18 Angel Wings Home Decor Items That Will Make Any Room More Spiritual

18 Angel Wings Home Decor Items That Will Make Any Room More SpiritualSometimes all it takes to elevate your room to heavenly heights are decorative items that evoke a higher plane of existence. If you love the elegance of angel wings, then this is the list for you!

The concept of angels can easily make a central home decor theme for any room, both reflecting and enhancing the spiritual aspects of those who use the space on a daily basis. For many, this is a religious motif. For others, it is merely a reflection of ethereal beauty. Whichever group you belong to, we have tracked down 18 beautiful and delicate angel wing items to add just the perfect touch to your decor!

Wall Decor

There are great angel wings options on Amazon for wall decorations, and we've gathered the best ones down below for your viewing pleasure.

1. Metal Angel Wings

These metal angel wings have layered pieces that create a realistic feather look. They have hooks attached to their backs so that they can be hung horizontally or even vertically, and they can be hung anywhere on the wall for decoration. The angel wings come in a cream and ivory color and are made from lightweight metal.

These beautiful wings are perfect wall decorations and can be found here on Amazon.

2. Distinctive Designs Wire Angel Wings

These wire angel wings are from the Mayrich Company and are creatively crafted from metal wire in an open design. They measure 25 inches high and are 16.25 inches wide, can we used as a decoration on the wall or it can be leaned against a shelf or table. Its open design gives you the ability to decorate it any way you'd like, such as with ribbons, lace, bows, and fairy lights.

These unique wire angel wings can be found here on Amazon.

3.  Angel Wings Wall Art

Printed on a high-quality canvas, this angel wings artwork features vivid color and is waterproof. The art comes with 5 different panels, all with a black background; the inner three panels show parts of the white angel wings while the other two serve to balance out the look aesthetically. Each panel has a black hook already mounted to it for easy hanging straight out of the box.

These angel wings are perfect for the living room and the bedroom and can be found here on Amazon.

4. Black Angel Wing Wall Stickers

These angel wing stickers are non-toxic, environmentally safe and waterproof. They can be applied to any smooth surface, such as glass, ceramic tiles, home appliances, and walls. They are easy to apply; simply choose a smooth, clean and dry surface and position the stickers without pressing them down to allow for easier removal and repositioning.

The wings themselves are black and very detailed with a white background. This product includes one pair of angel wings and can be found here on Amazon.

5. Fire and Ice Angel Wings Painting

This fire and ice angel wings painting is a contemporary piece from VIIVEI and features accents of blue, red, white and black. In the image, an angel stands with their wings and arms outstretched, fire bursting from one arm and ice from the other. It's printed on high-quality canvas and stapled to durable resistant frames, and the canvas is hand-stretched and framed by professionals.

The painting comes in three sizes: 16" x 24", 24" x 36", and 28" x 44". This painting would look great in the living room space and can be found here on Amazon.

6. Acrylic Angel Wing Stickers

This acrylic golden wall sticker is harmless to the environment and your health. They are durable, dustproof, are easy to clean and have a long service life. They should be placed on a smooth, clean surface and the protective film should be removed after it is placed. These wings are the perfect home decor for living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries and parties.

If interested, you can find these acrylic stickers here on Amazon.

7. Wings of Angel Amethyst

This painting is designed by Oliver Glam and was designed and made in the US. It's printed and stretched onto a high-quality wood frame and chic canvas. The painting arrives ready to hang and display. The painting is glittery and very detailed, mainly featuring white and off white colors.

Oliver Gal's painting comes in six different sizes and can be found here on Amazon.

8. Metal Angel Wings

This angel wings wall decor from the Creative Co-Op is made from metal and a distressed finish. Its dimensions are 17.75" x 1.25" x 25.25" and only require a light dusting to be properly cleaned. The wings feature two heavily detailed gold wings with a small gold heart in the center and a small rope from which to hang it.

These metal angel wings can be found here on Amazon.

Home Decor

Now that we've looked at some angel wings wall decorations, let's look at decorations that are great for other parts of the home.

1. Angel Wings Wind Chime

These lovely wind chimes are made from iron and measure 24 inches long. The chimes hang from thin twine and feature three gold-colored angel wing ornaments with small hearts between them. From the bottom hangs a small bell that chimes and rings beautifully with the wind.

This cute wind chime can be found here on Amazon.

2. Angel Candle Figurine

This product from Amazon is a praying angel figurine with a battery operated LED candle with an auto timer. It requires two C batteries, and they are not included. The figurine is made from resin and has a long-lasting battery life. The image portrayed by this figurine is that of a praying angel with her wings cupped around a candle.

This angel figurine is a beautiful and peaceful addition to tabletops, countertops, and shelves. It can be found here on Amazon.

3. Angel Wings Frame

This standout picture frame from Abbey Press is crafted from resin and a white finish. It measures 7.75" x 8.63" and can display a 4" x  6" photo. The frame features the inscription, "Ever cherished in our hearts, enfolded now in angel wings" and is an off white with silver angel wings.

This angel wing photo frame can be found here on Amazon.

4. Rustic Wood Angel With Wings

The angel part of the figurine is handmade and has both an all-natural bark side and a side that is smooth and sanded down. The wings are made from metal and are the color of rust. The angel is designed, cut, and sanded from real Black Forest wood and would be a warm addition to any home.

This angel figurine comes in three different sizes and can be found here on Amazon.

5. Angel Wings Crystal Ornament

This angel wings crystal ornament is transparent and measures 5.2 cm x 4.3 cm x 1.5 cm. The crystal has 208 facets and there are hand seated accents. This angel wings crystal would look great dangling in front of a window. The sunlight streaming through will bounce off the crystal and send shards of rainbow light across the room.

This crystal can be found here on Amazon.

6. Angel Wings Candleholder

These angel wings from Giftbrit comes in a set of two white angel wing candle holders. They measure 7cm x 12cm and each wings is designed with incredible detail. The wings votive holder is made from off white resin and finished with white paint highlights, giving it a marble-like effect. The wings are meant to hold candles but can also hold tea lights.

These beautifully crafted angel wing candle holders can be found here on Amazon.

7. Angel Wings Tabletop Decor

This white angel tabletop decor is crafted from durable resin and features a slightly weathered finish. It measures 18.5" x 2" x 12.5" and is for indoor use only. The decor is a pair of white angel wings stationed on a black stand, and it would look lovely as a shelf or table decoration.

This angel wing sculpture can be found here on Amazon.

8. Angel Wings Neon Light

This vivid angel wings neon light is the perfect night light for any room! The light can hang on the wall or it can be placed to stand on a flat surface. It used an LED light and has a low voltage, so it can be placed anywhere without worrying if it'll become too hot.

This neon angel wings light is a plugin and can be found here on Amazon.

9. Angel Wing Statue

This angel wing statue from Design Toscano is hand-cast using real crushed stone that is bonded with a high-quality designer resin. Each piece is individually hand-finished by artisans and it's exclusive to the Design Toscano Brand. The angel wing statue features a silver wing in the vertical position and placed proudly on a black stand.

The statue measures 8" x 8" x 34" and can be found here on Amazon.

10. Angel Wings Heart Tray

These double angel wings form the shape of a heart and are perfect for holding jewelry or possibly other everyday items, such as keys or even fruit. The tray measures 4.25" x 4.25" x 0.75" and comes in a turquoise color. The tray is incredibly detailed and beautiful and is sure to be the envy of your friends.

This angel wings tray can be found here on Amazon.

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