17 Art Deco Living Room Ideas

Have you always loved Art Deco style decor? Art Deco is a beautiful type of decor that still exudes glamour and elegance today. If it's time to update the interior of your home, then maybe Art Deco is just the style for you. We created this list to provide you with some inspiration for your home's new look.

Art Deco is an architectural style that came onto the scene during the 1920s in France and became increasingly popular in the United States throughout the 30s and 40s. The architectural approach inspired art, furniture, and other decorations that blended seamlessly with the buildings, creating a regal atmosphere. The design entails many geometrical designs and spires; gold tones are a constant theme in this technique as well. Keep reading to see some great design ideas.

Dried flowers and vegetation in a modern interior. Interior decor in eco-style with greenery., 17 Art Deco Living Room Ideas

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1. Wallpaper Wonders

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Art Deco interior in classic style with pink armchair and pillows Pink vase on table Dark green wall with ceiling lamp ar 3:4

This image contains elements of Art Deco design in every detail. The geometric black and gold wallpaper carry the look throughout the room. The scalloped chairs complement the Art Deco style perfectly, and the throw pillows on each coordinate with the wallpaper's geometric print. The coffee table's gold legs also promote the design, and it is adorned with an Art Deco-style statue. The pendant lamp hanging from above has a gold and black geometric design that adds to the theme. 

Yasinet Peel and Stick Wallpaper

This Art Deco-inspired wallpaper will create a feeling of glamour throughout an entire room.

2. Sofa Serenity

Dried flowers and vegetation in a modern interior Interior decor in eco style with greenery ar 3:4

In this photo, the designer introduced Art Deco style decor into a modern setting to create an interesting harmony. The channel-tufted couch and gold geometric panels carry the Art Deco theme, while the remainder of the room is strongly modern. 

Modway Curved Back Sofa

This pumpkin sofa is a perfect for any Art Deco-themed home interior.

3. Mirror Madness

An elegant room features a starburst mirror with golden rays and a central circular blue clock, set against a geometric-patterned wallpaper in shades of blue, gold, and black, complemented by a sleek blue wingback chair, a clear glass coffee table with books, and a sophisticated black shelving unit displaying framed photos and decorative items ar 3:4

The starburst wall mirror is a staple in Art Deco; the gold and the spire-shaped protrusions fit in well. The geometric wallpaper and bookcase also help to carry the theme. This is another more modern twist to the Art Deco style that works really well.

Stonebriar Sunburst Wall Mirror

This wall mirror is pretty close to the one in the image above and would fit in well with the rest of your new decor.

4. Throw Pillow Throwback

A chic, curved pale blue sofa adorned with a variety of throw pillows, including a striped black and white one, anchors a luxurious living space that also features a striking golden starburst wall sculpture, elegant vertical wall paneling, and a modern golden coffee table, all under a soft, natural light ambiance ar 3:4

In this image, the couch is curved as expected from Art Deco, and on it are throw pillows covered in Art Deco prints. The end table is gold and has the spire-like lines that are expected of it. There are gold sunburst style 3D art pieces in varying sizes that help contribute to the other design elements on the wall.

Antivoler Art Deco Throw Pillow

This printed throw pillow is gorgeous and would look great on a scalloped couch.

5. Armchair Amour

Opulent room with dark green walls, a luxurious, scalloped-back armchair in rich yellow velvet sits prominently, beside a classic floor lamp with a yellow shade and a small, elegant side table; the space is completed by an ornate black fireplace and a large painting of palm leaves, creating an atmosphere of vintage sophistication ar 3:4

The designer chose a gold scalloped chair and a gold palm tree lamp to create the Art Deco style in this image. The wall art in this image also contains a lot of gold tones, and the shag rug is perfect for this style. 

Modway Scalloped Arm Chair

This armchair has a scalloped edge that works so well with Art Deco design, and it comes in a variety of colors.

6. Lamp Love

A warm, inviting corner of a room is illuminated by a round, glowing floor lamp with a minimalist design, casting a soft light on the patterned wood paneling behind and a cozy brown daybed adorned with patterned throw pillows, while a stylish, geometrically-patterned hourglass-shaped ornament rests on a sleek side table ar 3:4

In this photo, just about everything shown has gold trim, which is typical of Art Deco. The stands and the wall mirror are geometric, strengthening the influence. The lamp shown in this image is also uniquely Art Deco; the lamp's gold body, the slender lines, and the bulbous globe all fit the bill.

Dingli Lighting Globe Floor Lamp

This globe light would look spectacular in an Art Deco-themed living room.

7. End Table Envy

A sophisticated space is accented by a plush teal armchair and a chic gold-trimmed end table supporting a stylish clock and a book, with a tall, slender floor lamp extending over the scene, all set against a wall with abstract art and a window letting in natural light ar 3:4

In this image, both the chair and the end table have gold trim; the wall art in the background also has gold marbling. The lamp has some gold accents, and it has a large bulb similar to a globe. These components work together to create an unmistakable Art Deco vibe.

HomePop Metal Accent Tables

These end tables are the epitome of Art Deco, and they will surely add elegance to any living room.

8. Pendant Pandemonium

A modern, artistic living room dazzles with a bold firework chandelier, featuring radiant golden spikes emanating from a central sphere, suspended above a luxurious emerald green velvet sofa and an avant-garde gold coffee table, all set against a striking backdrop of monochromatic geometric wallpaper and contemporary black and white art ar 3:4

Hanging pendant lights and chandeliers are all the rage in Art Deco design. Large and glamorous gold chandeliers are the most popular options. You can also see some abstract wall art in this image, which is popular in the Art Deco theme.

Gold Firework Ceiling Lights

This elegant chandelier is the perfect solution for Art Deco light fixtures.

9. Bar Cart Beauty

An elegant bar cart crafted with golden accents and glass shelves stands next to a plush scalloped-back navy blue armchair; the cart is neatly arranged with various bottles, glassware, and a floral arrangement, complementing the sophisticated decor featuring vertical gold lines against a dark wall ar 3:4

Gold bar carts are both beautiful and practical. If you don't drink, then use them to display more knickknacks. The circular design of this bar cart adds to the Art Deco theme by introducing more shapes. Gatsby would definitely approve.

FirsTime & Co. Gold Bar Cart

This bar cart is almost identical to the one in the image above, and it's the perfect place to prep drinks or display decor.

10. Abstract Attention

A serene living space is adorned with two pieces of abstract wall art—one with gold speckles resembling a handprint, the other a blend of black and blue hues—above a sleek, pale blue sofa, with a modern gold and white coffee table at its center, hosting a vase with white flowers, books, and a notepad ar 3:4

Abstract wall art is a staple in Art Deco interior design; other popular wall art to compliment this look includes starburst art, old fashion magazine covers, and old movie posters. Frame them in gold frames for a bigger impact and to add to the effect.

Signwin 3-Piece Wall Art Set

These canvas prints would look great in an Art Deco-themed room, and the colors are perfect for the style.

11. Rugs to Riches

Cozy nook exudes a sense of comfort with a plush armchair draped with a white faux fur throw, complemented by a soft faux fur rug on the floor, all illuminated by the warm glow of a brass floor lamp, set against the backdrop of a classic paneled wall in dark gray and a draped window ar 3:4

Using the right area rugs can help create the Art Deco vibe you are trying to achieve. Rugs with Art Deco prints are great, but faux fur and animal print rugs are also popular in this style. Floor coverings can have a big impact on the look of a room.

Ashler Faux Fur Rug

This rug would look great in any home and would certainly enhance an Art Deco theme.

12. Ottoman Emotions

A contemporary room features a luxurious gray armchair with gold accents paired with a matching round ottoman, set against a backdrop of large, decorative fan-shaped panels in navy and blush pink with gold trim, with a unique cylindrical floor lamp adding a soft glow to the space ar 3:4

The chair and ottoman in this image fit the style accordingly. The wallpaper is also strongly influenced by the Art Deco style. Ottomans are common in Art Deco, they're usually used in front of armchairs, but they can also be used as extra seating in a pinch. Try to find scalloped, crunched, or faux fur ottomans to stick with the Art Deco style, and you can't go wrong with gold trim.

Mxfurhawa Faux Fur Ottoman

This faux fur ottoman is available in many colors and even with different upholstery materials.

13. Coffee Table Conessueir 

A vibrant living room with a deep green sofa adorned with cozy pillows, a sophisticated gold geometric mirror on the wall, and a striking gold coffee table with a glass top, which holds decorative items and sits atop a plush area rug, all illuminated by a modern gold chandelier and natural light from large arched windows ar 3:4

The coffee table is one of the largest statement pieces in the living room. It is normally centered directly in front of the seating area and plays a valuable part in everyday activities. The one in the image above is a flawless example of an Art Deco-inspired piece. The tufted couch and gold lighting and accents surrounding it are also consistent in sticking with this style.

Henn & Hart Nesting Coffee Tables

These nesting coffee tables have a gold frame that carries the Art Deco style, and the extra table can be slid out when you need additional space.

14. Sconce Score

A stylish interior is highlighted by a bold black and white herringbone-patterned wallpaper, with a sleek charcoal gray sectional sofa accented by various textured pillows, and the room is warmly lit by an industrial-style ceiling track lighting system and chic wall sconces with a brass finish adding a touch of elegance ar 3:4

Sconces are a great way to add a more authentic Art Deco look to your home, as they were very popular in the 20s and 30s. There are many sconces designed specifically in the Art Deco style for this reason, and they are all beautiful. 

Happy Shopping Art Deco Wall Sconce

This wall sconce is inspired by the Art Deco style and is a recreation of the same ones used in the 20s and 30s.

15.  Console Table Consensus

A luxurious living space boasts a richly detailed palm leaf patterned wallpaper as a backdrop to an elegant cream-colored sofa adorned with a zebra print pillow, complemented by a golden sunburst mirror and a sophisticated console table with glass shelving and golden frames, showcasing decorative items and fresh flowers ar 3:4

In his image, the wallpaper is the largest contributor to the Art Deco style. The mirror and end tables add to the look with their gold trim. The console table in this image is built with geometrical designs and gold accents. A good console table creates extra storage and extra display space. There are some great options available for console tables that fit into the Art Deco style. 

Henn & Hart Console Table

This console table has the gold frame expected of Art Deco-style furniture.

16. Houseplant Haven

A large, lush houseplant adds a touch of greenery next to a striking yellow tufted sofa, which is adorned with patterned pillows, under a dramatic sputnik chandelier, with framed artwork on the wall adding a graphic element to the space ar 3:4

A very common addition to the Art Deco style living room is large houseplants with wide frond-like leaves. This is because it mimics the fan pattern commonly seen in the decor. Pampas grass placed in vases is another common decorative item used in this style.

Costa Farms Majesty Palm

This Majesty Palm would work well in a floor vase. Use a gold or black vase to stick with the Art Deco style.

17. Decor On Display

An intricately designed console table is elegantly styled with an array of sophisticated decor, including a variety of candles, a small gold globe, bottles of spirits, and a tall mirror, all under the soft light of a unique modern chandelier with globe shades, in a room with richly paneled walls ar 3:4

The final step is to incorporate some Art Deco-themed brick-a-brack throughout the room. In this image, an old phonograph, some glass decanters, and some gold vases were used to strengthen the atmosphere. Glass decanters, gold and black vases, and anything fan or spire-shaped will fit in nicely. Use items like these where you have display space to complete the look. 

AIMASTZ Art Deco Coaster Set

This coaster set will come in handy the next time you have company over, and it carries the Art Deco theme.

Deco Done Right

Now that you've learned how to complete an Art Deco look in your living room, you're ready to start planning. It's a simple and timeless decor style that leaves a lasting impression that is sure to strike awe in your visitors. Now, have fun redecorating!

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