Are Kwikset Smart Locks Waterproof? [And How Safe Are They?]

Choosing the right lock for your home or nearby structure isn't always easy. For example, do you want to shop from Kwikset's line of locks but don't know if they're waterproof? Is it okay to have a Kwikset lock outside in inclement conditions?

Luckily, we've done plenty of research into this lock brand and have the answer below!

You can generally expect exterior Kwikset locks to withstand moisture and other weather conditions. For example, if your Kwikset smart lock has a touchscreen and mentions outdoor use, it will be fine in the rain, snow, etc.

Each smart lock should have an instruction manual detailing its waterproofing abilities, so always read it before installing.

As we start this article, we will cover all things Kwikset smart locks and discuss whether or not they're waterproof. If you need a new lock for your house, have a Kwikset, or need other tips and tricks, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Locking smartlock on the entrance door using a smart phone remotely. Concept of using smart electronic locks with keyless access, Are Kwikset Smart Locks Waterproof [And How Safe Are They]

Is It Okay To Install A Kwikset Smart Lock Outside?

As long as the Kwikset smart lock you're installing says it can go outdoors, this will be fine. Generally, your smart look will be able to handle temperature fluctuations, rain, snow, and whatever else comes its way.

If you've ever used a smart lock, you'll likely notice a touchscreen rather than a hole. With your Kwikset, you should be able to have it outside and not lose the touchscreen functionality.

That said, you want to ensure that whatever smart lock you purchase is meant for a home's exterior. Not all Kwikset products are waterproof or weatherproof, so they're not all the same.

As we mentioned before, the best idea is to check the manual with your lock, see if it's water/weatherproof, and install it on an exterior door.

Can A Kwikset Smart Lock Get Wet?

Yes. Most Kwikset smart locks can get wet and still operate as usual. According to this Amazon customer Q&A, the 'Kwikset 99100-078 SmartCode Deadbolt Door Lock' is meant to go outside and handle moisture fine.

This is the same case for most of the brand's smart locks and basic lock products. Even though your smart lock may have a touchscreen display or buttons that light up, that doesn't mean it can't handle the weather.

With these types of locks becoming increasingly popular, it's no surprise companies' have adapted them to work inside and outside over the years.

Furthermore, Kwikset is a major lock manufacturer, so if you're looking for the next best thing, you'll likely find it through them.

For Kwikset customers with a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock, you can expect it to be waterproof. According to the brand's support page, all 'Aura Bluetooth Enabled Smart Locks' are water and weather resistant and safe outdoors.

Again, it never hurts to check out the Kwikset website before purchasing a lock (even if it's not directly through them) to see whether it's safe outside.

Kwikset 99100-078 SmartCode Deadbolt Door Lock

This smart lock is water and weatherproof, has an electronic deadbolt system, works with Alexa voice control, features 128-bit wireless encryption, can be opened with a Z-Wave smart home system, and comes in a satin nickel finish.

Follow this link to view it on Amazon.

Are Smart Locks Weatherproof?

Woman puts the smart phone to the electronic reader to access the apartment or office. Cell with running mobile secure application

Yes! Generally, you should expect a smart door lock to withstand the weather. Remember, Kwikset and other brands have touchscreen access on some of their locks and Bluetooth capability.

Even with those usually-dry features, your lock is still usable during rain, snow, or other moist conditions. That's because a lot of these locks have weatherproofing seals.

Furthermore, the main electronic components of a smart lock are usually indoors on the other side. It wouldn't be sustainable to have the main power source for a smart lock face the outside since water is imminent.

Of course, that doesn't mean you want your lock to be submerged in water, but normal rainfall or storming won't typically be an issue.

According to the experts at Frontpoint Security, you can generally expect a smart lock to withstand extreme temperatures, rain and humidity, snow and ice, and dirt and dust.

That's all while making access to your home safer and more accessible as long as you have the password. There's a reason these locks have become such a huge success.

Can I Use A Kwikset Smart Lock In The Rain?

Yes. Most of the time, your Kwikset smart lock will be usable in the rain. If your lock has a keypad or touchscreen display, it should light up and allow you to enter your code.

According to Kwikset, if you have one of their 'Premis' locks on your door, it will be fully functional in the rain/elements. However, the interior must be protected from the elements.

That said, you want to ensure whatever Kwikset smart lock/regular lock you install has its main power source or electrical box inside your house.

So, your locks' keypad should be facing the exterior of your home, with the back (no touchscreen or keys) installed inside your door.

Since your lock should be outside-facing, this won't be a problem. The main issue with installing smart locks in weather-prone areas is not having their backside protected.

Even if your lock is on an exterior shed or structure, you still need to ensure its backing doesn't get too wet during heavy rain. Again, if you need help, we recommend checking Kwikset's customer care page.

What's The Difference Between A Smart Lock And A Regular Lock?

smart house, home automation, device with app icons. Man uses his smartphone with smarthome security app to unlock the door of his house.

For anyone still confused as to what makes a lock "smart," this is pretty simple. Generally, a smart lock is an automated version of a traditional model.

For example, your standard, non-smart lock uses a key to turn and open the deadbolt, while a smart lock uses a touchscreen or number keypad.

One similarity between these lock styles is they both have a master keyhole. So, if your Bluetooth won't enable or the weather isn't letting you open the door: you can still use a key.

Again, one of the main benefits of having a smart lock is how easy it is to get into. If you have a code for the door, all you need to do is input it and wait for the system to unlock the deadbolt.

However, you may find that scary considering anyone could guess a preset key/code, so try and choose one that isn't 0000. Some smart locks also open through an app on your phone, which can get quite technical the more expensive the model is.

So, smart locks are a bit more user-friendly than traditional ones, but they still have their headaches.

Are Kwikset Smart Locks Safe?

We would say they're safe for those debating on a smart lock from Kwikset. Your smart lock will often recognize too many failed entry attempts and refuse to open.

Although that could be annoying for you, it can save your home from unwanted entries. According to Wired, Kwikset smart locks are certified Grade 1 security for residential use by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association.

That means they are proven to keep homes safe and not easily accessible or breakable. Since some home burglaries happen because of faulty/weak door locks and entry points, that can make a difference.

As we said, Kwikset is a leader in this field, so we would trust them with our doors and lock needs. However, that's not to say hacking into one is impossible.

Unlike a regular door lock you can try to pick, a smart lock may be hackable from another device.

For example, if your front door uses a smart lock with Bluetooth-enabled access, who's to say someone can't hack into your home wifi, download the app, and break in?

Of course, that takes much more work than simply breaking through a window or picking a traditional lock, so it does take a specific type of criminal.

Can You Pick A Kwikset Smart Lock?

Sample installation of a deadbolt by Kwikset lock company inside a home improvement store.

Since Kwikset smart locks don't use a traditional key for access, it is virtually impossible to pick them. Since these door locks use an automatic motor, you can't use the old paperclip method.

Furthermore, Kwikset advertises their products are essentially break-in-proof, meaning you won't be able to access them if you don't have the unique code.

According to a study, Kwikset smart locks had been picked in less than 2 percent of lock-picking attempts, while a Schlage lock had been picked in over 78 percent.

That's a startling difference. As we said, your Kwikset lock doesn't work like a regular door lock. That makes breaking into it more complex, often keeping criminals away.

However, that's not to say a break-in can't occur, so be cautious. Always try and keep your door's password safe, and don't let others see you input it.

Like your phone's password, you wouldn't want someone closely watching you open your front or back door using the keypad. The more private you are, the less likely a break-in will happen.

To Finish Up

Locking smartlock on the entrance door using a smart phone remotely. Concept of using smart electronic locks with keyless access

Whether you have a Kwikset smart lock or want to buy one, it's always good to know what they can withstand. From what we found, Kwikset locks should be able to handle water and the elements as long as they're intended for outdoor use.

Most of the companies' smart locks are touchscreen or keypad enabled, which will still function in the rain. Furthermore, Kwikset products aren't as easy to break into as traditional turn-key models, making them a perfect option for people worried about a burglary.

Regardless, try to ensure your smart lock's back/electrical components are installed indoors and don't be afraid to open your front or back door with your smartphone!

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