American Woodmark Cabinets Vs Kraftmaid: Which To Choose

Your kitchen would be incomplete and bland without your kitchen cabinets. But you cannot have cabinets just for the sake of having cabinets. Having cabinets of high quality should always be the goal when installing your cabinets.

One of the best-known cabinet makers is American Woodmark and Kraftsmaid. Do their products offer a difference in quality? What are their significant differences? This article will look into both lines from a bird's view. You will decide better next time you install your cabinets after reading this. So, let's get to it.

Comparison of two kitchen cabinets, American Woodmark Cabinets Vs Kraftmaid: Which To Choose


Kraftmaid is one of the leading semi-custom cabinetry companies with more than 40 years of experience. The company offers strong joints that can survive a lifetime and are usually 3/4" solid wood.

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The wood from Kraftmaid comes with several layers of paint. These layers provide a rich, deep hue that is attractive. Products from this line will be best suited for you if you seek authentic wood over artificial wood.

American Woodmark

American Woodmark is a cabinetry company that specializes in bath and kitchen services. The line makes and sells its products through new construction, remodeling, and specialty dealers. Most of the face frames for the bath and kitchen it offers are of high quality.

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Kitchen cabinets with white countertop black handles and tile backsplash

The cabinets by American Woodmark come in different colors, styles, and materials. If you are one to support local manufacturing, it will help to know that the products are all made at their four sites in America.

Kraftmaid Vs. American Woodwork: Diversity

Kraftmaid cabinets are applicable whether you are remodeling or building a new kitchen. You can settle on one of the many options of doors and cabinets. Also, you will get a great design due to its attention to detail. Overall, you will have appealing door overlays and cabinets.

Some of its choices include recessed, curved square, slab, and raised paneling choices. Kraftmaid aims to help its customers renovate, design, and redesign their homes with appealing cabinets.

On the other hand, American Woodwork offers a variety of convenient items, such as champagne racks, recycling centers, and storage units. Its cabinets are well designed and accessible if you want a guarantee of an OK organization for your items. Customers can also get custom-tailored units to meet their preferences and that of their residences.

Kraftmaid Vs. American Woodmark: Design and Manufacturing Differences

American Woodmark makes items with solid hardwood, including a front-face frame. They also cure the timber to wade off warping.

The line presses and cements the frame’s joints to bring about adhesion. Additionally, it ensures longevity and stability of the frame by revisiting twice and stapling.

It suffices to say that the items from American Woodmark are uniquely designed. Therefore, the products can blend into different environments, whether it is your home or business.

Meanwhile, Kraftmaid offers a wide selection of doors and panels. Additionally, it offers a range of finishes with good choices to seamlessly blend into your kitchen space.

You will find Kraftmaid products at Lowes, Home Depot, or an authorized dealer shop. If it is your choice, you can look around in your area.

Kraftmaid Vs. American Woodmark: Customer Trust and Affordability

Customer service evaluation and satisfaction survey concepts

It is crucial to establish what other customers are saying about a company in today's competitive market. The pricing of its product should also be affordable without compromising on quality. Generally, you should buy products from businesses with a good reputation and customer trust.

For starters, Kraftmaid has been in the industry for forty years. During this duration, they have met the demands of different customers, leaving them with satisfaction.

Its semi-custom cabinets are top-tier, and they come at affordable prices. Kraftmaid also offers different style combinations that you can select from.

Also, the semi-custom cabinetry allows you to modify your cabinets without waiting long as you would with customized cabinets. You also won’t pay an additional fee.

However, American Woodmark will be the best solution if you are working on a budget. They offer cheaper cabinets that will also work perfectly. The prices are up to 25% lower than those of Kraftmaid. But the finish and the wood’s quality control do not match Kraftmaid.

What to Choose Between American Woodmark and Kraftmaid

A comparison of two kitchen cabinets

American Woodmark is primarily a stock manufacturer. On the other hand, Kraftmaid is majorly a semi-custom line. In fairness, the disparity between stock and semi-custom has more to do with how versatile the end product will look than its quality.

Semi-custom cabinets will also have more options and finishes than in stock. People are generally prejudicial to American Woodmark because of its lower costs. However, they also offer semi-custom products comparable to Kraftmaid in price and quality.

Many of the users of the two lines have noted that there are no significant disparities in the final product. However, they noted that with Kraftmaid, the semi-custom versatility allows one to do designs that you wouldn't with the stock from American Woodmark.  

If you are looking for superior quality finishes, you should choose the Kraftmaid line. On the other hand, if you are working on a limited budget, American Woodmark will be a great choice.

Final Remarks

The importance of kitchen cabinets cannot be understated. The cabinetry will affect the functionality and the level of spaciousness in your kitchen. Also, most of the items you need to use in the kitchen are stored in the cabinets. The choice of your cabinet is therefore very important.

A kitchen that has no cabinet will appear ugly and unfinished. An addition of cabinets will uplift the face of the kitchen and create extra space. It would be best if you considered getting cabinets of good quality.

Whether it is American Woodmark or Kraftmaid, these lines offer high-quality products. These items range from panels, drawers, doorways, and storage containers.

It would be best to buy your items physically to check the quality and finish. Most online buyers are dissatisfied due to their high levels of expectations.

Both of the lines discussed are leaders in cabinetry. The ultimate choice of whether you will settle for a quality finish or price, or semi-custom cabinets over stock will be yours to make.

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