Are Wyze Outdoor Cameras Waterproof?

Are you planning to buy a Wyze outdoor camera and wondering which models are waterproof? We looked into all the camera products Wyze is offering and here’s what we learned about its features.

Wyze outdoor cameras are technically not waterproof. However, these products are IP65-rated, which means they are weatherproof and water-resistant, built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Here are the Wyze camera products that are IP65-rated according to their product descriptions :

  • Wyze Cam Outdoor V1
  • Wyze Cam Outdoor V2
  • Wyze Cam OG
  • Wyze Cam OG Telephoto
  • Wyze Cam V3
  • Wyze Cam V3 Pro
  • Wyze Cam Pan V3
  • Wyze Video Doorbell
  • wyze Video Doorbell Pro
  • Wyze Cam Floodlight

Would you like to know more about the Wyze camera’s outdoor performance and its IP65 rating? What’s the difference between waterproof, weatherproof, and water-resistant? Read on below and we’ll clear this up for you.

Tiny white security camera on a turn table in a studio, Are Wyze Outdoor Cameras Waterproof?

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Are All Wyze Cameras Waterproof?

Wyze cameras are one of the most trusted brands when it comes to home security cameras. They have different products for indoor and outdoor use.

If you’re looking for a Wyze security camera that’s waterproof, then you’re out of luck because Wyze cameras are not entirely waterproof. This means it is not built for water submersion.

For instance, if they ever get submerged during floods, the camera may get permanently damaged.

Although the unit itself is dust-tight, other internal parts such as the lens, speaker, and charging ports are not weatherproof and may suffer from moisture damage.

If you have a Wyze Cam Pan and Wyze Cam V2, take note that these products that are not waterproof and weatherproof. They can only be used indoors. If you mount them outdoors and get damaged by rain, they will not be covered by warranty.

Which Wyze Cameras Can Be Used Outdoors?

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Wyze security camera isolated in red

Wyze products, generally, are all very sturdy and durable. If you’re looking for one you can place outdoors that’s built to withstand heavy rains and snow, then you can check out this roundup of Wyze camera products we listed below.

  • Wyze Cam Outdoor V1
  • Wyze Cam Outdoor V2
  • Wyze Cam OG
  • Wyze Cam OG Telephoto
  • Wyze Cam V3
  • Wyze Cam V3 Pro
  • Wyze Cam Pan V3
  • Wyze Video Doorbell
  • wyze Video Doorbell Pro
  • Wyze Cam Floodlight

Check out the Wyze Cam V3 on Amazon.

According to their product descriptions (which we individually checked on the Wyze website), these products are IP65-rated.

An IP-65 rating means they are weatherproof, water-resistant, and built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Wait a minute, water-resistant but not waterproof? What does that mean?

If you’re feeling confused about the differences between being water-resistant, weatherproof, and waterproof, then let’s define these terms:

  • Waterproof – protected against the effects of temporary or long periods of submersion in water
  • Water-resistant – protected against splash and jets of water in various angles
  • Weatherproof – protected against harsh and erratic weather conditions, including changes in temperatures and sudden gushes of wind and rain

These labels can mean different things for products such as phones and watches. But when it comes to Wyze cameras, what you need to take note of is its ingress protection (IP) code.

It’s important to have an understanding of the differences between these terms especially when you’re shopping for gadgets so you’ll know how to protect them.

There are a lot of outdoor gadgets labeled as “waterproof” and most people assume the units can withstand dips in water without resulting in damage.

Learning the differences allows you to understand the product’s performance when it comes to outdoor durability and water exposure.

IP65 Rating

The ingress protection code or the IP code is an indicator of how well a gadget is protected against solid particles and liquid.

The code is comprised of two numbers—the first one indicates protection against solid particles and the second number is for liquid.

The picture below is an IP rating chart. This shows you the degree of protection your gadget has against dust, sand, dirt, and liquids.

[PIN id=”592293788471575799″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Gadgets with low IP ratings are best used indoors while products with higher ratings can be used outdoors. If you’re looking for an outdoor camera, look for an IP rating of IP65, IP67, and IP68 or higher.

Wyze Cam Outdoor V1 and V2

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is a weatherproof and wireless home security camera that’s specifically made for outdoor recording.

It is IP65 rated which means it can withstand all weather conditions, including heavy downpours, extremely hot summers, or blizzards.

The camera captures images at 1080P full HD resolution, allowing clear and crisp video recordings, even when set on night vision.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor V1 and V2 have the same smart features, with a few improvements on the latter. The V2 has a bigger Field of View, an additional Starlight sensor for night vision, and better PIR lenses.

Check out this Wyze Cam Starter Bundle V2 on Amazon.

Wyze Cam OG and OG Telephoto

The Wyze Cam OG is a wide-angled, 120-degree field-of-view security camera. It has a built-in spotlight with a motion sensor to capture any movement even at night.

The OG Telephoto is an upgraded version that uses a more powerful 3x telephoto camera that further magnifies video details. You can zoom into objects without losing image quality.

The Wyze Cam OG and OG Telephoto are IP65-rated products that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

View more features of the Wyze Cam OG on Amazon.

Wyze Cam V3 and V3 Pro

The Wyze Cam V3 and V3 Pro have everything you need in a smart home security camera. This IP65-rated product has AI motion detection and two-way audio that makes you feel home security is entirely manageable.

The V3 Pro has a 2k camera resolution and a powerful processor for the clearest image capture and more frames per second.


Check out the Wyze Cam V3 on Amazon.

Wyze Cam Video Doorbell

The Wyze Cam Video Doorbell and Doorbell Pro is a smart doorbell you can easily install within minutes on your front porch or back door. It allows you to monitor who is or what is happening at your doorstep in real time.

The doorbell is IP65 rated and captures high-quality images, has two-way audio, motion detection, night vision, and 24-hour recording.

Check out the Wyze video doorbell on Amazon.

Wyze Cam Pan V3

The Wyze Cam Pan V3 is an IP65-rated indoor and outdoor security camera that you can remotely tilt 180 degrees and pan 360 degrees.

The camera has automatic motion tracking that systematically records so you’ll never miss out on everything that’s happening.

Don’t feel like being recorded? You can turn on the privacy mode so the camera will tilt down and turn off.

Check out the Wyze Cam Pan V3 on Amazon.

Wyze Cam Floodlight

The Wyze Cam Floodlight is a combination of a home security device and a bright LED floodlight. Its main use is to help provide additional security to homes with larger outdoor spaces.

The floodlight features motion-activated floodlights to help deter potential property intruders. It allows two-way audio or you can set up a siren.

View the Wyze Cam Floodlight on Amazon.

Can I Leave My Wyze Outdoor Camera Plugged In?

A tiny white security camera on a wooden table beside tow smart phones

Wyze camera batteries can last 3-6 months so you don’t need to worry about charging them often.

But when the battery runs low at around 20% charge, you will start to receive a notification of the battery status. To charge it, you need to disconnect the front camera unit and bring it indoors to charge.

Why can’t you just leave the camera on its dock and charge it right there?

When you charge the unit, you will need to remove the protective rubber covering of the charging ports. This makes the camera’s internal components vulnerable to dust, moisture, and other outdoor elements.

When the camera is damaged this way, it voids the limited warranty of your camera due to misuse.

How Far Does Wyze Cam Outdoor Reach?

WYZE Outdoor Camera connected to Base Station next to an Iphone with natural daylight

The farthest you can install the Wyze outdoor camera away from its base station is around 300 feet. This is considering that it is a clear and open area with no walls and other structures obstructing the signal.

If there are multiple walls, doors, and structures in between the base station and the camera, the reach will be less. You can always test the camera’s location and check the signal reach through the Wyze app.

Wrapping Up

A tiny white security camera on a turn table in a studio

Wyze security cameras are not waterproof. But some Wyze camera models have an IP65 rating, making them suitable for outdoor use. 

Thank you very much for reading through. We hope you were able to find the right Wyze camera for your home security system. For more articles about Wyze products, check out these other articles below.

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