Are Sectionals Out of Style? Here’s What You Need to Know

The trends of interior design are notoriously volatile. So, it isn’t surprising that different couch styles also change from one year to the next. Couches are frequently the centerpiece of a room. After all, couches can occupy the majority of the area. Also, the couch is what brings everyone together. Whether you are just furnishing or updating your style, your couch can make all the difference. Fortunately, we have thoroughly researched the benefits and trends of sectional sofas for you.

While decorative styles frequently change, sectional sofas remain aA Nautical themed living room with a sofa, blue beddings, and an off white colored wall popular choice for any home. Sectionals are currently trending, bouncing back after a period of disinterest. This is because sectionals are practical pieces of furniture. Although the style is certainly subjective, sectional sofas can adapt to any space or even command it. Also, sectionals are available in a wide variety of different materials and color choices.

Making a large purchase can be a daunting commitment, especially these days. So, before you take a sectional home, you should definitely prepare. It’s crucial to fully understand the ideal sectional sofa and the potential benefits or drawbacks. But don’t worry! Keep reading, and we’ll help you make an informed decision, so you can relax on a comfy new couch.

A light gray colored sectional sofa with a gray area rug in front and a coffee table with an indoor plant placed on top, Are Sectionals Out of Style? Here's What You Need to Know

What are the practical benefits of a sectional sofa?

A sectional sofa is actually composed of multiple pieces, which can each be rearranged at will. This means that you can commonly purchase the pieces individually. That can prove invaluable for anyone with a smaller budget in mind. In fact, individual pieces will also be a lot easier to move into your home. Some of them even provide storage space.

But the separated pieces of a sectional can also offer an unmatched level of freedom to arrange your room. Sectional sofas can be used to fill in the corners of your room or any other awkward spaces. Traditional couches must often adhere to symmetry to look appealing. You can check out this post about how long ordinary couches are. However, sectional sofas can accommodate asymmetrical layouts. This can be especially useful in smaller rooms.

Sectionals can always make the most of a small room, which is perfect for apartments. The separated pieces can be grouped for as many or as few seats that you desire. This means that a sectional sofa will consistently conform to tighter areas or layouts incorporating other furniture. It’s a great way to offer enough seating without sacrificing too much room.

That’s why sectionals are also a fit for larger rooms too. While some models are clunky, there are plenty of sectional sofa options that won’t demand the entire room.

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How do you separate a sectional and make it look good?

Naturally, this will be highly subjective. And separating a sectional sofa may feel awkward compared to a traditional couch. However, it’s still possible to make separate pieces look nice. Like any other design, an organized layout will consistently look attractive.

If you are separating the sectional altogether, you may try to create a different focal point for the room. The couch will no longer be a large piece of furniture, and it won’t draw as much attention to itself. As such, it’s probably best to let the individual pieces of the sectional conform to the new focal point of the room. After all, one of the major reasons to own a sectional couch is to complement the existing furniture.

How do you combine a sectional with neighboring furniture?

Typical L-shaped and U-shaped sectionals are frequently used to wrap around other furniture, like coffee tables. This way, everyone who is seated has a place for their drink. Likewise, it can be easy to create symmetry with additional furniture.

A light gray colored sectional sofa with a gray area rug in front and a coffee table with an indoor plant placed on top

Even if a sectional is separated, it can still be visually unified by using other arrangements. These sectional pieces can sit opposite each other, and they can be joined by filling the same rug. This is highly valuable because rugs come in many different shapes and sizes. This will allow different canvases for your sectional layout.

White sectional couches placed on a black colored area rug and a piano table inside a white living room

In order to fill in gaps between separated pieces of your sectional, you can also use side tables. This should generate a cozy flow to your room and reinforce minimalist designs. Ultimately, you can be creative with other decorations and furniture to create a snug yet open scene.

A rustic rest house with wooden furnitures, brown curtains, and wooden framed windows

Are L-shaped sofas a good idea?

L-shaped sofas can look cozy no matter where you put them. While L-shaped sectionals would distinctly fit with any corner, they are equally appealing in the center of an open room -this a fairly unique advantage over other options. For example, a U-shaped sofa is frequently rather cumbersome.

L-shaped sofas often receive very mixed reviews regarding their flexibility. L-shaped sectionals are often considered to be overbearing when used for smaller rooms. The signature “L” shape may also disrupt certain layouts. However, L-shaped sofas can still be broken up into two separate pieces. They also still provide a useful ratio of seating and area consumption. One side of the “L” can be shorter or equal to the other, conforming with most spaces.

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What is the best material for a sectional?

Sectionals do not need to involve special materials just because the pieces can be separated. So, you will ultimately need to decide on the best material as you would for any other couch. This can involve several considerations.

Firstly, it will be important to consider function over style. If you have children or pets, you’re definitely going to need a very durable couch. In that case, leather or vinyl couches are ideal. They are consistently able to resist the typical wear of everyday use. Vinyl can even resemble leather, so either material can actually be used for the same interior design. Best of all, both leather and vinyl are always relatively easy to clean.

However, it’s possible that your couch isn’t going to be subjected to rough use. If the couch is intended to be more decorative, it’s also nice to use finer materials. For example, silk and linen are both vulnerable and extravagant options. They will surely dazzle, but they are uniquely sensitive to stains and wear.

What can I use instead of a sectional?

If you feel unconvinced about purchasing a sectional sofa, it is completely understandable. Then again, you may not want to resort to a couch, either. You may want the results of a sectional without the trouble. Fortunately, other seating options can achieve similar styles and arrangements.

For example, sofa chairs can function similarly to the individual piece of a sectional. Loveseats are simply a two-seat chair, so they can be used for the same purposes. Both sofa chairs and loveseats are small, comfortable alternatives. In many cases, they are used as substitutes for any kind of sofa, not just replacing a sectional.

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If you only want the chaise end of a sectional sofa, it’s easy enough to find an individual chaise lounge. After all, you may not be interested in making some heavy-handed fashion statement with a large couch. If your main concern is simply relaxation, a chaise lounge will be the perfect fit.

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However, you can also use a daybed in place of a sectional. Daybeds combine all of the best attributes of a couch and a bed in one cozy package. Daybeds aren’t too large, but they aren’t too small. They are very comfortable and designed for lounging. Also, daybeds won’t draw as much attention as a traditional couch or decorative standouts like a sofa chair. However, you can still make your daybed look like a couch. 

A nautical themed living room with a sofa, blue beddings and an off white colored wall


The popularity of sectional sofas is often steady. However, the commitment to a sectional couch will always boil down to necessity and personal preference. Luckily, there are plenty of styles and materials to choose from. Now that you know what choice may be best for you, you’ll soon be free to lounge around in a stylish room!

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