How To Arrange And Style A Dressing Table [3 Great Ways]

Your dressing table might be a place that you spend a good amount of time preparing for your day. Rather than using it as a tabletop where you might casually leave your cosmetics and hair tools strewn about, you might consider organizing and styling it. After all, this is a piece of furniture. Why not let your sense of style and personality show on it? We looked at some of the most common ways people arrange and style their dressing table.

Your dressing table is best styled and arranged in a way that suits your needs and personality. While some people only have a few items at their table, others have countless amounts of cosmetics, jewelry, and hair accessories. The most common methods of styling and arranging a dressing table are:

  • Cleared off when not in use
  • Items out and arranged
  • Items stored in plain sight

Now that we know the most common ways to style and arrange a dressing table, we'll show some examples of each one. You might also be wondering how to best clean a dressing table or what the best method is to declutter one. To get the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post. 

White dressing table with a mirror, How To Arrange And Style A Dressing Table [3 Great Ways]

Which Style Suits Your Personality?

Following one of the three common methods of styling and arranging your dressing table will ensure your space looks put together. Let's take a closer look at how to accomplish each one.

Clear when not in use

This table's owner takes full advantage of the spacious drawers and cabinets to stow everything away when finished. This leaves the table with a minimalist appearance when not in use. The only visible items on the tabletop are two small vases of fresh flowers, which the owner uses to help brighten up the room.

Dressing table Art Deco style

Out and arranged

The owner of this dressing table keeps their grooming and cosmetic items in plain view. But even though they aren't stored away, they aren't cluttering the tabletop. The neat arrangement leaves you with the feeling that these items are display pieces, even though the owner uses them every day. This type of styling and arranging might take a little more time, but if you've got aesthetically pleasing hand mirrors, brushes, and the like, the extra time can be worth it.

brushes, makeups, perfumes, and powders on antique dressing table.

Stored in plain sight

Consider arranging your dressing table like this for those who might not have a drawer or cabinet space. All of their items are neatly stored on the tabletop, in plain sight. You can buy and use various stands and holders for all of your cosmetics and jewelry. This can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your smaller items from getting lost. They can also keep your dressing table from getting unnecessarily cluttered.

Mirror, vanity table and stool

Hair Tool Organizer

This hair tool organizer is perfect for keeping all of your combs, brushes, and other items neatly stored and out of the way.

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Rotating Makeup Organizer

Those that enjoy a wide variety of cosmetics, consider using this style of cosmetic storage unit. This model rotates 360 degrees, ensuring that what you need is always within reach. 

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How Do You Declutter A Dressing Table?

The best way to declutter a dressing table and keep it neat is always to have a system for putting away your items when you're finished with them. 

Bracelet in Dresser drawers

Of course, you'll need to make certain that you either have a dressing table with adequate storage space for your needs or have secured tabletop storage for them. Earlier in the post, we noted that you can achieve the latter by purchasing hair tool organizers and cosmetic holders. If you have an abundance of jewelry, you might also consider getting jewelry Ts for necklaces and jewelry boxes for your rings, earrings, and bracelets.

How Do You Keep Your Dressing Table Clean?

When you have a system in place for keeping your dressing table decluttered, you'll want to know how best to keep your dressing table clean. Remnants from powders, lipstick, and hairspray tend to build up on the surface of the dressing table. What's the best way to keep the tabletop sparkling?

For routine cleanup, a multi-purpose household cleaner will do the trick. Liberally spray it onto a soft cleaning cloth, and give the tabletop a good wipe down. Then allow for it to air dry. But what about makeup stains that the cleanser won't remove? Are you stuck with those?

Mix a solution of two parts water, one part white vinegar in a spray bottle. After you've shaken it to fully mix it, spray this homemade cleanser on a soft cloth and gently scrub the stained areas. The acidity of the white vinegar will go to work, lifting the makeup from the table. For best use on tough stains, repeat several times.

Not allowing for stains and grime to build up over time makes cleaning up a lot easier. If you lightly clean the top after every use, you might save yourself a lot of time in the long run.

What Is The Best Way To Store Makeup?

If you're the type of person that likes a wide variety of makeup, you've probably been overwhelmed at different times trying to keep them all organized. Is there a better way to accomplish this?

We mentioned earlier in this post that makeup storage units and caddies are perfect for people who have more cosmetics than they can count. These will allow you to keep your various cosmetic items neatly sorted and arranged and always at arm's length. 

Proper storage of your cosmetics is a giant time-saver, too. How much time have you spent hunting for that one shade of lipstick or that one color of eye shadow? Keeping these things stored neatly cuts back on the amount of time you spend doing needless searches.

For keeping a lot of makeup stored, we like this unit:

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In Closing

How you keep your dressing table styled and arranged should be in a way that makes it easier and more convenient for you to use. If you are looking for a better storage and arranging system, there are many types of hair tool organizers, jewelry boxes, and cosmetic caddies that will help you. The ability to neatly store your cosmetics and hair tools will keep your dressing table clutter-free and allow your chosen styling method to stand out. 

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