21 Amazing Themed Living Room Ideas

Using a theme is an easy way to design your space so that it makes sense. However, there are so many different themes to choose from, and it can be difficult to commit to one. We've gathered some examples of different themes for you to help you visualize the perfect one for your living room. Without further ado, let's get started.

Gorgeous luxury furnished family room interior with vaulted ceiling, 21 Amazing Themed Living Room Ideas

Through The Ages 

Are you a fan of styles from the 70s? Have you seen a sleek living room in a popular magazine that you'd like to recreate? If so, you can use those design elements in your living room's theme. 

1. Go Modern 

Sunny all-white modern room interior design with cozy sofa, glossy concrete floor, book shelf, armchair and big windows

This living room features all the major design elements of the modern theme, including minimal furniture and monochrome. This is the perfect theme for someone who enjoys a clean crisp look without too many visual distractions. 

2. Vintage 

Living room with high ceilings and architectural features Living room with high ceilings and architectural features

The leather couch and brightly colored pillows help create this room's vintage theme. While still relatively minimal, the decor used in the room also helps convey the vintage theme. You can use thrift stores and other second-hand shops to help you find the elements necessary for this theme. 

3. Retro

Retro style in beautiful living room interior with grey empty wall

Retro is similar to vintage, and some may use the terms interchangeably. However, you can tell by looking at the two images that the styles are very different.

Retro is used to describe a visual style, as seen in the bold colors with muted shades, where vintage speaks more to the age of the items used. 


Interior design is a great way to honor your culture and heritage. In fact, a lot of people frequently use cultural influences in their design themes.

4. African-Inspired 

Digitally generated fancy African themed living room interior design

Tribal masks and African-inspired textiles and pottery pay homage to African cultures. This look depends on decor to create a theme, so you can easily recreate this by leaving your walls and floors as is and purchasing items to decorate your space. 

5. Another Take On The African Theme 

Digitally generated African themed living room interior design

Again, this living room does not make any drastic changes to the room to create a theme. Instead, bright colors, instruments, masks, and statues are used.

While this image and the previous one are both decorated in an African theme, they look very different. This is a good example of how versatile decor can be when trying to create different looks. 

6. Indian 

Interior view of a room with traditional Sankheda furniture from Western India

This living room honors the Indian culture by using authentic Sankheda furniture in its design. Art Asia Imports and Exports explains that Sankheda furniture is made from teak wood in the Indian state of Gujarat. 

The rest of the living room is plainly painted with basic flooring, allowing the Indian pieces to be the highlight of the room. 

7. Asian 

An interior Visualization of an Asian themed living room

This living room is minimal and reflects the Asian design style. Since red is a popular color in Asian design, shades of red were utilized on the walls and furniture. Sticking to a minimal design with subtle elements allows you to honor a specific culture without sacrificing authenticity. 

8. Scandinavian

Modern composition of living room interior with brown mock up poster frame, design retro commode, sofa, bookstand, rattan basket

The Scandinavian theme incorporates elements from the Nordic cultures, including Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. These cultures value beauty without sacrificing functionality. You'll notice that many of the pieces used in this room are made of wood, which is another characteristic of this design theme. 

Design Styles 

You can also design your living room in a theme that follows popular design styles. With so many to choose from, you're bound to find one that fits your aesthetic.

9. Nautical 

Digitally generated warm and cozy nautical themed home interior design

Nautical themes are popular, especially for those who live by the sea. Red or blue and white are common color schemes for this theme, with life preservers, boats, and oars as decor. 

You can design your living room by adding some nautical-themed decor pieces to your existing living room, or go all out by purchasing furniture or painting walls to match the theme. 

Take a look at 15 Great Nautical Living Room Ideas for more great nautical-themed designs. 

10. Coastal 

coastal style living room with marine decor

Not to be confused with the nautical theme, coastal themes are popular with beach lovers and summer homes. Nautical themes focus more heavily on boating while coastal themes feature elements of the beach. Light woods, wicker, light blues, teal, and white are popular colors for coastal themes. 

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11. Tropical 

Living room with contemporary tropical themed decoration

Continuing with the outdoor themes, tropical living rooms are also very popular. While the tropical theme can incorporate coastal decor, it usually focuses more on lush greenery, including palm trees, and a broader color palette. 

If you love the coastal or nautical looks but want to incorporate more color or bolder accents, tropical may be the perfect theme for you. 

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12. Contemporary 

Contemporary luxury home living room with stylish decor

For a more sophisticated look, a contemporary theme is a great choice. Neutral colors, large pieces of art, and mixed textures or patterns are hallmarks of the contemporary theme.

This image is a little more old-fashioned than most contemporary looks. However, it illustrates how widely varied the contemporary theme can be.

13. Farmhouse 

Farmhouse style ceiling fan and decorative rug in front family room

Farmhouse is another favorite design theme, especially among those who live in or love the countryside. This theme utilizes rustic elements, such as the use of wood, but lightens the color palette quite a bit. In a farmhouse theme, you will see whites, light blues, and lighter-colored woods. 

True to the name, various aspects of farm life are featured in the farmhouse theme. Windmills, tractors, and animals are common motifs. 

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Displaying Your Interests 

Your hobbies and interests are an important part of your life, so why not make them your living room theme? Here are some themes that proudly display what is important to you.

14. A Music Room 

Decorated walls in music theme in living room interior

You can tell that the owners of this home love music. While the room is designed with basic furniture and wooden floors and walls, the decor includes records, instruments, and album cover art. This is a great way to share your hobby in your existing living room. 

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15. Hunting Lodge 

The interior of the hunter's house with burning fireplace and stuffed boar head on the wall

Hunters love to show off their hobby, so they may enjoy a hunting-themed living room. Animal heads, mounted guns, and animal skin rugs are great decorations to use in a hunter's favorite place to relax. 

If you have a fireplace in your living room, stacks of chopped wood also add to the rustic charm of a hunting-themed living space. 

Color Schemes

Themes don't always have to consist of a particular category of decor. You can create a living room theme by simply creating a color scheme that you love. Then, you can choose furniture, wall decor, and accents that fit into that color scheme. Here are some examples. 

16. Pastel And Gold 

Modern interior of living room with blue corner sofa, coffee tables, floor lamp, wall with copy space

This stunning living room features walls and furniture of pastel blue and pink with gold accents. While the atmosphere of the living room evokes a coastal feel, there aren't any decor pieces that commit to a coastal theme. 

The colors in this color scheme work well together and create a calming space. Marble accent pieces would be a stunning addition to this space. 

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17. Shades Of Green 

a cozy, green sofa in the colorful living room with geometric decoration

Various shades of green command your attention when you look at this image. Warmer shades of pink and light-colored wood are effective accent colors while the white table and walls give your eyes a break from the color.

This color scheme provides a natural, calming feel for the living room and has enough color variation to keep the room from feeling boring. 

18. Orange And Grey 

Stylish coffee table with kinck knacks in front of elegant couch with pillows

While the first two examples created a calming atmosphere, this grey and orange room gives a welcoming pop of bold color.

This room is a great example of "less is more" because while there are only a few orange pieces, it is enough to make a big impact. 

19. Jewel-Toned Brights 

Table with cushions on blue carpet in living room interior with posters above white sofa

While less is more in the previous example, more is more in the case of these brilliant jewel-tone colors. This living room spares no color with multiple shades on every surface. The walls and floors remain white, however, to provide much-needed balance. 

This is another example of a great look to recreate if you don't want to make any permanent changes. All of the pieces that stand out in this space are temporary and easy to switch out. 

20. Bold Brights 

Modern interior design in an apartment, house, office, bright modern interior details and light from the window against the backgroun

This room is the previous image's opposite with dark walls and floor and just a few pops of color. You can create a similar space with a brightly colored throw rug and throw pillows in matching shades. 

This is a perfect theme for a design beginner since the few pieces can act as a template. Switch the rug and pillows out and replace them with holiday themes or experiment with different color combinations that you can eventually expand to the entire space. 

21. Black And White 

Living room with black and white

The classic black and white color scheme is timeless and stunning as well as versatile. Like the last example, you can easily create a template for yourself, experimenting with different accent pieces or patterns. 

While a balance of the two colors looks best, it is virtually impossible to "mess up" a black and white theme, so don't be afraid to get creative! 

Take a look at 61 Gorgeous Black And White Living Room Ideas for more inspiration.

In Closing

Gorgeous luxury furnished family room interior with vaulted ceiling

From color schemes to class design themes, there are countless ways to design your living room. Before you begin, take a minute to think about what kind of space makes you happy. Then, find the theme that best fits and get designing! 


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