9 Great Apartment Living Room Layouts

With the right layout, apartment living rooms have the potential to be cozy, highly-functional areas that both you and your guests will enjoy. Apartment living rooms are generally limited on space, m aking it somewhat of a challenge to select the optimal layout; it can be difficult to choose a layout that doesn't make the space feel cramped and small.

But the size of apartment living rooms is also precisely what makes them feel so homey. With a little bit of thought and planning (and a bit of rearranging), you can create a highly-functional apartment living room that doesn't lack aesthetic appeal. 

To make the process easier for you, we created a list of 9 apartment living room layouts. Without further ado, let's check them out, shall we?

A modern green themed living room, 9 Great Apartment Living Room Layouts

1. Combined Living Room And Eating Area

Living room with table, couch and television

If you want to combine your living room and eating area, consider this layout. This apartment living room features a couch and entertainment center on one side and a table with chairs and an ottoman on the other. If you want to seamlessly incorporate the living room into the rest of the apartment, consider this layout. The natural light that pours into the room even makes it feel larger.

2. Long Couch, Lounge Chair, Ottoman, And Coffee Table

Modern Living room interior with purple and violet theme

This living room layout is perfect for the tenant who wants to maximize available floor space while still having a great spot for relaxing. The couch is pushed back against the wall, opening up the rest of the floor space. An area rug, coffee table, lounge chair, and ottoman complete the room, creating a visually balanced aesthetic.

This rectangular glass coffee table is the perfect option, as it will suit virtually any apartment living room.

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3. Double Couches With Coffee Table

A modern green themed living room


If you love to entertain family and friends inside your apartment, consider this layout. It features two small couches that sit across from each other, creating the perfect setting for conversation. An area rug and coffee table join the two couches, making the room feel unified and complete.

These floating shelves are the perfect addition to an apartment living room because they don't take up any floor space. 

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4. L-Shaped Couch With Corner Work Area

New design home interior with window, TV, large sofa and white furniture set


Why not incorporate your workspace into the living room? This apartment living room layout features a cozy L-shaped couch, entertainment center, and workspace, and there is still floor space left over for additional decor. This layout is perfect for the at-home worker that wants a nearby place to relax after a long day.

You can even take advantage of the layout by installing an above-the-door bookshelf. It's suspended out of the way of the rest of the flow of the room. 

5. Long L-Shaped Couch With Wide Entertainment Center

White sofa in a spacious living room

This apartment living room layout exudes luxury and relaxation. The long L-shaped couch is perfect for seating several guests and facilitating hours of conversation. The wide entertainment center that sits across from the couch is ideal for a large TV. A sizeable area rug ties the room together, creating a unified look.

6. Couch, Small Coffee Table, And Small Table

Compact Scandinavian style living room design

This quaint living room layout is perfect for the minimalist that wants an open feel. A modest-sized coffee table sits across from the couch, and a small table across the room makes for the perfect work area. Who wouldn't enjoy working or relaxing in this unique apartment living room?

7. L-Shaped Couch With Entertainment Center

Cozy living room in a luxurious apartment

This spacious L-shaped couch sits across from a fairly large entertainment center. A small triangular coffee table binds these elements and gives the space a contemporary, sophisticated ambiance. The layout of the couch serves to separate the living room from the rest of the apartment. If you're looking to make the living room feel like its own separate space, consider strategically placing the couch like so.

This white triangular coffee table is an excellent statement piece for an apartment living room with a modern vibe.

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8. Large Couch With Open Floor Plan

Gray corner lounge standing in white living room

This massive L-shaped couch is certainly the focal point of this apartment living room. The couch sits tucked away in the corner of the room, making the space feel cozy and homey. A moderate-sized circular area rug sits under a small table, giving the room a sense of visual balance. 

9. Couch, Lounge Chair, Coffee Table, And Ottoman

Living room with blue upholstered furniture, window blinds and white net curtain

The emphasis of this apartment living room is clearly relaxation. This living room features a couch, a sizeable lounge chair, a coffee table, and a small ottoman across the room. This arrangement is great for apartments with a modern vibe. If you like to entertain and relax, then this layout is for you.

In Closing

We hope this guide has given you some ideas for your apartment living room. If you draw some inspiration from any of these ideas (or taken elements from several), you'll be well on your way to achieving an amazing living room. Before you go, be sure to take a look at these other guides that might be of interest:

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