Are Sleep Number Bed Remotes Interchangeable?

Sleep Number beds come in many different varieties and can be controlled using a remote to utilize various features of your bed. However, are Sleep Number Bed remotes interchangeable if the remote is accidentally lost? We've done extensive research and are here to share the answers with you.

Sleep Number bed remotes may be interchangeable using the 12-button Traditional remote, but only for select models. Some buttons on the remote may not be compatible with the bed's different features. 

Moreover, there are other ways to control your Sleep Number bed with or without the remote. Continue reading to learn what models are compatible with the 12-button traditional remote.

Will Any Remote Work On Sleep Number bed?

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Sleep Number beds are smart beds that use technology to improve sleep and automatically adjust to your comfort. They are controlled using a remote. The number of buttons may vary depending on the features of the bed.

Sleep Number offers the 12-button Traditional remote that will work on all Advanced DualAir, Traditional Sleep Number Firmness Control systems, and FlexFit 1, 2, and 3. Some features, however, may not work, especially if your Sleep Number model doesn't have that feature.

How To Set Up Universal Remote on Sleep Number Bed?

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The universal remote is triangular and has a silver lower body and a black screen upper body. The remote may differ when it comes to buttons and the type of Sleep Number bed you own.

Note that setting up the 12-button Universal Traditional remote is only compatible with FlexFit 1, 2, and 3 that are sold in 2012 or later. For Advanced DualAir, you will need to set up the remote dedicated for the Advanced series. Both remotes look alike. Check the bottom for the description.

To learn more on how to set up a universal remote for you bed, follow the detailed guide below.

Plug all cords

Before setting up or resetting the remote, ensure that the necessary cords are plugged in properly to avoid troubleshooting.

Setting up the remote

Adjustable Care Bed remote control

You will need to factory reset the remote to set up an existing remote for another bed. When setting up an existing remote, press the "home" button if you have the 7 or 9-button remote and the "enter" button if you have the 3-button remote. Use the arrow buttons to navigate and press "system" after.

Factory reset

After pressing the system, navigate to the settings, then select reset preferences. Navigate using the up and down buttons, press "factory reset," and select "yes." The screen will start to display "Let's get started." If the screen pops up a message asking if this remote is a replacement or a second remote, select the option "No" always.

Unplug and plug

The screen will then show a message to unplug and plug your Firmness Control system into a power outlet. Select "Continue." In case of a failed attempt, ensure cables are tightly secured in their proper place. Select "Continue" and try again.

After successfully syncing your remote to your pump, a prompt will appear to unplug your FlexFit Control System for about twenty seconds. Plug in again and select "Continue" after.

When the option "return to flat" appears, press enter. Once successfully calibrated, just press enter to continue. If it fails, unplug it for 20 seconds, then plug and try again.

Trial and Error

Just select skip if you are asked to unplug and plug your DualTemp engine. If you have the Sleep IQ, it will automatically set up the system for you. If it prompts an error, just select enter to bypass it.

The remote will show "input your name." You may skip this, and if there is an error, select enter to bypass it until you get to "Set up Complete" on your screen. This means that you have successfully set up your remote. Lastly, if there seem to be continuous failed attempts and unsuccessful syncing, contact their customer service.

Check out this video below for a detailed guide on setting up or resetting your remote successfully.

Can You Control Your Sleep Number Without A Remote?

If the remote is faulty or doesn't work anymore, you can control your Sleep Number bed without the remote using the SleepIQ app. The app is compatible with selected models that are infused with SleepIQ technology. SleepIQ can control 360 smart beds, FlexFit smart adjustable base, and your Sleep Number setting.

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The Sleep IQ technology can measure the time you spent sleeping, your average heartbeat, and your breathing rate throughout the time you were sleeping. The 360 smart bed technology can sense the user's movements and adjusts automatically to comfort.

If you own a 360 smart bed and don't own the remote, you can download the SleepIQ app to navigate your Sleep Number bed. Here is a detailed guide on how to use the app.

Connect to Wi-Fi

It is essential to have a stable network to connect to the SleepIQ app so it can produce accurate data. Using mobile hotspots is not recommended because of possible interrupted connection.


The SleepIQ app is available on iOS and Android. When it comes to iOS compatibility, it is compatible with iOS 13 and newer iPhones and iPad.

To connect, navigate to your settings and turn on Bluetooth. Go to your device privacy settings and give permission to the SleepIQ app to pair with your bed.

For Android, the process is the same. Turn on Bluetooth and location services on your device for the SleepIQ app to operate. The location must be enabled to pair with your bed.

Get your bed online

It is important to check if the necessary cables are in their right place and if the bed is plugged in. Stay near your bed for the process to go successfully. Navigate through your settings and turn on Bluetooth and location.

Your bed is not required to be online to adjust your Sleep Number setting or the FlexFit base. It is only required to be online when you want to track your sleep and use the other features. Moreover, you can control it using Bluetooth.

Set up your SleepIQ account

To begin the process, get into your account by logging in if you already have an existing account or signing up if you are a new user. Finally, once the setup is done, you can control your Sleep Number settings without the remote by using the app.

Navigate through the app, select "adjust your bed," wait for it to scan, and select the bed you want to control. Finally, you will be directed to the "My Bed" screen when successfully connected to your selected bed. Finally, you can access and control your bed without the remote and save your favorite setting.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Sleep Number bed?

Bed with tilt adjustment mattress bed in the bedroom of the house, comfortable mattress and sleep

Sleep Number beds can last up to 10 years. When it comes to warranty, Sleep Number offers a limited warranty that lasts up to 15 years or more.

The warranty will cover any repairs and replacements during the first year. Furthermore, you will need to pay for the service after that timeframe.

Final Thoughts

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Sleep Number can be operated even without the remote. In case the remote is faulty or missing, you can use the app to function as the bed's controller. Lastly, Sleep Number remotes are interchangeable with the same model series. However, some functions may not work because the model lacks that feature.

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