21 Asphalt Driveway Ideas To Inspire You

Are you seeking inspiration for a new or improved asphalt driveway? You're in luck because we've got 21 asphalt driveway ideas to show you. Asphalt has some great selling points, like affordability, flexibility, and longevity. 

Asphalt's cost is significantly lower than concrete, sometimes even by half. Of course, this doesn't consider extra decorative items like pavers, for example. Asphalt is naturally more flexible, allowing longevity despite your vehicles' daily wear and tear driving over it. A protective sealer, which ideally needs to be applied every two to three years, can prevent cracking. 

An asphalt driveway's lifespan is an impressive 25 to 30 years with proper care and maintenance. It's important to note that asphalt also retains heat, making snow and ice melt quicker, a must for those who experience nasty winter weather. Now that we know the many benefits of owning an asphalt driveway let's take a look at some extraordinary designs. 

Front elevation and asphalt driveway of a beautiful home, 21 Asphalt Driveway Ideas To Inspire You

1. Keeping it simple

Asphalt driveway leading to three car garage

This design has no frills but still manages to look classy. Any home will look more sophisticated with the smooth, sleek design of an asphalt driveway, no matter how simple. Better yet, this driveway only takes one to two days to complete.

Use a protective sealer every 2 to 3 years to keep your driveway looking fresh. Click here to see this on Amazon.

2. Circular perfection

Brick Paver and asphalt driveway with wooden garage door and plant landscaping

You can't go wrong with this asphalt and circular patterned brick paver design. Not only is this eye-catching driveway beautiful, but it's also functional. Brick pavers provide excellent traction in wet climates, making the trek from the garage to your car safer in rain and snow. 

3. Floral entryway

Pretty garden and entryway next to the paved driveway.

Spring yields the best temperatures to install asphalt, so it's a perfect excuse to use flowers! Flowers add a lovely touch when planted alongside your driveway. Group them next to your garden entryway, or plant along the entire length of your driveway. The possibilities are endless!

To make your driveway spring-ready, plant a variety of flowers.Click here to see variety seed packets on Amazon.

4. Light the way

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When nighttime falls, these solar lights illuminate your drive in glowing light. In the daytime, solar lights look like miniature lanterns adorning your driveway. This lighting type is a great way to add visibility and style to your landscaping. 

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5. Tortoiseshell 

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Who says driveways have to be boring? This highly unique tortoiseshell design is essentially grass laid in between asphalt. Your home will surely outshine all the neighbors with this great pattern. 

6. Complimenting colors

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No two colors go quite as well together as black and grey. In this driveway, the abstract shape of the black asphalt pairs beautifully with the warm and cool grey tones of the brick pavers. This design also incorporates a French drain at the entryway for water runoff. 

Installing a drain at the bottom of your driveway helps with water runoff. Click here to see this drain kit on Amazon.

7. Concrete edging

Modern home with asphalt driveway with concrete edging

The concrete edging adds a polished look to an otherwise ordinary driveway. Edging looks nice and also helps to protect your asphalt driveway from cracking. It will last for years to come with proper maintenance and care. 

This tape creates a watertight seal when heated and can be used on any pavement surface. Click here to see this on Amazon. 

8. Stamped and stunning

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Stamping patterns add an instant wow factor to asphalt and is cost-effective. The textured surface adds traction, stability, versatility, and resists the growth of weeds. Some prints available for stamping include brick (pictured), Herringbone, and cobblestone. 

9. Gorgeous geometric 

[PIN id="290552613464503310" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Imagine driving home to this lovely sight every day! The stone pavers create multiple geometric shapes, with a circular drive around and two abstract designs for the garage and walkway. You can customize your plan to match your home, just like the grey stone compliments the garage perfectly.

10. Brick inlay

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Driveways don't have to be long to be eye-catching. This short driveway features a red brick inlay motif that stands out against the black of the asphalt and paver edging. The inlay's unique angled shape draws the eye towards the matching bricks on the house. 

11. Going separate ways 

[PIN id="152981718582227075" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

The grey bricks and edging clearly separate this driveway into two designated areas. There is a parking area to the left, and straight ahead, the driveway goes around to the house's back. The landscaping in the middle completes the look and makes it seem inviting. 

12. Tantalizingly textured

[PIN id="191614159134062469" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Here is another driveway with a beautiful pattern created by stamping. The drive's larger center circle is accentuated with a smaller tan color stone circle. This driveway's shape is one of a kind, with a wide entryway, the even more expansive circular center, and a narrower path leading to the home. 

13. Central focus point

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The trees are the central focus point nested in their own circle for this driveway. The grey stone pavers coupled with the black asphalt contrast wonderfully with the lush greenery. Any trees or flowers could be planted here, depending on your location and the time of year. 

Imagine how lovely this Texas lilac tree would look for your driveway's central focus point! Click here to see this on Amazon. 

14. Gated getaway

[PIN id="22729173109813457" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

This lovely driveway looks like it goes straight to a luxurious vacation home. The cobblestone edging compliments the stone pillars in color and texture, while the line underneath the gate creates balance. The edge also helps to protect the landscape on either side of the driveway, making it beautiful and practical. 

15. Fabulous formation

[PIN id="298082069081380517" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

The designs that you can achieve with your driveway are endless! With just a small amount of asphalt peeking through, this pattern is a visual delight. Grey brick pavers create circle and diamond shapes and a border wide enough to be used as a walkway. 

16. Here's your number

[PIN id="207447126558179658" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Here's a fun idea: putting your house number on your driveway! This design used circular asphalt stamping and grey pavers, but you can use any color combinations to suit your style. Numbers are only the beginning. Imagine having the word, Welcome, or your last name imprinted on your pavement!

If you prefer to have your house number on a decorative plaque, mount this reflective sign at the end of your driveway. Click here to see this on Amazon.

17. Pebbles and flowers

[PIN id="3448137203519513" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

The driveway is simple but paired with the pebbles and flowers; it looks impressive. The homeowners went for a pink and purple theme, but any color flowers would do. The street light at the entrance adds a decorative element to illuminate your landscaping at night. 

Pebbles come in a wide variety of colors to customize your landscaping. Click here to see these decorative pebbles on Amazon.

Street lights are a beautiful addition to your driveway's entrance. Click here to see this on Amazon. 

18. Curving beauty

[PIN id="49961877105414267" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

This expansive, curving driveway has red brick pavers around the edge. The center features flowers encased by two rows of bricks, making it the driveway's focal point. Closer to the house, there's more landscaping on either side, complete with a grey stone walkway. 

19. Smooth and scalloped

[PIN id="107734616076206738" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

This long, elegant driveway features a scalloped design at the entryway. Each scallop shape is laid in tan brick pavers and outlined with a grey color, which adds definition to each driveway component. The most intriguing part of this design is that the left side has solid grey edging going towards the home, and the right side incorporates the scalloped design. With the greenery on one side and the mulch on the other, it adds wonderful color contrast. 

20. Beautiful bricks

[PIN id="276127020882148803" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Beautiful bricks are everywhere in this design. The narrow strip of the black asphalt accents the broad section of bricks in the driveway perfectly, while the red bricks of the stone pillars harmonize with the home's exterior. This layout is the epitome of cozy, warm, and inviting. 

This kit allows you to make your own pavers. Click here to see these DIY paver molds on Amazon.

21. Alluring angles

[PIN id="375558056415763437" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

We have this alluring angled pattern for our last driveway on the list. A colorful brick entryway and edging are lovely on their own, but they went one step further and used the trim to create two abstract triangular shapes; the triangles' different sizes add more appeal. On the right side, the top almost forms a "W" shape that is used for landscaping. 

We hope that these asphalt driveway ideas inspired you! For even more ideas for your driveway, be sure to check out:

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