wall, adding an artistic touch and breaking the monotony of other art pieces

If the wall doesn't feel complete, try incorporating another texture. This wall features a metal adaptation similar to that of Rene Magritte's artworks. Not only does it add to the artistic feel of the wall, but it breaks up the monotony of the other pieces of art. These are unique pieces, yet they work in a collage so well.

We encourage you to add in your own art as well. One common idea is putting pre-school art projects and such in frames. 

9. Movie Madness

a hyperrealistic room with a wall adorned with movie posters that serve as a captivating statement piece.

This movie poster wall would make for such a great statement piece. Swap out the movies for children's classics, and you have a great room for your kids! Maybe you're a fan of a specific film genre, like horror movies- a horror movie poster wall would be eerily beautiful. This could also be a fun project to work on with your family. 

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10. Orange, You Glad

The collection exudes warmth and comfort, making it the perfect complement to bedside lamps emitting soft, welcoming light

We've got you covered if you're looking for more of a cozy corner vibe. Since most bedside lamps emit warm light, you'll want to match that with your wall decor. These images are all very warm, which only elevates the coziness. This can be achieved with any color. All you need is to keep the color palette consistent. 

11. Pretty In Pink

a "Pretty in Pink" collage displayed on a white wall in a dining room setting, illustrating a perfect example of creating contrast between wall collages and their furniture

The contrast between pink and white is show-stopping! This is a perfect example of creating contrast between wall collages and their furniture. This would be a great piece to build off of in a dining room or above the kitchen island. Not a fan of the alcoholic presence? Swap the cocktails for lemonades and orange juices, and you have a sweet little kitchen!

12. Dangerously Cute Decor

perfect nursery collage for expectant parents, adding a touch of whimsy to your child's bedroom with adorable dinosaur-themed artwork

This one is for expectant parents- the perfect nursery collage. Start your kid's journey in STEM early! Just kidding, these are super cute dinosaurs for every child's bedroom. The encouraging quotes are often featured in other collage inspirations as well. Including them in a child or teenager's bedroom may help remind them that they are loved. 

13. Kitchen Quirks 

Kitchen tools art on a wall

Here is another lovely piece of kitchen inspiration! It is a more neutral statement, but the yellow gives it just the right amount of pop. It can serve as a good reminder that cooking can be a passion, and food is a way to show love.  This would also be extra cute for a family of bakers! 

14. Sage Green And Blush Pink

The art in this collage is subtle, ensuring a peaceful and calming tone in the room

If you need a more simplistic approach, try something lighter. We are a big fan of pairing pastel colors, like this sage and blush pink. The art is very mild, and there is not too much happening. This balance could influence the room with a very peaceful and calming tone. 

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15. Booksmarts

a unique collage using book pages in a bedroom setting

Know any bookworms in the family? This might be their next wall decor. While this is not as much of a traditional collage, we're still counting it.

If you've ever wondered what to do with the extra copy of a book, unwanted textbooks, or damaged books, try repurposing them and using them for art. Depending on what kinds of books you choose to use, this could be a fairytale fantasy or a scientist's laboratory. 

To Conclude 

We chose some amazing styles of collages to showcase in this post. They ranged from nursery must-haves to a sophisticated writer's dream.

Please feel free to experiment if several of these designs stood out to you. Mix and match your home decor; you're supposed to have fun with it! Include your personality and stick to your color palette. 

If you would like to look at our other posts, "15 Colorful Bedroom Walls Ideas" may be helpful.

Alternatively, if wall collages proved to be the wrong move in your home, we understand! We also recommend checking out "Top 50 Online Stores For Buying Wallpapers". They may have a good base for some collages as well. 

Happy decorating!

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